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August Wallpapers Calendar Backgrounds (2024)

August 2023 Calendar Wallpapers

In this blog post, I share with you my favorite free August wallpapers calendar backgrounds to make your August extra special.

Definitely, summer is here, and it’s time to celebrate the sunny days before the back-to-school season begins.

In my opinion, August is a month of yellow sunflowers, surfing, and boho vibes.

With this in mind, I designed aesthetic August 2023 wallpapers featuring a monthly calendar.

wallpaper for phone summer backgrounds August 2023
August Wallpapers

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Moreover, here’re other free wallpapers for you to download.

Also, in several designs, I added some kind of an organization system, where you can put your files, folders, etc.

Obviously, August is a time when you relax, explore new places, and make awesome memories.

Along with this, let’s celebrate this cute summer month and decorate tech devices with aesthetic wallpapers for desktops and iPhones.

Basically, these cute wallpapers for August will not only look awesome on your devices but also help you stay organized and remember all your important days.

So, get ready to dive into the summer bliss with these pretty August 2023 wallpapers. and let August be the best month ever.

August Wallpapers Calendar Backgrounds For Desktop

Definitely, August is the last call to feel the summer vibes.

In fact, it’s a month full of sunshine, warmth, and chilling out.

For example, imagine this – warm weather that makes you want to run outside and play all day, long sunny days that seem to last forever, and so many outdoor activities to enjoy.

Indeed, for me, this summer month is like a big, happy playground where I have a blast with my friends and family.

In other words, I’m all about embracing the summer spirit and getting ready for exciting adventures.

For this reason, my summer feeling vibes inspired me to design cute calendar wallpapers for August 2023.

Basically, these pretty August calendars are like magical images that transform your devices into little pieces of summer paradise.

For instance, I chose cute images featuring stunning beach scenes, vibrant tropical motifs, and sun-soaked summer landscapes that make you feel like you’re on a dreamy vacation.

Undoubtedly, these August wallpapers are all about capturing the true essence of summer and filling your days with joy and happiness.

In fact, every time I look at them, I instantly feel the excitement of summer.

Cute August Wallpapers (Summer Flowers)

First and foremost, August is a great month to surround yourself with the beauty of flowers.

So why don’t you decorate your desktop with my aesthetic flower August wallpapers?

Indeed, I’ve designed some of the aesthetic August bac inspired by gorgeous summer flowers like sunflowers, poppies, and other cute blossoms.

Basically, each design is like a floral masterpiece, and they all have their unique stories to tell.

Sunflower August Desktop Wallpapers

august 2023 calendar desktop wallpaper sunflower
Cute August Wallpaper with Calendar 2023
august aesthetic wallpaper sunflower
Sunflower August 2023 Desktop Wallpaper

For instance, let’s start with my favorite sunflowers.

Definitely, these bright and sunny August flowers are like little rays of sunshine.

In fact, they bring me so much joy and I couldn’t resist including them in this August flower wallpaper collection.

From my experience, with their golden petals and warm hues, sunflower wallpapers will instantly lift your spirits and remind you of the sunny days ahead.

Poppy August 2023 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper

august 2023 desktop calendar blue red
Flower Aesthetic August Computer Background
august wallpaper poppy red
Summer Screensaver

Then, I choose my second favorite flower: the charming red poppy.

In fact, these delicate red flowers dance in the summer breeze, and their vibrant colors are simply amazing.

As a result, with poppy flower wallpapers on your screens, you’ll feel like you’re walking through a beautiful flower garden every time you look at your desktop.

Summer Flowers August Calendar Backgrounds

august calendar background flowers
Summer Flowers August Backgrounds
calendar backgrounds elegant
Free Summer Wallpaper for Desktop
wallpaper august 2023 cute aesthetic
Free Computer Backgrounds for Summer

But that’s not all.

These cute flowers August wallpapers also feature other summer flowers, each with its unique charm.

Definitely, you’ll find a delightful variety of blossoms in this aesthetic summer collection.

Last but not least, these flower August Wallpapers are all about bringing the beauty of nature into your digital world.

Basically, they’re like little reminders that summer is a time of blooming, growth, and new beginnings.

So if you’re excited to add the enchanting beauty of flowers throughout August to your tech devices, just download these flower August wallpapers.

So let them brighten up your screens with floral summer vibes.

Pretty August Wallpapers (Beach)

Alternatively, feel the summer vibes at the beach with these pretty beach August wallpapers.

In this case, it’s all about capturing the magic of the seaside with its refreshing waves, sandy shores, and beach activities.

Basically, now you’re able to bring the beach’s joy to your tech devices.

Beach August Calendar Backgrounds

august background wallpaper beach
Pretty August 2023 Wallpaper Desktop
august calendar wallpaper cute
Aesthetic August Calendar Background 2023
august computer background pink
Minimalist August 2023 Background
august wallpaper 2023 beach cute
Pretty August Desktop Calendar 2023
august backgrounds aesthetic
Summer August Background

Firstly, I designed a set of wallpapers inspired by the beach.

Definitely, during my meditation sessions, I like to imagine myself walking along the shore, while the gentle waves caress my feet.

With this in mind, I simply have to come up with beach-themed wallpapers that will transport you to the ocean’s edge, where you can almost feel the salty breeze on your face.

Also, don’t miss out on the Ferris wheel wallpaper.

In fact, this fun-filled design captures the excitement of visiting the beach boardwalk.

So picture yourself on a colorful Ferris wheel, enjoying the breathtaking view of the coastline and feeling the thrill of being up in the air.

Free August 2023 Calendar Wallpapers (Surfing)

august 2023 desktop wallpaper pink beach summer
Beach Pink August Screensaver
august wallpapers beach summer
Free Desktop Backgrounds for Summer
august calendar 2023 wallpaper beach
August 2023 Calendar Wallpaper

Secondly, you can choose surfing-inspired wallpapers.

In this case, these aesthetic August wallpapers feature surfboards, palm trees, and the thrill of catching the perfect wave.

Moreover, I hope you’ll feel like a surfing pro, ready to ride the waves and have a blast in the water.

Aesthetic August Wallpapers (Boho)

august calendar wallpaper 2023 boho
Boho Aesthetic August Wallpapers
august desktop wallpaper 2023 aesthetic
Elegant Wallpapers for August 2023
august desktop calendar minimalist
Neutral August Calendar 2023 Background

Also, I added aesthetic boho-themed images, bringing a touch of free-spirited charm to your desktops and phones

Indeed, whimsical dry flowers combined with a neutral color palette, will transport you to a magical world where creativity knows no bounds.

Basically, with these wallpapers, you’ll feel like you’re in a serene sanctuary, where positive vibes flow freely.

Definitely, these wallpapers have the magical power of creating a sense of tranquility and harmony, bringing a sense of balance and peace to your screens, and adding a touch of zen to your day.

Free August Wallpapers (Cactus)

cute august wallpaper green pink
Summer Home Screen Wallpaper
august calendar desktop wallpaper pink blue
Summer Calendar Backgrounds
wallpaper august 2023
Free Summer Computer Wallpaper
summer desktop wallpaper
Desktop Wallpaper Summer 2023

Moreover, you may want to dive into the desert with cactus August Wallpapers.

Indeed, it’s another theme suitable for August desktop wallpapers.

Basically, each wallpaper image brings a touch of desert adventure, capturing the magic and beauty of these spiky plants.

Pretty Summer August Wallpapers

august desktop wallpaper green yellow
Cute Wallpaper August 2023
august 2023 calendar wallpaper aesthetic
Cute August Desktop Background
august wallpaper desktop summer
Pretty 2023 Wallpaper
august 2023 calendar background black blue
Pretty August Wallpapers Calendar Background 2023

Last but not least, here’s a collection of random summer-themed August wallpapers with delightful themes like juicy fruits, exciting camping trips, aesthetic flatly, and mesmerizing jellyfish in the sea.

Firstly, fruit-themed wallpapers will make you feel like you’re in a summer paradise, almost tasting the freshness of lemons and limes.

Also, you can choose camping-themed wallpaper.

Indeed, this cute design captures the spirit of camping under the starry sky, roasting marshmallows by the campfire, and sleeping in cozy tents.

On the other hand, don’t miss out on deep blue sea wallpaper, where majestic jellyfish gracefully float by.

August Wallpapers Calendar Backgrounds (Back To School)

august wallpaper aesthetic cute
Cute Summer Backgrounds for Computer

Additionally, let’s don’t forget about back-to-school season approaching maybe sooner than you want.

With this in mind, I designed cute, blue, and orange August wallpaper, featuring back-to-school items, space for your to-do’s, and, obviously, an August 2023 calendar.

Aesthetic August Wallpapers Calendar Backgrounds For iPhones

Also, feel free to download August wallpapers for your phones.

august iphone wallpaper boho minimal
Aesthetic and Free August iPhone Wallpaper
august wallpaper iphone yellow cute
August Wallpaper Aesthetic
calendar wallpaper for iphone cactus
Cute iPhone Calendar Wallpaper
cute summer phone backgrounds dark
Elegant Free iPhone Wallpaper
phone backgrounds summer beach
Pretty August 2023 Calendar iPhone Wallpaper
wall paper design for phone aesthetic boho
Minimalist August 2023 Phone Backgrounds
august 2023 calendar iphone wallpaper flower
August 2023 Calendar iPhone Wallpaper
calendar iphone wallpaper hot balloon
Cute Wallpapers for August
end of summer iphone wallpaper beach
Pretty Calendar Wallpaper for iPhone
free wallpaper for phones aesthetic
Cute August iPhone Wallpaper
iphone wallpaper calendar pretty
Minimal August 2023 Calendar iPhone Wallpaper
summer backgrounds for phone cute
Aesthetic August 2023 iPhone Backgrounds
calendar background iphone purple black
August Calendar Background 2023
calendar wallpaper for iphone sunflower
Phone Backgrounds 2023
iphone calendar wallpaper 2023 elegant
2023 August Background Images
phone background wallpaper purple cute
Pretty August 2023 Wallpapers
phone backgrounds 2023 purple pink
Cute August 2023 Calendar iPhone Wallpaper
wall paper design for phone august 2023
Summer August 2023 iPhone Backgrounds

Aesthetic Free Printable Calendars

Moreover, here’re August’s free printable calendars for you to download and print out.

How Do I Set an August Wallpaper Calendar As My Desktop Or Phone Background?


  • Firstly, go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper.
  • Secondly, select the downloaded wallpaper from your Photos or Files app.
  • Then, adjust the wallpaper preview and choose to set it for the Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both.


  • Long-press on the home screen.
  • Tap on “Wallpapers” or “Wallpaper Settings.”
  • Choose the downloaded wallpaper from your Gallery or File Manager.
  • Adjust the wallpaper position and apply it to the Home Screen, Lock Screen, or both.


  • Open “System Preferences” and click on “Desktop & Screen Saver.”
  • Select the “Desktop” tab and click the “+” button to add the downloaded wallpaper.
  • Choose the screen or spaces where you want to set the wallpaper.

Windows PC

  • Right-click on the desktop and select “Personalize.”
  • Click on “Background” and choose the downloaded wallpaper.
  • Select the fit and position options, and click “Save Changes” to set the wallpaper.

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