Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to appreciate the pillars of society, mothers. Life could get so busy that we don’t take enough time to appreciate loved ones, especially family. With Mother’s Day, everyone gets the opportunity to thank their moms for being so awesome.

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One way of showing appreciation for everything you mother is to you is by putting a gift basket together. Rather than just sending a gift item, a gift basket involves a more thoughtful process of wondering what your mum likes and putting them together. That way you show your appreciation in both the gifts and the process of picking them out.

Here are seven DIY basket gifts just for amazing mothers.

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7 Easy Basket Gifts Ideas To Make For Mother’s Day

I. Relaxation-themed Gift Basket

Wine, bath milk and sugar scrub are items that scream relaxation, and you could pack them up for your mum this Mother’s Day to show her that even she deserves a relaxing day. Remember to pick out your mum’s favorite wine. You could even spice the bath milk and sugar scrub up by scenting them with essential oil. This basket also contains a handwritten note that appreciates mums for all they are and more. And don’t forget the flowers!

Image courtesy of Julie Blanner

II. Kick Up Your Feet And Relax Basket

Mother’s Day is a perfect day to send your mum one of these DIY kick up your feet and relax baskets. This particular one contains Amope Foot File and Foot Cream, nail polish, a box of chocolates and a jar of homemade lemon brown sugar scrub. You could include other items your mum would cherish.

The concept of this basket also includes homemade labels for the jar of brown sugar scrub and a kick up your feet and relax label. Wrap this basket up, and you’re good to go.

Image courtesy of The Craft Patch

III. Bundt Gift Basket

Like you were expecting, this gift basket idea involves a bundt cake pan and everything baking. If you mum loves baking, you could pack up gift items in a bundt cake pan for her this Mother’s Day. You could put whatever you think she would appreciate most, but this particular one has a mason jar, dishcloths, kitchen utensils, dish towels and measuring cups.

This idea with this basket is to get your mum functional items she would love.

Image courtesy of Darling Doodles

IV. Shower Kit

If your mum is very particular about her showers, a shower kit is a show you can show her all the love she deserves this Mother’s Day. To make the basket items a complete show of care and thoughtfulness, you should include a shower and after-shower products. This particular one also includes a robe, and you could add that too.

The shower kit in the picture includes shower Keihl’s fig & sage body cleanser, Aesop calming shampoo, Kiehl’s facial cleanser, swim club bath salts, pumice stone, birch & goldberry bar soaps, sea wool natural bath sponge and Aesop classic conditioner.

The kit also includes a white robe, herbivore botanicals facial serum, herbivore botanicals body oil, Keihl’s light-weight lotion, and herbivore botanicals hydrate mist.

All and more your mum needs to enjoy her showers even more!

Image courtesy of Design Love Fest

V. Sweet Gift Basket

You mum mustn’t necessarily have a sweet tooth for you to get her this basket. This basket contains items that will help her enjoy ice cream treats even more. This sweet gift basket contains DIY wrapped ice cream cones, paper straws, chocolate sauce, napkins, and different sprinkles. You could also tailor your basket to your mum’s preference. There’s also the note that tells your mom how special she is.

Image courtesy of House of Ideas

VI. Handcrafted Gift Basket For Mom

“Moms make life beautiful”… I could not agree more. This homemade DIY gift basket is filled with amazing, organic products like bath salts, sugar scrubs or face mask. Your mom deserves the best. She would be thrilled to pamper herself this Mother’s Day.

You can find this handcrafted gift basket on Amazon

VII. Bling Mother’s Day Gift Basket

These slippers are so cool! If your mom is a bling lady, she will be head over heels in love with these. Watch a video for the DIY tutorial.

For more inspiration follow Chanelle on YouTube

Every mother deserves to be told they are special in the best way yet. Hope you were inspired by these gift ideas!

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