Closet Organization Hacks

Closet Organization Hacks


Almost everyone needs more closet space. Their organization is a major issue in different home settings, from condos to mansions.

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Because your daily clothing and accessory needs are mostly kept in closets, you need to have an efficient organization system. You want to maximize closet space. It is never enough to keep different items in an accessible way.

Here you can find 7 smart closet organization hacks that’ll solve your problems instantly.


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7 Closet Organization Hacks That’ll Solve Your Problems Instantly


I. KonMari Folding Method

The KonMari folding method ensures that clothing items are properly folded. The folding method differs for the different types of clothing items, from socks to tees.

With this folding method, one can declutter appropriately and fold clothes to maximize dressers, closets, and drawers. The way each clothing material is folded according to the KonMari differs but all the applications are aimed at maximizing space without too much rumbling of the clothes.

II. Scarf Organization System

Scarves are essential fashion items found in the wardrobe of most girls and ladies. They are both stylish and great for keeping warm during the colder seasons. If scarves are not properly arranged, one could forget owning them and keep getting new ones every season.

A scarf organization hack that is highly effective, especially for small closets is the use of a pant hanger, hanging it in the interior of the closet door. You can organize the scarves according to color or style.

Image courtesy of Just Girl And Her Blog

III. Billy Bookcase Closet Hack

With this hack, Billy bookcases provide extra shelving for a closet. The extra shelving space creates more room for different clothing materials. You can add a bit of style and personality with the back of the bookcase. Turned into the closet, you can paint it with patterns.

For tutorial visit Landeelu

IV. DIY Purse Organizer

This purse organizer hack helps to keep your purses within reach. Since this hack involves using the wall of the closet, it also saves the space which the purses would have taken in the closet.

A DIY tutorial you can find on Polished Habitat

V. DIY Closet Organizer

Division of a space into sections is important for making it more functional. Turning a closet into smaller shelves is a great way of maximizing closet space. This hack involves dividing the space within a closet into smaller cube-like spaces.

Start with making simple divisions and subdividing those sections to get drawers. You will maximize space that would otherwise be wasted.

This DIY project I found on Lovely etc

VI. Shoe Hanger Hack

This hack solves the problem of not having enough space to store your shoes. Over time, it is easy to accumulate shoe, especially for shoe lovers. This hack is even more applicable if there is a nook in one’s room.

With this hack, you keep your shoes in an orderly manner with all the shoes easy to access. This hack is ideal for persons with a lot of shoes and small closet spaces.

Visit A Loyal Love for tutorial

VII. Clothes Rack

If you want to keep your clothing items organized and easy to access, clothes racks are great organization pieces. You can combine clothes racks can with drawers and cabinet to make the most of the space.

With the closet organization hacks highlighted above, you shouldn’t experience any trouble keeping your clothing items more organized saving space and time.

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