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2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Today is the day when I want to show you my 2022 bullet journal setup.

After spending over three years learning how to bullet journal, undoubtedly it’s my favorite planning tool I’ve ever used.

As always, the number one reason I prefer keeping a bujo over any other type of paper or digital planner is its personalization.

Because let’s face it – you’re changing all the time.

Moreover, your priorities are so much different than three years ago

At least, my lifestyle has been changed a lot within these three years.

It’s enough to compare my 2022 bullet journal setup with these from:

Personally, I think it’s like a kind of paper time capsule.

With that being said, this is a great opportunity to follow my thought process while creating my 2022 bullet journal pages.

Before we start, here’s a short disclaimer.

This blog post is all about my 2022 planner setup.

Basically, it’s a kind of behind the scene of planning the entire year in a DIY planner.

It isn’t an ultimate guide on getting started with bullet journaling, however, I hope you’ll find a lot of useful bujo inspiration.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn more about bullet journaling for beginners, feel free to read the following articles:

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Bullet Journal Supplies For 2022

LEUCHTTURM1917 - Notebook...
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SAKURA Pigma Micron...
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  • Includes 6 black ink Pigma Micron pens in point sizes 005 (0.20mm), 01 (0.25mm), 02...
  • Pigma Micron ink is pH neutral, quick drying, and approved by ACMI toxicologists;...
Zebra Pen Mildliner...
  • Versatile creative tool! With a broad chisel tip at one end and fine bullet point at...
  • Bring your bullet journal or Bible study to life! Zebra Pen Mildliner Highlighters...
  • Layer ink for extra creativity! Translucent, water-resistant ink in soft colors...
Tombow 56185 Dual Brush...
  • Water-based pens ideal for coloring, fine art, illustrations, doodling, journaling,...
  • Set of 10 Tombow Dual Brush Pens
  • Flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker.
Crayola Super Tips, 120
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Crayola Super Tips, 120
  • 100ct
  • Washable & scented.
  • Versatile art supplies

Last update on 2024-06-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Undoubtedly, for those of you who are reading my articles regularly, it won’t be any surprises when it comes to the products I chose for my 2022 bullet journal.


This is the next year when I decided to stick with a Leuchtturm1917 notebook.

Definitely, I love this notebook because it doesn’t make me anxious while still being a fancy one.

In other words, the fear of the first page is a real thing.

And creative writing in a luxurious notebook can be so stressful.

At the same time, the experience of writing on smooth pages is much more joyful than using a regular stationery product.

Altogether, a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook is a sweet compromise.

If you want to learn more about this and other notebooks, here’s a separate article:


Also, I think Micron pens are the best option for every bullet journalist.

Not only its ink is a deep, saturated black but also it comes with a wide variety of nib sizes.

For example, you can easily:

  • add details to your doodles with a 0.1 pen
  • write a journal entry with a 0.3 pen
  • fix a mistake by covering it with a 0.8 pen


Along with these, I highly recommend Tombow Dual Brush pens.

In fact, they’re – justly – the most popular ones among other bullet journal supplies.

Basically, you can use them for just about everything-highlighting pages, coloring in sections of the day planner, and even watercolor painting.

Also, they’re available in 108 colors you can buy individually or in sets.

But these bad boys come at a price though.

However ,you get what you’re paying for – definitely it’s so enjoyable to play with all these colors.

Alternatively, feel free to choose Crayola Marker Supertips. 

Definitely, it’s a more affordable option.

However, they don’t have a brush so it’s a little bit trickier to get the fancy hand lettering look or blend two colors together.


If you are looking for a new highlighter, I recommend getting the Zebra Mildliners.

Not only do they come with up to 25 colors, but also they have two different tip options.

The one is wider than another so it’s easier to apply for example on larger areas.

2022 Bullet Journal Setup – Background Work

As a rule, there’s one more thing you may need to do before setting up actual planner pages.

It’s planning your 2022 planner.

Although it sounds a little bit ridiculous, trust me – it’s worth every minute you spend on background work.

First and foremost, you need to write down all 2022 bullet journal pages you want to include in your empty notebook.

If it’s your first bujo, scroll through Pinterest and find bullet journal page ideas that seem to be interesting for you.

In other cases, just flip through your previous planners and see what worked and what didn’t work.

Obviously, you can always look for new bujo inspiration no matter how advanced a journalist you’re.

For example, this year I get rid of blogging pages because off all data I stored in Excell sheets.

On the other hand, I can’t imagine keeping a bullet journal without the Level 10 Life goals page.

As you can see it’s all about your preferences, lifestyle, and in general, needs.

After writing down the list of pages, you simply organize and put them in order.

For instance, I like to use sticky notes to plan 2022 spreads in an empty notebook.

My 2022 Bullet Journal Setup

Now when you organize your planner pages for 2022, it’s time to actually create them.


planner DIY 2022 key ideas

As a rule, I always start from a bullet journal key.

As a person who loves to overthink everything, I highly suggest you keep symbols and signifiers very simple.

From my experience, the more complicated key is, the less you use it.

And because of it, your notes become unorganized and unreadable.

With this in mind, limit yourself to the absolute minimum.

Additionally, this year I decided to give up the color-coding system.

Maybe because my lifestyle became slow and repeatable, I think I don’t need it anymore.


bullet journal index

On the other hand, my 2022 bullet journal index remained exactly the same as in the previous year.

Definitely, I’m a huge fan of keeping collections and monthly spreads separately,

Indeed, it makes it a lot easier to find for example my wishlist or a yearly step tracker.

Hello 2022

2022 bullet journal setup hello page

The next page is a 2022 hello page.

In other words, it’s a kind of yearly version of a monthly bullet journal cover page.

Although I used to avoid any specific bujo themes, this year I decided to go for a theme, inspired by abstract modern art prints.

In other words, I added some simple organic shapes and easy flower doodles to the first page.

Also, I chose three main colors (Tombow Dual Brush Pens):

  • 026 yellow gold
  • 969 chocolate
  • 990 light sand

One Little Word

2022 bulet journal quote ideas

Indeed, new year, new bullet journal, new one little word.

As a quick reminder, here’re my OLWs from previous years:

  • 2019 unlimited
  • 2020 grow
  • 2021 focus

Although the last three years were all about going over my limits, growing my new (at this time) business, focus on the page’s stats, now it’s time to slow down.

Instead of chasing newer and newer goals, dreams, this year I want to learn how to appreciate things I already have/accomplished.

For this reason, my 2022 One Little Word is “(to) appreciate”.

To be completely honest, I hesitated between appreciate and accept, grateful, clarity and (to) simplify.

However, I’ve simplified my life for a couple of years. 

Last year, I gained clarity about where I am and where I want to be.

Finally, I’m not quite ready to accept everything that happens in my life.

As a result, because appreciate and grateful are synonyms (and I’ve used the second word a lot lately), I chose the first one.

Alternatively, instead of a OLW, you can always include bullet journal quotes in your yearly spreads.

Future Log

2022 bullet journal future log

Although making a bullet journal future log is usually a really boring chore, this year I wanted to try an artistic approach to the yearly calendar.

As I mentioned before, my current schedule isn’t busy anymore.

In fact, I haven’t used a 2021 yearly overview as I thought I will.

For this reason, I’m pretty sure that simple monthly mini calendars with cute doodles are more than enough.

Level 10 Life Top Priorities

level 10 life bullet journal

Now it’s time to create bullet journal New Year’s resolution layouts.

However, I prefer calling them goal-setting pages.

As a rule, I make a Level 10 Life exercise, where I evaluate my current life in 10 different categories.

This exercise helps me to set yearly goals.

By the way, I wrote a separate article about Level 10 Life bullet journal ideas.

However, for the first time I started by making life priorities chart.

In other words, I sorted life categories from the most to the least important (for me).

As the result, here’s the list:

  1. Health (Fitness, Nutrition, Self-Care)
  2. Family
  3. Finance
  4. Work (Creativity)
  5. Home
  6. Explore

Level 10 Life Chart

Then I created a Level 10 Life chart.

As you can see, my main focus for 2022 will be everything with health connected – from fitness, through nutrition to self-care.

On the other hand, I consider my family life to be amazing.

Apart from creating seasonal bucket lists, I’ll continue to take care of my family life so far.

Furthermore, my financial goals are strongly interlaced with work goals.

I don’t know if there’s a moment soon when I evaluate these two life categories by giving them 10 out of ten.

For this reason, I’ll still focus on developing this blog about bullet journaling.

However, this year I want to give you more creative bullet journal pages.

Definitely, I want to be the ultimate resource of bujo inspirations, created not only by other talented bullet journalists but also by me.

When it comes to my home, it’s the second category I think I’ve got everything I need (at least for now).

Not only I was able to declutter and organize the entire how, but also I came up with a cleaning schedule that works great.

Along with this, I became a plant parent – I even started a new blog about houseplant care tips.

Last but not least, „explore” is my least important life category.

Although I evaluated it really low, definitely it’s not my priority now.

Level 10 Life Goals

Then I was ready to set my 2022 goals, according to life categories such as health (including fitness, nutrition, and self-care) and work.

Definitely, I’m always very specific when it comes to goal setting.

In other words, apart from “what” you simply need to answer to “why” and “how”.

With that being said, here’re my 2022 goals:

Health Goals


  • relieve anxiety
  • eat mindfully


  • improve life quality
  • become confident


  • morning yoga practice (every day)
  • 49 000 steps per week (it’s 7000 steps daily – definitely achievable)
  • meal prepping (every Monday – veggies, eggs, dressing)
  • cooking soups (twice a week, Monda, Wednesday)

Work Goals


  • increase my yearly income by 50%
  • invest 50% more than in 2021


  • feel safe
  • become a digital nomad


  • increase this blog’s pagie views by 75% with good quality backlinks (50) and new content (28)
  • write 70 articles on my new niche site

Also, I broke down work yearly goals into smaller quarterly ones (14 backlinks, 6 new content, 18 articles).

Now it’s time to create bullet journal trackers that will support this year’s journey.

Yearly Bullet Journal Trackers

bullet journal tracker ideas

Well, you know I’m a huge believer in tracking habits.

Definitely, keeping a bullet journal habit tracker holds you accountable.

Yearly Yoga Tracker

However this year I tweaked it a little bit by creating a yearly yoga tracker.

Undoubtedly, it’ll be so satisfying to have a birds-eye on the entire yoga year.

Yearly Step Tracker

Along with this, I created a yearly step tracker.

Also, I changed my approach to counting steps daily.

Sometimes the weather is under the dog or it’s a hectic day.

With this in mind, I prefer to create a flexible walking schedule, having the weekly step goals back in my head.

Period Tracker

Undoubtedly, tracking your period is extremely important.

Indeed, the menstrual cycle heavily impacts our physical and mental health.

For this reason, keeping a period tracker in my 2022 bullet journal setup allows me to notice any kind of disorder.

2022 Bullet Journal Setup For Budgeting

The next 2022 bullet journal pages are strictly connected with personal finance management.

Although I transferred most of the bullet journal budgeting spreads into Excel sheets, I like to have my savings, investments written down in my notebook.

So my must-have financial planner pages are:

Net Worth Tracker

planner budgeting spread net worh tracker

Basically, it’s where I put all my assets and liabilities and track how my net worth is growing.

Savings Tracker

planner saving tracker ideas

As I already mentioned, I want to increase my savings this year.

With this in mind, keeping a saving tracker in my notebook allows me to control the amount of money I save.

By the way, budgeting pages don’t have to be boring.

For example, this year’s tracker reminds a creative mood tracker.

2022 Bullet Journal Setup For Work

blogging trackers planner page

Definitely, my financial goals and business goals can’t exist without each other.

For this reason, my 2022 bullet journal for work includes the following pages:

Yearly Overview aka Content Calendar

To be completely honest I rarely stick to a yearly content calendar.

Nevertheless, it’s a great way to plan ahead seasonal blog posts.

Blog Trackers

Furthermore, blog trackers help me to stay on track when it comes to getting high-quality backlinks and creating content on both sites regularly.


wishist bujo page ideas

Additionally, I kept a separate notebook page for a wishlist.

Basically, it’s a list of things I want to buy but in fact, I don’t need them.

Unquestionably, it’s my favorite way to avoid emotional buying.

Not only did I stop clutter my space with a bunch of unnecessary stuff but also my investment accounts really have been grown.

2022 Bullet Journal Setup For Home

bullet journal cleaning spread

After working on an ideal cleaning schedule, it’s finally time to say it loud – my current one works perfectly.

For this reason, instead of making a monthly cleaning schedule over and over again, I came back to my 2020 cleaning tracker idea with small tweaks.

Again, I created a table with six columns (for six months).

Along with this, each column included four columns (for four weeks).

Then I assigned each week to a different room (B-bathroom, K-kitchen, OE-office room and entryway, M-kid’s room) and wrote down a chore list.

After accomplishing every task, I’ll put a small dot.

In this way I’m able to keep my home clean and organized.

Things I Live In….

empty notebook page ideas

The next bullet journal pages I rewrote from my 2021 bullet journal setup.

Basically, it’s a list where I put down the main highlights of a specific year.

In other words, I like to think about this bujo collection as a time capsule.

Obviously, I’ll add the “things I live in 2021” list to ones from previous years.

Places I Want To Live In

Also, this year I want to illustrate a small part of this year’s vision board.

As I mentioned before, one of my main life goals is to become a digital nomad.

Although it’s rather a further future than nearer, I think it’d be great to create a “place I want to live in” page in an art journal format.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Swatches

bullet journal brushpen swatches layout

Last but not least, the pen swatches page is a new arrival in my 2022 planner.

Firstly, it’s a great way to make sure you don’t duplicate your pens while shopping.

Secondly, choosing a color palette for a specific month is so much easier when you have these little swatches in front of your eyes.

2022 Bullet Journal Setup – Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how a simple empty notebook can become your minimalist bullet journal planner, school notebook, art journal, travel diary, daily journal, etc.

So I hope I show you some useful planner ideas you can include in your 2022 bullet journal setup.

Because keep in mind that this DIY planning notebook doesn’t have to be artistic at all.

Although lately, I fall in love with doodling and lettering (again), I’m always an advocate for creating a journal that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Good luck!

2022 Bullet Journal Setup