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Bullet Journal Daily Log: How To Use It with Examples

Today I’m going to show you how keeping a bullet journal daily log can potentially increase your productivity.

In other words, it’s amazing that adding this simple bujo layout makes a real difference.

Indeed, creating a bullet journal daily log helped me:

  • complete a monthly and weekly to-do list quickly
  • achieve my goals
  • be laser-focused on what is really important
  • start each day on the right foot
  • finished each day feeling fulfilled and satisfied
  • stay motivated 

So if you’re done with unproductive days, unachieved goals, and frustration, then keep reading.

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Bullet Journal Weekly Layout vs Daily Logs

bullet journal dutch door spread

Undoubtedly, creating bullet journal daily log pages requires more work than staying only with the weekly layouts. 

For this reason, you may be wondering if it’s actually a waste of time. 

Although it seems to be that it is, just think how many times you fail to achieve your weekly goals because you thought you still got time.

Obviously, we’re masters with procrastinating – our brain loves to find any kind of excuses just to postpone boring tasks.

And let’s be honest, even when you’re passionate about what you do for a living, you can always find something less interesting.

With this in mind, keeping only bullet journal weekly spreads is risky. 

Although you create your weekly schedule in a bullet journal, there’s always a chance to fall into a trap of “ tomorrow is another day” thinking.

On the contrary, these pages help you keep yourself accountable day after day. 

Moreover, writing your daily tasks makes you more likely to get things done.

In my opinion, there’s no winner. I highly recommend making both bujo spreads.

Bullet journal daily log together with weekly spreads works best for life organization.

minimalist daily log

For example, here’s my current setup.

First of all, I create a dutch door bullet journal spread, where I put a weekly overview on the top of the last weekly page.

The rest of the pages are simply cut down.

As a result, I get fixed one page with a mini calendar, weekly goals, and to-do list and opened pages for daily logs.

bujo weekly page

Also, I create a review page to evaluate my week and brain dump layout.

After a brain dump session, I organize my random thoughts, and put them into a to-do and/or things to do next week’s list.

Bullet Journal Daily Log Layout Ideas

Now when I convinced you it’s worth including bujo daily log pages in your notebook, it’s time to think about design.

Unquestionably, after some time you’ll know exactly what your daily layout should look like.

However, if you’ve just learned about bullet journaling, coming up with a layout design may be a daunted task. 

With this in mind, I gathered below the best bullet journal daily log example you can easily mimic in your bujo.

Basic Bullet Journal Daily Log

simle rapid logging

First of all, let’s begin with a basic daily log layout, designed by the bullet journal creator Ryder Carroll.

Although there are plenty of artistic bujo daily logs on Instagram, don’t forget that bullet journaling roots are in gathering and organizing information as a laconic yet systematic bulleted list.

For example, this is the simplest bullet journal daily log.

With the bullet journal key, you can easily organize daily tasks or notes.

Minimalist Daily Spreads

However, it’s ok to broaden out your bullet journal daily log into a more complex layout.

For instance, you can add your daily goals, to-do list, inspirational quote, food log, space for notes, gratitude logs, daily affirmations, Pomodoro tracker, time blocks, etc.

Also, for some of us, minimalist daily spreads are the best choice. 

Although I’m not against creative journal ideas (as you’ll see in a few minutes), personally I think all cute doodles, fancy fonts, or even scrapbooking elements are distractions.

Creative Daily Spreads

On the other hand, if you’re an artistic soul, you may want to keep a daily log art journal.

For example, you can add pictures, craft paper, stamps, stickers, washi tapes, etc.

Also, bullet journal headers, doodles, and fonts are a great way to decorate your daily pages.

Bullet Journal Daily Log Free Printable

planner daily log template
A free bullet journal (planner) daily log template

Also, if you prefer using printables, I designed a simple daily layout to print out. 

Recently I’ve discovered that having already premade daily journal pages reminds me to use them more often. 

Because as a matter of fact, sometimes it’s hard to keep daily spreads on a regular basis.

Although drawing all tables and putting words requires a little effort, from time to time all you want is to watch Netflix.

This free bullet journal daily log printable includes a schedule, top 3 goals, Pomodoro tracker, and a place for notes.

Personally, I use a time-blocking schedule.

In my opinion, it helps tremendously to batch your daily tasks and put them in blocks.

Indeed, it saves a ton of time.

Also, it makes time for your favorite daily routine activities like practicing yoga, journaling, or reading books and less joyful like chores.

Along with this, setting only three small goals per day allows you to be more productive while avoiding feeling daunted.

Additionally, if you add a Pomodoro tracker to your entire daily schedule, you’ll see how much more you’re able to get done throughout the day.

And you’ll never forget about taking breaks.

As a result, you’re able to manage time wisely and be 100% sure that you stay on track.

Get your free daily planner printable here!

Bullet Journal Daily Log Tips

  • keep it simple. Despite the fact, that creative journals’ daily pages look amazing, don’t force yourself to make them every single day. With a simple bullet journal daily log you’ll be just fine.
  • create daily logs no sooner than the night before. In fact, you never know how busy the day is ahead of you. So don’t waste the precious space in your fancy bullet journal notebook.
  • use the bullet journal key. These bullet symbols organize all tasks, thoughts, and events immediately.
  • think about what you need. For example, if writing daily affirmation is your thing, remember to leave an additional line or two. 

Bullet Journal Daily Log – Final Thoughts

As you can see, creating bullet journal daily logs isn’t as ridiculous an idea as it seems at the first sight.

Not only does it help you focus solely on priorities, but also it holds you accountable. 

Along with this, after working with bullet journal daily logs, you start getting control over time. 

And while you still won’t be able to make your day longer, you’ll definitely improve your time management skills.

As a result, tasks will be done, goals will be achieved.

And you, after a great, productive day, you’ll go to sleep with a clear mind, feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

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