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Three Month Calendars: 2024

In this blog post, feel free to download aesthetic three month calendars for 2024.

After creating 2024 free calendars:

, this time I want to share 3 month calendar templates.

aesthetic 3 month calendar 2024
2024 calendar 3 month

2024 three month calendar includes four pages:

  • Q1 2024 calendar (01.01-03.31)
  • Q2 2024 calendar (04.01-06.30)
  • Q3 2024 calendar (07.01-09.30)
  • Q4 2024 calendar (10.01-12.31)

Also, it’s US letter size and starts with Sunday.

Moreover, I designed a bunch of different layouts, styles, color palettes, and general aesthetics.

So you’re able to choose your favorite printable 3 month calendar for 2024 that suits best your style.

Q1 2024 calendar

3 month calendars Q1
January, February, and March 2024 Q1 calendar

Q2 2024 calendar

April, May and June 2024 Calendar
April, May, and June 2024 Q2 calendar

Q3 2024 calendar

July, August and September 2024 Calendar
July, August, and September 2024 Q3 calendar

Q4 2024 calendar

October, November and December 2024 Calendar
October, November, and December 2024 Q4 calendar

Aesthetic 3 Month Calendars For 2024

print 3 month calendars aesthetic
Aesthetic 3 month calendar
calendar of this month January February March
2024 calendar 3 months
3 month to view calendar 2024
simple 3 monthly calendar
3 month view calendar 2024
green 3 months calendar

Personally, it’s a little bit counterintuitive to plan your year only within quarters.

However, to be completely honest, I tend to feel super excited about New Year’s goals only to forget about them during the three next weeks.

Generally, it happens quite often.

Indeed, life gets busy, and your plans sometimes slip away.

For this reason, after reading quite a lot of productivity and time management books, I stumbled upon this book.

And guess what?

It literally changed my approach to yearly planning.

Basically, there’s a better way to achieve your yearly goals.

It’s called the 12-week year.

Basically, it’s a great yearly planning strategy to help you work towards your goals step by step.

For this reason, I created this collection of cute 3 month calendar printables.

2024 Blank Three Month Calendars

calendars 3 month minimalist black and white
minimalist calendar 3 month printable
three month calendars 2024 cute
cute printable 3 month calendar

First and foremost, three month calendar pdf allows you to focus on just 12 weeks at a time.

As a result, you make progress toward your yearly goals without getting too overwhelmed.

In other words, thinks about your goal as a huge pile of clothes you need to declutter and organize.

Definitely, it can feel overwhelming.

However, if you take one piece at a time (for example, dropping off 15 pieces of clothing a week), it’s so much easier.

Basically, that’s what the 12-week year does – it takes this big goal and breaks it into smaller steps.

Another example could be the following.

Let’s say you want to learn a new language.

Instead of just saying, “I want to learn French this year”, you can say, “For the next 12 weeks, I’ll spend 20 minutes a day learning words with flashcards.

Well, 20 minutes a day sounds pretty doable.

And the best part is, you can easily download 3 month calendars to help you track your journey.

In fact, I created these 3 month calendar printables with some blank spaces where you can write your mini-goals for each 12 weeks.

Also, feel free to put these quarterly calendars in your 2024 planners.

2024 Quarterly Calendars

calendars 3 month minimalist black and white
free 3 month calendar printable

Also, if you’re wondering why using 3 month calendar 2024 makes big goals more achievable, here’re some facts you may want to know.

Firstly, your brain likes things that are close and real, not far away.

That’s why planning with 2024 quarterly calendars works so well.

As a rule, achieving individual milestones in just 12 weeks instead of working on this big goal for the entire year is so much more rewarding.

Basically, each step is like a mini challenge where you focus on a few things you need to do or learn.

Similar to playing a game, it’s so exciting to reach the next level.

Not only your brain loves that kind of excitement, but it also keeps your brain engaged and motivated.

As a result, you stay focused and, in the end, you get more done.

2024 Three Month Calendars

three month printable calendar simple
Black and white three month calendar
free printable 3 month calendar 2024
pink 3 month calendar template
3 month calendars pdf
aesthetic 3 monthly calendar template

Now, let’s talk about why printable quarterly calendars are like having a secret weapon for smashing your goals.

Firstly, it keeps you super focused and accountable.

Undoubtedly, when you have a whole year to do something, it’s easy to get distracted.

But with 12 weeks, it’s like you’re on a race track with checkpoints.

In other words, you know exactly where you’re going, and you can’t get lost.

Secondly, when you do something for 12 weeks, you’ll see progress faster.

Also, you’re able to check in more often, see what’s working, and make changes if needed.

Cute 3 Month Calendar PDF Templates

three month calendars template 2024
3 month calendar printable free pdf
January February March 2024 months calendar
2024 calendar template 3 month
3 month printable calendar 2024
blank 3 month calendar

Now, let’s dive into how you can use aesthetic three month calendars to start your 12-week journey.

First and foremost, take a moment to set the right goals.

Definitely, they should excite you and give you a sense of purpose.

Then, instead of spreading yourself thin, set three goals for the next 12 weeks.

As a result, you’re not overwhelmed, and you can put your full energy into making them happen.

Last but not least, these goals should be S.M.A.R.T.:

  • specific – your goals are clear (like “Get better at math” instead of “Do better in school.”)
  • measurable – you can track your progress ( like “Read five chapters every week” instead of “Read more.”)
  • achievable – your goals are possible with the effort
  • relevant – your goals matter to you
  • time-bound- you set a deadline (like “Finish my art project by the end of the 12 weeks.”)

Minimalist 3 Month Calendars To Plan 2024

quarterly calendars 2024
minimal three month calendar printable

Alright, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and come up with your roadmap for the next 12 weeks.

To begin with, write down your three goals and start breaking down the first one.

For example, if your goal is to learn French, you can break it into steps like “use language learning textbooks”, “memorize words with flashcards,” and “listen to podcasts.” (source)

Now, let’s talk about weekly planning.

Instead of tackling everything at once, you’ll focus on specific tasks each week.

For learning French, you might spend one week studying word orders, another week learning numbers, and so on.

By breaking your big goal into smaller tasks and assigning them to different weeks, you’ll make steady progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Again, get your aesthetic 3 month calendar and treat it as a roadmap that guides you through the weeks.

This quarterly calendar template helps you visualize which tasks to work on each week, keeping you organized and on track.

Three Month Calendar Free Printables

2024 PDF calendars 3 months
2024 pretty calendars 3 month
3 month calendar free printable 2024
cute three month calendar 2024
printable 3 month calendar free 2024
green three month calendar template

Along with this, consistency is the key to success.

By checking in daily or weekly progress, you’re making sure you’re still on the right path.

Additionally, having someone by your side to cheer you up keeps you motivated.

Undoubtedly, challenges will pop up.

However, you’re not alone in this.

Obviously, if you miss a task one week, just let it go.

Simply adjust your plan, get back on track, and keep going.

Quarterly Calendar 2024 PDF

Last but not least, enjoy each moment of the exciting journey.

Basically, celebrate your progress, and your wins, no matter how small they are.

Definitely, it’ll keep your motivation high and makes your journey super enjoyable.

Each time you complete a task or reach a milestone, give yourself a high-five or a mini dance party.

Also, as you finish week 12, remember to review and reflect on your progress.

It’s a great way to prepare you for the next chapter.

Along with this, after your review, you might realize some tasks were super easy, while others needed more time.

Indeed, use this insight to adapt your plan for the next quarter.

Download 3 Month Calendars

get your printables here