Let me guess – one of your New Year resolutions is to get fit and healthy. Or maybe you want to lose some weight. New Year is a great time to start clean and fresh.

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Here you can find the ultimate list of bullet journal fitness tracker ideas that’ll help you keep track of your diet, weight, exercises and other healthy lifestyle habits.

Warning: the purpose of this blog post is to get bullet journal fitness tracker LAYOUT inspiration. Please, don’t copy someone’s individual workout plans, diet etc. Before you start any diet, exercise plan, always consult it with a doctor.


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20 Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas That’ll Help You Slay Your 2019 Fit Goals


1. Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas: Meal Planner

It is said that your fitness success depends on 80% diet and 20% exercise. Opinions are divided as to whether it’s true. Nevertheless, you know that a well-balanced diet is crucial for being fit and healthy.

How often you end up with greasy, high processed take-out food only because you have nothing (except the light) in your fridge. I’m 100% sure that you prefer home-cooked meals. How about getting more organized and start planning meals ahead?

Here’s a great idea to create a re-usable meal plan. Instead of creating meal plan layouts week after week, you just use the colorful post.

Image courtesy of write.your.life

Next spread has one genius thing – space for the shopping list. It’s so clever to have your meal plan and shopping list next to each other.

Image courtesy of grey.and.cooper

Here’s an upgraded version. All products are divided into categories like fruits & veggies, meat, frozen etc. It’s my favorite one. I love categorizing products – it makes grocery shopping so much faster.

Image courtesy of emschwartzrdn

Starting a new diet? Maybe you need a little help what foods you can eat and what foods you should avoid. You can easily create a reference guide in your bullet journal.

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2. Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas: Workout Tracker & Exercise Schedule

How many times did you make super creative and hilarious excuses for skipping the gym (too cold, too hot, too busy)? Or maybe you belong to this amazing group of lazy people (like me) who cheat a little bit in reps or the number of series?

Yes, there’s always the temptation to quit your fitness routine. However, the studies have shown that having some kind of planner or journal helps to stay consistent and achieve better results.

Image courtesy of aimighani

Do you know when you exercise, your body releases endorphins? Using the layout below, you can easily notice how your mood boosts after a workout. It can really help to stay motivated.

Image courtesy of bujohelp

Because I get pretty quickly bored, repeating the same fitness routine over and over again, I like to vary my workouts. This layout helps me to stay on track.

3. Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas: Weight Loss

Ok, so you have set up 80 % (meal plan spread) and 20 % (exercise spread). Now it’s time to lose some weight. Record your weight in a bullet journal. You’ll be satisfied to see your numbers go slowly down.

I love this spread because of the rewards section. Reward yourself for every pound in a calorie-free way. My favorite one – bullet journal supplies of course.

Image courtesy of crafty enginerd

Image courtesy of My Blue Sky Design

Image courtesy of bujode3

4. Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas: Measurement Tracker

Some of you don’t want to worry so much about the number on scales. If you prefer to focus on losing a few inches, these spreads are perfect for you.

Image courtesy of tjvalentine

Image courtesy of charlottegetsorganised_

Image courtesy of grey.and.cooper

5. Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas: Water Tracker

You know how important water is, do you? No matter if you’re running marathons or practicing yoga, staying properly hydrated is important. You may need a bullet journal water tracker to record how much water you drink during the day.


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6. Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas: Sleep Log

It’s true – the less you sleep, the more you eat. Period. I hope you don’t need any more convincing to fix your sleeping schedule. Want to feel energized? Train your body to follow a certain rhythm. Wake up at the same time every day and go to bed before midnight.


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7. Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas: Calorie Tracker

To tell the truth, it’s my least favorite fitness tracker. Instead of focusing on a taste, aroma or texture, you’re thinking only how many calories does this meal have. Furthermore, counting every single calorie can lead to feeling anxious or stressed. But if it works for you, here are some funny calorie trackers.

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