Bullet Journal Hacks for Great Organization That (Really) Works

Have you just spent a couple of hours setting up your next bullet journal spread? You focused on every tiny detail to look perfect. Yes, being a perfectionist is time-consuming.

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Lastly, I was so close to giving up bullet journaling.

I put a lot of effort to create awesome layouts. And they were great. However, I didn’t have time to really use them to achieve my goals and plan my week ahead.


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bullet journal hacks

It didn’t have any sense. Something had got to change. I started looking for simple bullet journal hacks for bullet journalist like me: with a full-time job, family and home duties.

Luckily, setting up your spreads don’t have to be a long and complicated process.

Think what is the most time-consuming part of creating bullet journal spread. Scrolling through your Instagram favorite #bulletjournal to find the best layout inspiration? Lettering all days of the week, titles, the name of the month? Or maybe drawing cute doodles?

No matter what is your answer, here are top tent bullet journal hacks that’ll cut your set-up time a half.

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Bullet Journal Hacks That’ll Cut Your Set-Up Time A Half


Bullet Journal Hacks: Layout & Spreads



First of all, bullet journaling should be a fun and relaxing activity for you. What is more, it should help you to make your life easier, not to feel stressed or daunted. If drawing out spreads, trackers seem to much work for you, printables will save your time and sanity.

You can find a lot of ready to work with bullet journal templates like calendar, weekly spreads, tracker, sleep log on the Internet. Some of them are paid (check out on Etsy) but you can easily get some awesome spreads for free.

Discover the best 2019 bullet journal printables you may want to get right away.

The best part is that most of the spreads are everlasting. You print them once and use them forever.

As I mentioned before, the past few weeks were hectic. My bullet journal was on my desk, left untouched for many days.

Fortunately, I discovered a free bullet journal printables.

Here I gathered the best bujo template resources you can find online.

My favourite is this one from The Petite Planner. Erin created an amazing weekly bullet journal template including mini habit tracker, meal planner, water log.

See how I used this bullet journal printable for my weekly spread below.

bullet journal hacks printable weekly spread

bullet journal hacks printable weekly layout

bullet journal hacks bujo printable

Using bullet journal printables as a mood tracker or future log can really save you a lot of nerves. I love these ones from Space + Quiet


Usually, when you create a bullet journal spread, you have to draw a lot of lines and geometric shapes like squares or circles.

If you don’t have the time to sit and make tons of headers, banners or boxes, stencil will be a great addition to your bujo.

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3. Grid Spacing Guide

Every time I want to draw symmetrical boxes, I spend a lot of time counting all the dots. Every single time. I don’t know why but I can’t remember how to divide my bullet journal page into columns and rows evenly. I have to recount it over and over again. The grid spacing guide (here from Infinite Planner ) will help you to space your pages quickly. I guess that cell measurement is different for every bullet journal.

bullet journal hacks

Bullet Journal Hacks: Headers


Washi Tape

If I have to point out the most versatile bullet journal product, it’ll be definitely washi tape.

I love these elegant sets of washi tapes with weeks, months and numbers. Now you can easily replace your hand-lettering for your weekly spread, future log or daily layout. You just have to cut them out and put on relevant pages.

 Mr-Label Day of The Week Washi Sweet Cute Pink Month Arrow Bujo VEEPPO Bullet Journals DIY Monthly/Week/Daytime Decorative



Another product you may want to get stamps. You can use them to put dates in your spread. These stamps will save you the time of writing out all the tiny calendar numbers over and over again.

I had so much fun creating a weekly layout with stamps.

bullet journal hacks weekly spread stamps

bullet journal hacks weekly layout stamps

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Bullet Journal Hacks: Habit Trackers

I have a love-hate relationship with habit tracker layouts. The general idea is great. I strongly believe in goal-setting and recording progress. However, creating all these boxes, graphs etc. could be very painful.

You can ease this process by using some great bullet journal supplies like this stamp , stencil or wheel habit tracker sticker .

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Do you like to have circular habit tracker in your bujo like these ones?

bullet journal tracker ideas

@creativebyolivejuice | @bujo_nina | @rachelbujo | @littleolivebujo

I think you may want to try this smart tool .

 Helix 360 Degree Angle and Circle


This handy little product is highly recommended by other bullet journalists for accurate circles. You will love the functionality of it. In my opinion, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Bullet Journal Hacks: mini trackers

You want to make sure that you’re keeping track of your water intake, mood swings or if you’re sleeping enough amount of hours. This kind of layout can be a masterpiece in itself.
Keep in mind that your log spreads don’t have to be super fancy to be effective.

Sometimes you forget to fill out your monthly water log or another tracker (yes, that’s me). I started to set up my habit tracker and daily logs weekly. But now I consider switching up gears toward these weekly / daily mini trackers.

bullet journal log

Bullet Journal Hacks: Decorating Ideas

Do you need doodles in a bullet journal? I don’t think so. However, doodles are those elements which level up your planner. Stickers or washi tapes are a great way to save your time and take your bullet journal to next level.

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