5 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads That’ll Help You Stay On Track

5 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads That’ll Help You Stay On Track


Flipping through bullet journal weekly spreads ideas on Pinterest or Instagram can be addicted and completely overwhelming.

But if you’re a fan of to-do lists and have one sitting at your desk or your kitchen counter to plan a whole week, then it’s not a waste of time.

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Think of bullet journal as a large, ongoing to-do list and planner that also helps you keep track of meetings, grocery lists, and the likes.

And since it’s all in one journal, no more frantic searches for that little list that held everything you needed to do today.

Well, that is unless you misplace your journal – but that will be a bit easier to find than a piece of scrap paper.

Here are five bullet journal weekly spreads ideas that will help you stay on track.


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5 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads That’ll Help You Stay On Track


I. Feminine Weekly Spread

Viola’s spreads are very feminine. I love the color scheme (because “the color pink makes everything look pretty).And these little flowers are so cute.

Follow Viola’s profile for more inspiration.

II. Spring Weekly Spread

If you are not-very-artistically-talented kind of people (like me for example) here is a perfect bullet journal weekly layout idea. Using stickers instead of drawing a floral art will save your sanity for sure.

Image courtesy of brittsbulletjournal

III. Honeycomb Weekly Spread

This yellow layout looks so happy and optimistic. Just perfect for Spring and Summer.

Video courtesy of Inprint

IV. Galactic Weekly Spread

Here is another layout example of talented Hannah. The colorful spread lets you focus only on happy thoughts.

Image courtesy of Planning Mindfully

V. Unicorn Weekly Spread

If you need something more extensive, this layout definitely should inspire you. It has plenty of space for a week overview, meal plan, daily chores, reading, listening, and watching list plus some goals.

Using unicorn washi tape and different colored pens make this spread stand out.

Image courtesy of craftysheri

Do you have a constant running tally in your head of everything you need to do and remember this week? That takes up a lot of brain space. A bullet journal weekly spreads are the perfect solution.

It helps you jot down all those appointments, to-dos, and ideas you don’t want to forget as they come up.

Writing them down allows you to forget about them and stop running that constant long list of stuff in your head that you need to remember.

Just think of what you can do with all that extra brain capacity and how much less stressed you’ll feel when you stop to worry about forgetting something.

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