We’re near the end of July. You know what it means. Yes, it’s time to set up a bullet journal for August.

After two months giving bullet journal a try, I must admit it- I’m head over heels in love with bullet journaling.

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Because July is almost done, I bet you’re seeking some awesome August bullet journal layout ideas.

Today I share with you 5 amazing August bullet journal layout ideas. I hope you grab some inspiration for your bullet journal setup.


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5 Amazing August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas You Want To Copy Now


August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas: Cover Page

Every time before I start planning layouts for next month, I choose a theme. It isn’t necessary but it perfectly suits my obsession with cohesion.


For August I decided to go with Venice Beach theme. You know- summer is everything you want it to be – chilling out, relaxing and full of sand, water, and sun. And Venice Beach looks like great fun. I sketched pink VW Van with three decorative surfboards inspired by most instagramable wall murals. I wrote August with block letters and add drop shadows.


Other theme ideas that are perfect for August are back-to-school, under the sea creatures (think little mermaid), ocean, sunflowers, seashells, travel, pineapple, lemon, watermelon, tropical leaves and flowers, ice cream, flip-flops.

August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas: Monthly Spread

For my monthly log, I created a simple vertical layout. I have a huge family command center in the kitchen. Due to my business life, I need only a minimal glance at the month. As a content creator, I want to have a space for setting monthly goals and planning out marketing strategy. I incorporated Venice Beach theme by filling block letters with “mural” patterns from cover page and drawing lifeguard tower doodle.




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August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas: Habit Tracker

For this pages, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have a separate page for each. This month I’ll try the one-page habit tracker and see how does it work for me.


August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas: Brain Dump

On the other side, I decided to make a brain dump page. Sometimes I feel like my mind runs a million miles a minute. Making a date with your brain really changed my life. I get everything from my mind and transfer it onto a bullet journal page. Next, I added a task management page to organize these messy thoughts.



August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas: Weekly Spread

Busy weekly spreads are my signature style. It’s a great opportunity to practice my lettering and doodling. I like to make up some funny stories and transfer it into drawings. Luckily I don’t need a lot of space for my weekly tasks.


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August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas: Supplies

For August bullet journal setup I used:

1. Sakura Micron Pens 0.2/0.4/0.8
2. Crayola Supertips

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