Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Only Lazy People Need To Know

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Only Lazy People Need To Know


Few parts of homes require as much cleaning attention as bathrooms.

Thus, in most homes, routine cleaning of the bathrooms is a typical chore.

Even with the regular bathroom cleaning, certain spots are still missed here and there.

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This article highlights bathroom cleaning hacks that are both general and specific to target those reoccurring bathroom cleaning issues.


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7 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Only Lazy People Need To Know


I. Porcelain Sink Cleaning Hack

Sinks are known for holding dirt, and porcelain sinks tend to hold a significant amount of dirt. To tackle the dirt on your porcelain sink and get it to a shiny new state, apply baking soda all over the surface and sides. Then scrub the sink and add hydrogen peroxide to the scrub as you go. After scrubbing for a bit, allow the sink to sit before rinsing it.

II. Freshers Smell With Toilet Bombs

Toilet can’t help but retain a certain odor which needs freshening now and then. Homemade toilet bombs help to freshen up toilets giving a refreshing odor.

To make these bombs, you need baking soda, essential oil, citric acid, and a silicone mold. You could decide to make a significant quantity with your favorite essential oil flavor.

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III. Homemade Bathroom Disinfectants

In a bid to maintain the most hygienic toilet, several chemical products are employed. A natural alternative to these numerous chemicals is a natural disinfectant. Natural disinfectants can be made from vodka, washing soda and one’s preferred essential oil flavor. The use of homemade disinfectants ensures hygiene bathrooms with no side effects.

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IV. Epsom Salt For Tackling Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains are notable with sanitary wares in bathrooms. The use of Epsom salt scrub for a good scrub clears off the hard water stains.

The Epsom salt scrub is gotten from a mixture of Epsom salt and other effective natural cleaning agents such as baking soda and dish soap.

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V. Reusable Bathroom Wipes

Since bathrooms require constant cleaning, wipes are called upon most of the time for that constant cleaning. The commercially available commercial wipes are typically chemical laden and not reusable.

Homemade wipes are both reusable and safe. You can also incorporate your favorite wipes into your homemade reusable wipes.

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VI. Grapefruit Cleaning Hack

This is one overly simple hack. Cut the grapefruit and scrub your tap faucet with it to get a more effective cleaning. When you don’t have grapefruit, you can use lime or lemons.

VII. Removing mold and mildew

Mold and mildew can be both unsightly and dangerous to one’s health. Removing them completely is thus an effective bathroom cleaning tip. Homemade mold and mildew removers are both effective and safer.

You would need tea tree oil and waster to make this homemade cleaning solution. You could vary the concentration to your preference.

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A clean bathroom makes a home more welcoming to its occupants and visitors. Enjoy cleaner bathrooms as you pay heed to these tips.

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