Bullet Journal Set Up 2019 For The Best Year Ever

In this post you’ll explore some bullet journal set up 2019 ideas.

I’ll show you:

  • bullet journal supplies to choose in 2019
  • one thing you should do to prepare before starting a bullet journal
  • basic bullet journal spreads like key, index, future log
  • the creative part of my new bujo
  • my 2019 bullet journal collections

So let’s dive right in!

UPDATE: Check out my new 2020 bullet journal setup!

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Bullet Journal Set Up 2019

It’s almost 2019. I can’t believe that it’s already time to introduce to you my bullet journal set up 2019.

No matter if you want to start a bullet journal in 2019 or you’re looking for some bujo inspiration, with New Year you have to chance to start fresh.

With a bullet journal, you can take your organization and planning skills to a completely new level.

My Top Bullet Journal Supplies To Choose in 2019

The new year is a beginning, so it’s fully understandable to set new goals, make plans, and buy a new notebook. Do you feel this excitement when you get a brand new notebook with all blank pages? I bet you do.

In 2019 I highly recommend (paid link) Dingbats notebook. One thing that makes this product special is that it’s eco-friendly and 100% vegan. Besides the paper is thick and smooth – no bleeding through the paper.

As you know, I usually draw a lot of colorful doodles – yep, my spreads are really busy. That’s why I’m really looking forward to using Dingbats.

See a full review and the pen test on Instagram Stories.

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Dingbats Notebook

When it comes to other bullet journal supplies, I think I stay with (paid links) Micron pens, Zebra highlighters. I’d love to upgrade my markers collection. Although Crayola Supertips markers are great and affordable, I’d like to add brush pens from Tombow to my collection to create a watercolor effect.

Before You Start a Bullet Journal

Maybe it sounds funny, but find some time to plan your new bullet journal ahead. Do kind of brainstorming session.

Ask yourself what do you want to accomplish this year. This question makes planning spreads so much easier. You avoid feeling overwhelmed.

You can also go through your old bullet journals to see which pages you want to keep, change or get rid of.

Once you know which spread you want to add, write them down on the list.

lighbulb doodle bullet journal

Bullet Journal Key & Index

The very first thing you should set up in your new notebook is the bullet journal key. Usually, it’s created in the front or back. Then create an index to find some archive spreads quickly.

When you decide to get a bullet journal notebook (instead of using an ordinary one), probably you’ll find pages created specifically for that purpose.

bullet journal key
bullet journal index

I love the new feature of page tabs in my new Dingbats. You can create a list of topics and assign a color to each of them. Each page has a tab to color, so even if your notebook is closed, you can easily see the colors on the edge.

tab key Dingbats notebook

Bullet Journal Future Log

It’s completely normal that at the beginning of the new year, you think about your future plans. If it’s true, you need to create a future log. I like to call the future log the year at a glance. It’s a great place to gather all personal (birthdays, events, appointments), business (deadlines, conferences, long-term projects) or school (tests, exams) dates you want to track.

Dingbats made your life easier and created in the notebook future log pages with extra marks. It speeds up the whole process.

bullet journal future log

Quote & Hello Page

Bullet journal quote layout has several advantages.

First of all, it can be really helpful to brighten up any day. Especially when you have a bad day and you need something to get fired up.

Secondly, it’s a great way to spruce up your bullet journal. You can easily add some artistic elements to your bullet journal.

Thirdly, you can practice and improve hand-lettering skills.

bujo first page
bullet journal hello page 2019
quote page

Bullet Journal Set Up 2019: One Little Word

Have you ever heard of One Little Word idea? This project was started by Ali Edward. You just choose one word and focus on it for the whole year. This word can describe who you’d like to become, where you’d like to be next year and how you’d get there.

For 2019 I’ve chosen the word “Unlimited”. It perfectly defines what I want 2019 to be about. Unlimited opportunities, power, and self-belief.

minimal art work broken lightbubble plant

Goals List

The next page is my goal list for 2019. And this part could be pretty tricky stuff.

I know- this blog post isn’t about goal setting. However, coming up with goal ideas can be overwhelming.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned not to expect a lot from myself. I set the main goals in three categories that I want to focus on this year: health, family, and business.

goals page

Quarterly Goals Log

On the next couple of pages, I break my yearly goal list down by quarters. As it is said, everything is achievable in small steps.

This spread is visually appealing- you can see all your quarterly goals on one page, you can organize them from the most important to the least. You can set a deadline within which tasks should be completed.


Bullet Journal Set Up 2019: Collections

Now it’s time to create spreads that will help you to track your progress. It all depends on your goals.

If you want to be healthier, you’ll probably need to set up meal planning spread, fitness tracker or sleep log.

Are you a student and want to get better grades? Maybe you should make a study tracker, motivation quotes or project calendar.

My main focus this year is to grow this blog and a presence on social media (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube). I needed to create blogging and social media layouts in the 2019 bullet journal to track the growth, brainstorm new ideas, plan marketing strategies, etc.

blog post list
blogging spreads stats tracker

My last page is a Skillshare spread. If you don’t know what it is, Skillshare is a learning platform with amazing classes like calligraphy, hand-lettering, illustration and so many more.

bujo collections class tracker

Lately, I read that those who have a creative hobby does better in the business world than those who don’t. I’d love to learn fashion illustration, how to use watercolors, improve my hand-lettering, and level up coloring skills. It’ll be fun to track all my Skillshare classes. Main goal – 52 classes in 52 weeks (almost like a reading challenge).

I hope you find here some inspiration for you. Set up your bullet journal for 2019 to have the best year ever!

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