No matter if you’re a lettering expert or impatient, unartistic BuJo lover, you still want your bullet journal fonts to look fancy.

It takes quite a long time to improve hand-lettering to become a professional. But what if learning this art is not your thing?

And ever since you’ve been a kid you’ve had terrible handwriting.

Is there any hope for you (and your bullet journal fonts)?

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Of course! Today I share with you 5 super simple tricks for your bullet journal fonts. Even if you have handwriting like chicken scratch.

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5 Super Simple Tricks That’ll Make Your Bullet Journal Fonts Look Prettier


I. Basic Font

It’s the fastest way to write prettier. Just use your basic style and write down the word with all capital letters with a spacing between them. It looks much more elegant.


II. Outline Fonts

Literally, anyone can do this cool hand-lettering trick. Take a pencil and draw letters with your basic style. Next, draw the lines around them with a pen. Remember to maintain equal spacing around all of your lines. After you finish and your pen dries, erase the pencil lines away.


III. Fake Calligraphy (Fake Hand Lettering)

It sounds complicated but in reality, it takes maybe 2 minutes and the end result is amazing. Write down a word by using your handwriting but in cursive. Just make sure you give enough room between each letter. It’s important because every time you go with pen downward you will draw a line next to it. When you’re ready, darken all created areas with a pen.


IV. Outline Fonts: Details

To spruce up your block letters, grab a pen and add some details, patterns or textures inside.


Here I created some gradient texture:


V. Outline Fonts: Drop Shadow

Another way to add a wow factor to your block letters is to use a drop shadow. Before you get started, decide where are the sun and the shadow cast. Yes, it may sound quite strange but you want to choose one side of letters and stick with it.


BONUS Trick: Flourishing

There are dozens of ways to flourish your lettering. It gives the letters a style. It takes a lot of practice but you can start simply by adding some embellishments and curls.


I’m sure that these 5 easy tricks for your bullet journal fonts will definitely up your hand lettering game. For more bullet journal ideas and tutorials follow my bullet journal board on Pinterest:

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