10 Craft Storage Ideas To Copy If You’re Short On Room

10 Craft Storage Ideas To Copy If You’re Short On Room

Persons that do a lot of crafting understand that it involves working with several materials. For parents, when a child picks up crafting, there is the need to create a system to store all the things they work with. Without such a system, crafting could become frustrating for all the parties involved.

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Whether you love crafting or have a child who loves crafting, the importance of a storage system cannot be overemphasized. Here are some storage ideas for craft materials. Some of the ideas are item specific, while others are general.


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10 Craft Storage Ideas To Copy If You’re Short On Room


I. Wrapping Embroidery Floss On Clothespins

Embroidery floss can create a lot of mess if they are not properly arranged. This organization ideas can be used to keep the floss in a color-specific way and one place.

This craft organization idea is pretty straightforward. Wrap the floss around the clothespin, with a new clothespin for each color.

Clothespins are everyday household items, and one can get them at very low prices. Instead of keeping different types of embroidery floss scattered, one can wrap the entire length around a clothespin.

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II. Washi Tape Organization Idea

Lovers of DIY projects and crafting know that that are several ways of using washi tapes for different projects. Washi tapes are also available in different varieties, and it is very easy to own a collection without deliberately wanting to. This washi tape organization idea provides an alternative for the use of jars which is the typical storage method for washi tapes.

This idea involves the use of the spool rack, and it’s perfect for different reasons. For one, there is the fact that it can hold a large collection of washi tapes.

There is also the fact that the tapes are easily accessible with this method of arrangement. One could even make this method of organizing washi tapes more suited to their preferences according to color and size.

Image courtesy of A Night Owl

III. Cubby Craft Supply Organization Idea

Over the years or even months, one can accumulate a lot of craft supplies without knowing it. The use of a cubby organizer helps one put all of their craft supplies in one place and gives one a flexible organization idea.

One can also make it most of this cubby organizer by painting it according to the style of its location and arranging the supplies in different sections. Cubby organizers also ensure that the craft supplies are easily accessible.

Image courtesy of A Pumpkin And A Princess

IV. Gift Wrap Supplies Organization Idea

This organization idea is great for keeping all of one’s gift wrap supplies in one place. With this gift wrap station, one has a spot where they can keep all that they need to wrap gifts for the different celebrations of the year.

The components of this station include dowel rods for hanging gift wraps and tissues, hooks for bags and racks for keeping jars of supplies.

This station can be easily made with materials which include dowel rods, plywood, firewood, D ring hooks, plastic adhesive hooks, cup hooks, and metal bracelets. The plywood will serve as the under material for the rest of the station.

Image courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me

V. Ribbon Organization Hack

It is very easy to accumulate a lot of ribbons without intending to. This ribbon organization hack converts a movie stand to ribbon storage item that can hold a lot of ribbons.

One can also organize the ribbons according to size and color and add rods ten top of the rack for ribbons that are more frequently needed.

Image courtesy of Fynes Designs

VI. Distressed Mason Jar Hack

There are certain items which one will need for every crafting session. It is thus essential to keep such items in places that are accessible.

One way of achieving a proper storage system for frequently-used craft items is the use of mason jars which can be put in an existing craft cupboard or some other accessible space.

One can easily get cheap mason jars and modify them to add a bit of style as they enjoy this hack.

Image courtesy of Lolly Jane

VII. Shelf Craft Storage Idea

This idea is great for putting all of one’s craft supply in one place and is simple to make from wood lying around one’s home. With the different levels in the cupboard, one can easily store all their supplies in different compartments.

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VIII. Wine Rack For Yarn Organization

Sometimes, the best storage ideas are the most unconventional ones. This is one of those unconventional organization hacks that involve turning a wine rack into a yarn storage cupboard.

This storage idea helps with keeping all one’s yarns in one place. This storage idea is also great for organizing yarns according to color.

Another great feature of this yarn cupboard is the fact that it helps to save space in the room where it is placed. One can easily hang this storage facility on the wall and make it more functional by adding storage bins beneath it.

Image courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me

IX. Fabric Organization Idea

This fabric organization idea involves the use of racks and folding the fabrics according to one’s preferred style whether according to fabric texture or according to the frequency of use or the size.

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X. Pegboards

Pegboards are one of the most efficient ways of keeping one’s supply in one place and also saving space. Pegboards allow one to hang supplies in bins. One can conveniently put all their frequently used supplies in bins and hang them on a pegboard.

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Organizing your crafting supplies shouldn’t be a lot of work with the tips highlighted above.

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