Craft Room Pegboard Organization Ideas: How To Save A Ton Of Space

Craft Room Pegboard Organization Ideas: How To Save A Ton Of Space

DIY Organization Hacks: Craft Room Pegboard Organization Ideas

Do you know that organizing craft room and craft supplies could boost your creative skills? Look, how many times you give up your everyday craft activities just because of the fact that you can’t find anything.

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Today I share with you my dream craft space inspiration. I strongly believe that these great and easy DIY projects will level up your artistic life.

DIY Craftroom Organization


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One of my favorite craft supply organizer is a pegboard. The incorporation of a pegboard into a craft room is a way to both conserve space and inspire creativity. With all your frequently used creative pieces in one place, you are more productive and creative. Check out how one simple item change a cluttered mess into a perfect workspace.

A craft room should be all about creativity and personality, and here are some ways of channeling these elements in your pegboard organization.

Getting Organized with Pegboard: What Do You Need?

Well, it might be obvious, but yes- you need a solid pegboard. It’s so cool that now you can find more color options like yellow or purple.

 Craft Pegboard Organizer StorageCraft Pegboard Organizer Storage Wall Command Organizer SystemWall Command  Organizer System Pegboard Room Organizer StoragePegboard Room Organizer Storage


Craft Room Pegboard Organization Ideas: Sewing Room


If your workspace is cluttered with sewing stuff, you’ll love these storage solutions like thread rack, towel dowel or pegboard hooks.

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Use Spice Rack to Store Yarns


Look at this beautiful Heidi’s sewing room (image courtesy of Tilly and the Buttoms )

 White Metal Pegboard White Pegboard Hooks Wood Thread Rack Spice Rack String Lights Table


This pegboard provides space for a lot of craft items including knives and other magnetic items which can be held by the magnetic knife holder. There is also space to store threads which can be accessed when needed. See this craft room tour on Sisters, What!

 Chalk Board with Chicken WireChalk Board with Chicken Wire Magnetic Art Supply OrganizerMagnetic Art Supply Organizer Metal Organizer Home OfficeMetal Organizer Home Office


This pegboard provides space for everything from a wall clock to flowers, threads and old pictures. This organization idea is perfect for persons that want a pegboard that is both a personal and workspace. More photos you can find on Fabric Paper Glue

This pegboard wall provides a lot of space for storing craft items, especially those one uses regularly. This particular pegboard wall incorporates several hanging and storage items, from baskets and ropes to shelves and nails. Check out this creative space on By Dawn Nicole

Craft Room Pegboard Organization Ideas: Other Crafts

The fact that this pegboard covers the entire length of the wall makes it great for storing several categories of items, exploring one’s creativity. One can even incorporate extra lighting, in this case, to make the workspace suitable for working even at night. Visit Houseologie to see before/after photos

This pegboard organization idea revolves around sectioning the items according to one’s preferred theme. The more commonly used items could be arranged at more accessible positions and vice-versa.Craft room tour you can find on Happiness Is Homemade

This pegboard organization idea is aimed at both hanging frequently used items and plans for future work. It is aimed at both enhanced productivity and creativity. Visit A Beautiful Mess for some tricks and tips for organizing your craft room

This is one stylish and functional pegboard organization idea with a lot of personalities. With this pegboard organization idea, one gets a functional and stylish space which enhances productivity. Image courtesy of Anni

IKEA Skadis Pegboard White 503.208.05 SizeIKEA Skadis Pegboard White 503.208.05 SizeIKEA.. 003.207.99 Skådis Shelf, WhiteIKEA.. 003.207.99 Skådis Shelf, WhiteIKEA.. 203.207.98 Skådis Container, WhiteIKEA.. 203.207.98 Skådis Container, WhiteSONGMICS Large Makeup Organizer, Bathroom CosmeticsSONGMICS Large Makeup Organizer, Bathroom CosmeticsBlu Monaco Black - White StripesBlu Monaco Black - White StripesNeon Desk Organization and Stationery SetNeon Desk Organization and Stationery Set


This pegboard provides a functional space for items that range from work documents and bills to be settled to craft ideas. The idea behind this organization style is to get one space that would put all of one’s work ideas and documents in one space. Image courtesy of Los Mundos De Sand

Kids can take over the home and still not have enough play area. With this pegboard organization idea, one can put all of their kids’ craft supplies together in one space and still create a dedicated play and crafting area.

The pegboard idea can also help with keeping certain play items away from the reach of children. Kids would also be more encouraged to study with a dedicated and stylish space like this. Thus, the area can also serve as a study area.

Image courtesy of Bondville

This idea is great for work and crafting spaces. With the nails, hanging baskets and shelves, there is a lot of space to store different frequently used items efficiently.

Image courtesy of Craft-O-Maniac

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