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Bullet Journal Harry Potter Spreads

Today you’re going to see the most magical bullet journal Harry Potter spreads.

Indeed, here I gathered the best Harry Potter bullet journal ideas every fan will love to create.

So if you want to discover Harry Potter bullet journal inspiration for:

  • Harry Potter doodle tutorials step by step

Then keep scrolling!

Let’s get started.

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The Best Hogwarts Layout Ideas

First and foremost as every Harry Potter stan, I have to ask you.

Do you tend to be cunning as Slytherins? Or do you belong rather to the courage and bravery Gryffindor house?

Obviously, no matter what is your favorite Hogwarts house, you should create a Harry Potter-themed journal.

Firstly, choose your color palette (red, green, yellow, blue).

Secondly, add some Harry Potter lettering style.

Last but not least, make cute bullet journal doodles like glasses, magic wands, brooms, and elixirs.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be so literal with your Potter-style journal pages, create a theme inspired by Harry Potter.

For example, I put a kind of fashion illustration with back-to-school outfits inspired by Harry Potter for my September bullet journal pages.

Indeed, I really wanted to avoid Harry Potter doodles like broomsticks, spells, and glasses.

Harry Potter Journal for September

planner cover page harry potter
notebook weekly diy planner hp themed
bujo weekly spread harry potter themed

First of all, my September bullet journal cover page included a simple, double border with bold lettering and a fashion figure.

In this case, the fashion figure was wearing a Gryffindor hoodie with a grey, neutral t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Unquestionably, the most crucial part of the outfit was a bag with all Hogwarts houses’ colors.

Secondly, I created Hogwarts monthly layouts with a simple, vertical calendar, lettering with Gryffindor colors, and blank spaces for notes and to-do lists.

Also, I wanted to stick with the theme.

With this in mind, I drew two fashion figures with Hufflepuff and Slytherin outfits.

Finally, I put together the September weekly spread.

Definitely, you can say based on the colors I chose that I’m a Gryffindor girl.

Not only I used its’ color palette but also I drew a part of a school uniform and a scarf.

At last, it was almost Fall.

Bullet Journal Harry Potter Inspiration

If you’re an artistic soul that loves spending all your free time, creating an amazing bullet journal monthly cover page, get inspired by these Harry Potter journal themes.

From the Golden Snitch to Hogwarts houses, your bullet journal’s first monthly page will look magical.

Also, the bujo monthly spread is the most important page to make.

At least, for me.

With this in mind, create a glance spread for your entire month and decorate it with wizard designs like Harry’s wand or fancy lettering.

As a rule, planning your whole week ahead is so helpful when it comes to life organization.

However, planning doesn’t have to be boring.

Especially with the Harry Potter theme!

Basically, all you have to do is to decorate your weekly layout with doodles like magic kettles, Sorting Hat, or broomsticks.

Also, you can be so creative with bullet journal collections.

Indeed, why don’t you design a mood tracker with letters doodles, and (obviously) Hedwig?

When it comes to habit trackers, I love the theme of the hourglasses of Hogwarts Houses.

Although you have to limit yourself to four, it’s worth creating it.

Besides, less means more.

Maybe it’s time to pick the most important ones.

Last but not least, I have to mention the fact that some of us (me!) aren’t very artistic.

Obviously, you can find many Harry Potter art ideas online.

But there is still an easy way to add some cute drawings to your bullet journal pages.

It’s doodling.

For this reason, below I put some examples of simple Harry Potter art ideas.

Along with this, some awesome Harry potter step-by-step tutorials you can find here and here.

Harry Potter Freebies

Hermiona calendar free printable
free bullet journal template from The Cottage Market

Generally, sometimes all you want is to save you valuable time and energy.

In this case, free bullet journal printables seem to be a perfect option for you.

For example, the Harry Potter-themed ones you can find here and here.

Bullet Journal Harry Potter – Final Thoughts

Definitely, Harry Potter is one of the most famous young wizards.

Because having many cute characters, amazing themes, and concepts, it’s one of the most popular bullet journal themes.

In particular in the fall months.

To sum up, I hope you get inspired and your next bullet journal monthly layouts include Hedwig, Hogwarts houses badges, or your very own creative Harry Potter design ideas.

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