August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas (2023 Update)

This is the ultimate list of August bullet journal layout ideas to include in your planner.

Basically, today I want to show you how you can set up your bullet journal for August.

Undoubtedly, planning with a bullet journal is a great way to organize your month ahead.

For this reason, here you can find amazing August bullet journal layout ideas.

Indeed, feel free to grab some bujo inspiration and ideas for August such as:

  • themes
  • cover pages
  • brain dump pages
  • monthly spreads
  • habit trackers
  • weekly layouts

Now, when we’re near the end of July, you’ve already known what it means.

Indeed, I bet you’re seeking some awesome August bullet journal inspiration.

Yes, it’s time to set up a bullet journal for August.

After over a year of keeping up with my bullet journal, I must admit it.

Obviously, I’m head over heels in love with bullet journaling.

Moreover, it’s an awesome way to explore your creativity and have real fun.

Even if you’re not an artist.

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Bullet Journal Ideas For August 2023

Bullet Journal Supplies for August

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August Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

As a matter of fact, the summer is still here.

First and foremost, you can easily focus on vibrant colors like yellows, blues, and hot pinks, and feel the vacation vibe.

Also, it’s the last call before the Back-to-School season.

With this in mind choose such August bullet journal themes like:

  • beach
  • ocean
  • camping
  • traveling
  • tropical leaves
  • under the sea creatures
  • sunflowers
  • seashells
  • fruits (pineapple, lemon, watermelon)
  • ice cream
  • flip-flops

Additionally, here you find more summer bullet journal ideas and over 150 bullet journal monthly cover ideas.

August Bullet Journal Cover

rose doodle ribbon banner

Unquestionably, it’s official – 2000’s trends are back!

With this in mind, my August bullet journal theme is inspired by Ed Hardy’s designs.

Although the looks were, in general, a little bit in poor taste, I loved it.

As a matter of fact, it was a great way to wear a kind of tattoo without having them permanently inked on the skin.

With this in mind, I drew a simple rose doodle and add a ribbon banner.

beach theme august cover page

[2018] Every time before I start planning layouts for next month, I choose a theme.

Although it isn’t obligatory, it perfectly suits my obsession with cohesion.

For this reason, I decided to go with the Venice Beach theme for my August bullet journal layout.

Indeed, summer is everything you want it to be – chilling out, relaxing, and full of sand, water, and sun.

Along with this, Venice Beach looks like a place to have great fun.

With this in mind, I sketched a pink VW Van with three decorative surfboards inspired by most instagrammable wall murals.

Also, I wrote August with block letters and add drop shadows.

Here you can learn how to doodle with many awesome step-by-step tutorials.

August Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

monthly calendar rose doodles banner

This year I decided to go for a classic monthly calendar with a place for my monthly goals and a to-do list.

Obviously, I had to add easy flower doodles and a ribbon bullet journal banner.

cute august monthly calendar vertical

[2018] For my August monthly log, I created a simple vertical layout.

Due to my business and personal life, I need only a minimal glance at the month.

As a content creator, I want to have a space for setting monthly goals and planning out the marketing strategy.

I incorporated the Venice Beach theme by filling block letters with “mural” patterns fromthe cover page and drawing the lifeguard tower doodle.

Check out more bullet journal lettering ideas!

Habit Tracker

habit mood tracker rose doodles

For my August habit tracker, I created 9 mini monthly calendars.

Also, I added a mood tracker as three separate rose doodles to track my moods during the entire month.

If you don’t know what to track in your bujo, here’s a list of over 70 habit tracker ideas for a bullet journal.

august bullet journal tracker ideas

[2018] For this page, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have a separate page for each.

This month I’ll try the one-page habit tracker and see how it works for me.

Brain Dump

rose doodles floral drawings

After two years of keeping a bullet journal on a regular basis, I just can’t imagine not creating bujo brain dump pages.

If you want to learn more about how to use a brain dump with a bullet journal, read my previous post.

This year’s brain dump pages include one designed for a brainstorm session and the other to get my random thoughts structured.

brain dump August bullet journal layout

On the other side, I decided to make a brain dump page.

Sometimes I feel like my mind runs a million miles a minute.

Making a date with your brain really changed my life. I get everything from my mind and transfer it onto a bullet journal page.

Next, I added a task management page to organize these messy thoughts.

Weekly Planner for August

dutch door weekly log
August bullet journal layout

Last but not least, it’s time to show you my bujo weekly spread.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with dutch door bujo spreads.

Although my heart is bleeding every single time I have to cut out some of my precious notebook pages, I find this type of bujo weeklies functional.

Also, I leave a space for a weekly review and brain dump (again).

Undoubtedly, it helps me a lot to stay on track and work towards goals without being distracted.

august bullet journal ayout ideas

Definitely, busy weekly spreads are my signature style.

Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to practice lettering and doodling.

Along with this, I like to make up some funny stories and transfer them into drawings.

On the other hand, I’m glad I don’t need a lot of space for my weekly tasks.

August Bullet Journal Layout Ideas – Final Thoughts

Now I hope I put enough bullet journal August ideas to help you set up your bujo layouts.

And while I’m pretty much sure I sound like a broken record, remember that bullet journaling is all about personalization and customization.

So don’t be afraid to experiment, have fun, and good luck!

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