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Craft Storage Ideas: 40+ Hacks For Small Spaces

In this blog post, I share with you the best craft storage ideas for small spaces.

Therefore, if you catch yourself losing your favorite pen in your messy drawer for the fifth time this week, you’ll love this ultimate guide on how to declutter and organize craft supplies.

Today I’ll show you:

  • how to declutter and organize your small craft space
  • over 40 craft room storage organization ideas for small spaces
  • where to buy storage at a variety of price points
  • some cool DIY craft room storage projects

So let’s get started.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It means that I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase a product that I have recommended. It won’t cost you any extra money.

Without a doubt, the amount of your craft supplies increase tremendously over time. 

Sooner or later, you come to the room and don’t even want to work on something creative because of enormous piles of paper, pens, markers, paints, etc.

As a rule, when craft supplies are difficult to find, you’re more likely to:

  • feel discouraged and unmotivated to start a new project
  • be distracted and disturb your workflow
  • forget you already have them and restock them (out-of sight-out of mind)

How to Declutter Your Small Craft Space

However, there’s one thing you may want to do before you start organizing your supplies.


In most cases, it’s easy to get overwhelmed while decluttering your small craft space (or any room, to be completely honest).

For that reason, it’s helpful to develop some kind of decluttering method aka a system.

Absolutely, my favorite one is the KonMarie method. 

In case, you haven’t heard about it, it was created by Marie Kondo, an author, and organizing queen.

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To clarify it here’s a short, two steps guide.

Sort It Out By Category

1. Firstly, sort out your craft supplies by category.

For example:

  •  knitting, card making, sewing
  • embroidery, decoupage, quilling
  • scrapbooking, jewelry, crochet

In case, you’re the one-craft type of person like me (I use only stationery and art supplies), you can omit this step and move to the next one.

Keep It, Donate It, or Toss It

2. Secondly, take products from one category, check if they’re ok, and create three piles of things to:

  • throw out
  • donate, sell
  • keep

For example, as a bullet journalist, I look over every bujo supply like a pen, pencil, marker, etc. In case it’s dried out, broken, or generally unusable, I put it on the first pile.

Because I want to stop being wasteful if I notice that I don’t use it anymore but it’s still in a good shape, I put it on the second pile and donate or sell it.

Finally, I put all my favorite bullet journal supplies on the third pile to keep and use on a daily basis.

stationery organization ideas

In most cases, after going through a whole process you’ll remain with items you’re not 100% sure what you want to do.

The best way to solve this issue is to grab an ordinary box (for instance shoe box), put things inside, and leave it on the shelf. Unless you take something out of it, you’re good to give these products a second life.

How to Organize Craft Supplies in a Small Place

Now, after downsizing your craft supplies, it’s time to organize the rest of them.

It should be noted that this blog post is all about organizing craft tools and accessories in small spaces. 

Obviously, having a separate craft room would be awesome, but don’t let it discourage you from creating amazing projects just because you have your craft corner in the spare bedroom. 

However, collecting more and more craft products and having no place to store them at the same time is so annoying.

Therefore, first decluttering and then organizing items is crucial to create a creative place for yourself.

Craft Room Storage Ideas for Small Spaces (e.g. Spare Bedroom)

In order to set up a small craft space in a bedroom or any other place in an apartment, you need a small desk and clever storage ideas to maximize space without looking cramped.

Craft Room Desk Storage Ideas

Firstly, let’s talk about choosing the right craft table.

Clearly, there are plenty of ready-made craft tables to choose from.

However, they’re quite expensive and in most cases hard to fit in your tiny space. Having a small craft space makes you choose a desk carefully.

With this in mind, I started seeking other options, and here’s what I found.

Wall Mounted Table

The first option is a Fold Out Wall Mounted Table with a large storage area.

Not only it folds up when you don’t use it so you can save a ton of space, but it also has enough space to work on it after folding it down.

Undoubtedly, it’s so convenient.

Also, although a tiny size (23.5 x 37.5×59.5 in), it comes with a lot of storage. 

Tangkula Wall Mounted...
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Alternatively, you can choose a desk with a chalkboard option…

Tangkula Wall Mounted...
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Tangkula Wall Mounted...
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…or without a folding-out design.

Tangkula Wall Mounted...
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Tangkula Wall Mounted...
  • Space-saving Fold-down Table: The wall desk can be folded up to save space and folded...
  • Ample Storage Space: In addition to the tabletop, the floating computer desk is also...
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Ladder Style Desk with Shelves

Another option is a ladder-style desk with shelves.

Haotian Modern Ladder...
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Haotian Modern Ladder...
  • Modern ladder style shelf with desk and 3 shelves is great for value.
  • The desk top can be folded up to be used as a memo board.
  • Color/Finish: White/Varnished. Material: MDF.

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What I like the most about it is its versatility.

You can fold out the desk and use it as a memo board. 

Besides, it’s really small (38.7 x 18.6 x 6 in) and looks amazing.

Ikea Alex Desk

Last but not least, here’s the most affordable and simplest option. 

All you need to do is to go to Ikea, get two Alexa drawer units (or just order these ones from Amazon), and put on them some wooden board (or even Linnmon tabletop).

Easy, peasy.

Winsome Halifax 7-Drawer...
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Also, if you want to add even more space to your desk, think about getting a desk organizer.

Jerry & Maggie Desktop...
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  • Material of natural wood , definitely no pungent scent - non-toxic | green healthy...
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Craft Room Wall Storage Ideas

Due to space maximization, use a wall and hang storage units like pegboard, floating shelves, and wall organizers. 

Here I gathered some amazing craft room storage Pinterest inspiration.

Pegboard Ideas

First and foremost, adding a pegboard to your small craft space is a great option for those of you, who has a lot of stuff used on a regular basis. 

Undoubtedly, storing your craft supplies in boxes and containers can be also helpful to keep them organized.

However, when you use something very often, it’s time-consuming to go through all the stuff every single time to find it.

With all your frequently used creative pieces in one place, you’re more productive and creative.

Simple and Stylish Pegboard Organization 

cute white pegboard organization hacks

This is a great example of how you combine style and functionality in this pegboard organization idea.

Definitely, it has a lot of personalities.

Mesh Board

Alternatively, you can choose a mesh board.

Similarly to the pegboard, it comes with plenty of functional accessories like wall baskets, wire pencil holders, hanging rods, hooks, and clips.

FRIADE Wall Grid Panel...
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FRIADE Wall Grid Panel...
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Floating Shelves

Along with the practical aspect of hanging floating shelves, their design can be really awesome.

For example, you can choose between such shapes as hexagon, triangle, cactus, house, or even cloud.

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Other Wall Organizer Ideas

If your style is minimal and modern, I think you’ll like this pocket wall organizer.

Axgo 1 Packs Over The...
35 Reviews
Axgo 1 Packs Over The...
  • Made of nature cotton and linen, durable, environmental, breathable, health,...
  • This storage organizer has 2 large pockets, 5 smaller open pockets, and 2 storage...
  • Come with a wooden pole which is very convenient to hang. Save your space as well as...

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Here’s a great option for keeping spools organized:

HAITARL 32-Spool Sewing...
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HAITARL 32-Spool Sewing...
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Additional Storage Ideas

Now, when you have your desk and wall setup ready, but still struggle with a lack of space, here’s a list of other easy craft room storage ideas.

Craft Room Storage Mobile Cart

cute craft room storage tiny

Assuming that you already have a desk, and it happens to be one without drawers, you may want to consider investing in a mobile cart. 

Not only it maximizes your storage space, but it’s also a beautiful decoration in itself.

This one below has even color drawers to organize your craft products by category with a color code.

Seville Classics...
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Seville Classics...
  • PURE ORGANIZATION - 10 drawers provide plenty of space for keeping your home office...
  • ORGANIZER DIMENSIONS - 12.8" W x 15.3" D x 38.2" H; inner drawer dimensions: 9.5" W x...
  • WHITE REMOVABLE TOP TRAY - Holds objects secure while cart is motion (interior depth:...

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Door Pocket Organizer

Without a doubt, this system saves you a ton of space with a lot of pockets.

Smart Design Over The...
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Smart Design Over The...
  • [OVER DOOR ORGANIZER] Securely hangs over door & can be mounted to doors w/ included...
  • [PATENTED] Includes 5 adjustable shelves that can be mounted separately w/ included...
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Storage Bin and Basket

Let’s not forget about classic bins, bags, and baskets. They’re easy to move around and can easily decorate your small craft room.

Everything Mary White...
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Everything Mary White...
  • Premium Craft Caddy - Everything Mary organizer tote's are made from strong durable...
  • Roomy Craft Tote - This art tote bag includes 17 storage pockets for scrapbook,...
  • Portable Supply Tote - This large craft tote bag lays flay & features dual handles...
Deflecto Rotating...
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Deflecto Rotating...
  • Organize Your Home, Office Space, Craft Room Or Classroom With Our Rotating Storage...
  • Includes Six 3" And Three 6" Removable Canisters That Will Keep Your Small Craft...
  • Features 360 Degree Spin Capability And Conveniently Rotates In Either Direction To...
Togood Storage Tote Bag...
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Togood Storage Tote Bag...
  • Great marker pens case keep your markers organized and portable. Simple and...
  • Large Capacity - Main pocket + Net pocket + Back Pocket + Two Side Pockets
  • Detachable Inner Holder - You can take out the whole inner hold as for a desk markers...

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Craft Supplies Storage Ideas

Without a doubt, you can find craft supplies storage ideas at a variety of price points.

However, there’re plenty of homemade craft room storage ideas you can find on Pinterest. 

As a rule, craft room DIY storage is more affordable.

Yes, it always takes time to create something but it’s definitely satisfying to see the end result.

How to Organize Stationery and Other Art Supplies

When it comes to organizing your office supplies, the first thing first you do is sort them out by category: pens, pencils, markers, washi tapes, paints, inks, stamps, stencils, stickers, and some other accessories.

If you want to be more organized, you can sort them out even further by brand, color palette, type, etc.

Now it’s time to put them in specific storage.

Cute Small Craft Space

pink craft space pegboard

This small craft corner is a perfect example that having a creative place doesn’t always require a lot of space.

Stationery Storage Ideas

Firstly, for all of your writing supplies, you’ll need a sort of pen holder like:

  • mason jars 
  • old mugs
  • plant pots 
  • acrylic containers
  • drawers with dividers, 
  • pencil cases
  • pouches

Or you can invest in a marker organizer:

U.S. Art Supply 96 Hole...
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Secondly, you can store your paints in a:


diy paint organization ideas

Use an old toolbox to store paints.


diy project paint organizing

As you can see, making your own craft paint storage rack is possible.

Here’s a full tutorial on this amazing DIY project.

Cubby Shelf

paint storage small spaces

I love this DIY.

It’s amazing how you can convert old drawers into aesthetic craft paint storage.

Use Clips as a Paint Tubes Store

paint storage ideas

For other craft accessories like ink, ink pads, stamps, and washi tape choose a container with many small dividers or sections.

Moreover, getting (or making) a washi tape/ribbon dispenser will make your life a lot easier. 

Last update on 2024-06-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Last but not least, if you’re wondering how to store and organize things like stencils, stickers, and scrapbooking templates just grab a ring binder, pocket pages plus dividers and put them in, for example, sorted by a theme or size.

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How to Organize Cricut Supplies and Tools

Cricut Craft and Sewing Room Organization Hacks

cute crixut sewing tiny space

See how Kimberly organized her Cricut craft room.

Additionally, she shared some awesome organization hacks like using an Ikea plastic bag dispenser to display Cricut vinyl, storing paper in a paper organizer, and many more.

How to Organize Yarn and Sewing Supplies

Sewing Room

small craft room storage

If your workspace is cluttered with sewing stuff, you’ll love these storage solutions like thread racks, wire baskets, or pegboard hooks.

Creative Craft Room

organization craft diy ideas

To tell the truth, I’ve never seen so a colorful and funny craft space.

Also, it’s functional with one shelf but with many dividers to store yarn, threads, and other supplies.

Using wire baskets as fabric storage is so clever.

Craft Room Sewing Space

cute sewing room inspiration

Here’s another example of how you can maximize your storage space with pegboard and its’ thread rack, small shelves, paper dowel, hooks, and buckets.

Again, I love the idea of wire baskets units below the desk used as fabric storage.

Fabric Storage Ideas

sewing room organizing ideas

If you’ve more space, you can organize your fabrics and put them in a bookcase.

Additionally, you’re able to maximize your storage space with a:

  • knitting storage basket
ArtBin 6932AG Needle Arts...
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  • Accessories Included: The ArtBin Needle Arts Caddy comes with a needle roll (which...
  • Knitting and Crochet Organizer: The ArtBin Needle Arts Caddy stores and organizes all...
  • Durable Materials: The ArtBin Needle Arts Caddy is made from black coated metal...

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  • knitting tote bag
LAVIEVERT Knitting Tote...
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LAVIEVERT Knitting Tote...
  • Premium Quality - Lavievert yarn bag is made of premium canvas and printed linen,...
  • Large Capacity - Measuring 15 × 11.8 × 4.7in, this bag includes 2 front pockets,...
  • Smart Design - The sectioned clear pocket offers a clear view to the items inside and...

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  • spool thread organizer
ArtBin 6820AG Thread...
144 Reviews
ArtBin 6820AG Thread...
  • Organized Storage: Thread Storage Tray is designed to neatly display 21 spools of...
  • Durable Material: The ArtBin Thread Storage Tray is constructed with a white finish...
  • Wall Mountable: The Thread Storage Tray by ArtBin can sit on a work surface or be...

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How to Organize Beads and Jewelry-Making Supplies

For all bead hoarders, here are 10 ways to store beads and jewelry-making supplies:

  • fishing tackle boxes
  • small, stackable clear containers with dividers
  • pill bottles
  • spices jar
  • zipper bags
  • folding tray
  • organizer boxes with removable dividers 
  • round, clear containers
  • storage organizers with pull-out mini drawers
  • craft cabinet
Creative Options 1363-85...
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Creative Options 1363-85...
  • Adjustable compartments
  • Exclusive Pro-Latch locking system
  • Perfect for sewing, crafting, beading, sewing or scrapbooking embellishments

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Basically, feel free to use anything that has plenty of small units where you can put all of your tiniest craft supplies.

Where to Buy Craft Room Storage

Basically, you have two ways to get craft room storage.

Definitely, you can find beautiful storage ideas on:

However, sometimes it’s worth to think outside a box and saving some coins.

For instance, instead of looking for craft storage, visit the kitchen or bathroom department.

You can still find great organizers but in most cases, they’ll be more affordable.

Craft Room Storage – Final Thoughts

As you can see, even if you don’t have enough space for a giant craft room, you can still keep your supplies easily accessible and well organized.

Moreover, instead of buying ready-made storage, you may choose craft room storage solutions on a budget or even make easy DIY projects I’ve listed above.

Just start working on decluttering and simplifying your room, and sooner or later you’ll get a clean, neat, and budget-friendly craft room in a small space.

What’s Next? Check Out this Inspiration:

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