One of the most difficult parts of bullet journaling for every newbie is the constant flood of bullet journal ideas. You scroll never-ending Instagram feed. You dig into Pinterest ideas. I’m pretty sure you’re full of jealousy toward other BuJo artists. I feel you.

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When I started my first bullet journal, I spent a couple hours finding perfect bullet journal header ideas. I thought it would be nice to have them gathered in one place. I created a reference page with my favorite titles, banners, and dates designs in my bullet journal.

Here you can find my favorites header ideas including titles, banners, and dates. And they are all gathered in three separate layouts. To make life easier.


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50+ Bullet Journal Header Ideas Every Newbie Needs


I. Bullet Journal Header Ideas: Titles

Start with some different ways to write titles. Create a title page in your bullet journal and fill it with your favorite title style. Here is my title layout:


II. Bullet Journal Header Ideas: Banners

Make your title even cuter. Banners are a great way to make them look amazing. And it’s not difficult to learn how to draw them.


III. Bullet Journal Header Ideas: Dates

If you have no clue how to write dates (that look gorg) in your bullet journal, find some design inspiration. It’s so much fun to create your own date layout.


You can level up your bullet journal even if you’re a beginner. Remember that the devil is in the detail.

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