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Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas [Body Positivity]

Ready to grab the best bullet journal fitness tracker ideas?

In this post, you’ll learn how to create a fitness bullet journal.

In fact, bullet journaling helped me to:

  • set realistic goals
  • love my body in a healthy way
  • strive to be more active
  • plan meals and eat cleaner
  • plan my workout sessions ahead and stick to the schedule
  • track progress
  • develop new healthy habits
  • stay motivated
  • focus on body wellness

Today I’m going to show how to:

  • build a positive mindset and motivation with a bujo
  • use a bullet journal as a fitness planner
  • track your fitness with a bullet journal 
  • use free bullet journal printables

Let’s dive right in.

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The purpose of this blog post is to get bullet journal fitness tracker LAYOUT inspiration. Please, don’t copy someone’s individual workout plans, diet, etc. Before you start any diet, exercise plan, always consult it with a doctor.

How Do You Create a Fitness Bullet Journal

Without a doubt, setting up a health and fitness bullet journal can really motivate you to exercise on a regular basis, eat mindfully, and develop a new healthy routine.

However, there’s one more great aspect of keeping a bullet journal for health. It’s also an amazing tool to grow a gratitude mindset and focus on the positive aspect of fitness.

In my opinion, the best fitness planner is the one that includes:

  • fitness goal page
  • motivation spread
  • meal planning pages
  • workout log
  • gratitude log
  • bullet journal fitness trackers

Fitness Goal Page

Generally, setting up fitness goals is pretty easy. In the state of mind, when you’re motivated, making changes in your bad habits is simple.

However, after several days or maybe even weeks, your enthusiasm starts to drop drastically.

In order to approach later challenges, you’re more likely to overcome them if your goals are written down.

According to studies, writing goals is a powerful tool because this is how your brain works.

Bullet Journal Motivation Page

Similarly to the bullet journal fitness goal page, having a motivation page can help you to stay on track and don’t give up.

It’s another tool that allows you to stay motivated whenever you’re faced with obstacles.

Having some kind of visual reference reminds you of yours why.

Meal Planning Spread

“Get fit in the gym, lose weight in the kitchen”

I couldn’t agree more. However, instead of counting each calorie (it’s so painful), focus on what you eat. Meal planning is a great way to plan (and control) healthy meals that nourish your body and soul.

It is said that your fitness success depends on 80% diet and 20% exercise. Opinions are divided as to whether it’s true.

Nevertheless, you know that a well-balanced diet is crucial for being fit and healthy.

How often you end up with greasy, high processed take-out food only because you have nothing (except the light) in your fridge.

Undoubtedly, I’m 100% sure that you prefer home-cooked meals. How about getting more organized and start planning meals ahead?

Workout Log

Obviously, we’re a master in making super creative and hilarious excuses for skipping the gym (too cold, too hot, too busy).

Alternatively, you belong to this amazing group of lazy people (like me), who cheat a little bit in reps or the number of series.

Yep, there’s always the temptation to quit your fitness routine.

However, the studies have shown that having some kind of planner or journal helps to stay consistent and achieve better results.

Keeping a workout journal enables you to track such parameters like time, distance, the amount lifted, sets, workout reps, calorie burned. 

If you’re a couch potato like me, it’s quite challenging to find the right type of physical activity. 

There’re no many reasons that motivate me to move my butt from the cozy sofa. Well, I don’t know, what’ll work for you, but 10 000 steps per day at the beginning of the road sounds reasonable for me.

For this reason, setting up a step tracker and filling in it with a number of steps daily keeps me motivated and always ready to walk even more.

step tracker

Gratitude Log

Clearly, expressing gratitude is beneficial for your mental health.

Not only it increases happiness and energy level, but it also reduces stress and chronic pain.

One of the ways to practice gratitude is to write about those things about your body, nutrition, a mind for which you’re grateful.

How Do You Track Your Fitness

Definitely, the key to achieving your fitness goals is getting rid of unhealthy habits and replace them with good ones.

Creating healthy habits like taking 45 minutes to walk every day or sleeping a minimum of 8 hours is more beneficial than any one-time boot camp workout.

Indeed, keeping your fitness goals really helps you to avoid feeling anxious, stress, and burned out.

Bullet journaling enables you to track your fitness on a daily basis.

Firstly, you schedule your workouts ahead so it’s more likely to stick to your goals and stay active every day.

Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas

Besides, you can track your progress by creating:

  • step tracker
  • measurements log 
  • sleep tracker
  • water tracker

Sleep Log

It’s so true – the less you sleep, the more you eat.

bullet journal sleep tracker

I hope you don’t need any more convincing to fix your sleeping schedule.

If you want to feel energized, just train your body to follow a certain rhythm. Wake up at the same time every day and go to bed before midnight.

Do not underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.

If you sleep less than 6 hours, your metabolism slows down. At the same time, you’re constantly hungry.

As a result, you eat more than you really need.

Water Tracker

No matter if you’re running marathons or practicing yoga, staying properly hydrated is important.

bullet journal water tracker

Remember to stay hydrated. Drinking about 4 liters of water every day cleanses the toxins from the body and helps to get healthy and feel more energized.

You may need a bullet journal water tracker to record how much water you drink during the day.

Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Setup

This year my main focus is to make myself more confident about my body. 

Due to this, I want to create a fitness lifestyle in order to:

  • be healthier
  • feel better
  • be body conscious
  • stop defining myself by numbers like weight and size

However, as much as I love body positive movement, I won’t use it as an excuse to stop working out or eating clean.

At the same time, I decide to exercise in a way that I actually enjoy, and choose what makes my body feel great and make me happy.

Vision Board for Fitness Goals

First and foremost, I start by setting up my fitness goals. 

This year I choose to create a vision board. 

Normally, I’d put on them some photos of Instagram fitness influencers with their unattainable and usually face tuned bodies.

Moreover, I’d delude myself that I could look like them only if I ordered their workout plan, diet or clothing line.

In addition, I’d write down some “empowering” fitness quotes like “no pain no gain”, “pain is just weakness leaving the body” or “don’t stop when it hurts, stop when you’re done”.

The only thing I want to stop is to punish my body. And while I understand myself from the last year to use these images and harsh words as motivation, now I know that it works completely opposite.

Clearly, I didn’t love my body, the self-confidence was as low as possible, and comparing myself to fit influencers made me feel insecure. As a matter of fact, I felt like a loser even before I started. 

For that reason, this year, I put on my fitness vision board positive body fitness quotes like:

Stay dedicated. It’s not going to happen overnight.

Your body loves you. Love it back.

Additionally, I put my 2020 fitness statements.


  • love my body in a healthy way
  • am more active
  • focus on my body wellness
  • eat cleaner
  • practice yoga every day
  • walk 10 000 steps daily.
  • am strong

Then I draw Sun Salutation yoga routine.

Besides, I write down body love and healthy eating affirmations.

bullet journal vision board

Body Positive Motivation Page

We all know that sticking to new healthy fitness habits may be challenging. Busy schedules, short days, too cold, too hot, period, bad mood – there are so many excuses.

With this in mind, I create bullet journal positive motivation spread with all the benefits of staying active, practicing yoga, and getting 10.000 steps a day. 

Moreover, I create 2020 a year of workouts tracker.

bullet journal workout tracker

Yoga Moon Phases Spread

Next, I create a bullet journal page with yoga sequences. As you’ll see in a minute, I practice yoga daily and choose a sequence depending on the moon phase (all information you can find here). 

bullet journal yoga moon phases

Monthly Fitness Spread

Next, I put my monthly intention and create a yoga practice schedule aligning with the moon phases. 

bujo monthly workout log

Weekly Fitness Spread

Then, I create a bullet journal weekly spread.

Due to my fitness goals, I need to put in my bujo weekly spread such elements like:

  • meal planner
  • grocery list
  • water tracker
  • step tracker
  • body positive journal prompts (please find the complete list here)
bujo weekly spread fitness log

Other Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker  Ideas 

Weight Loss & Fitness Bullet Journal Printables

I know that some of you prefer using bullet journal printables instead of creating own spreads in a notebook. Here I gathered the best bullet journal fitness and weight loss bullet printables resources.

Bullet Journal for Fitness – Final Thoughts

As you can see, bullet journaling is a great way to keep track of your fitness routine.

No matter if you’re a body-positive woman or you prefer boot camp type of workouts, you can still stay accountable by setting up SMART goals, creating a realistic schedule, and tracking your daily progress.

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Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas

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