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Creative Bullet Journal Pages

Today you’re going to see 10 creative bullet journal pages.

I’ll show you how to take your bullet journal notebook to the next level.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • what bullet journal pages do you need
  • how to make a creative bullet journal (hint: no doodles, drawings, or fancy lettering)
  • 10 awesome creative bullet journal pages that’ll make your life easier (no fluff!)
  • plus some cute planner inspiration

Let’s dive right in.

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What Pages Do You Need in a Bullet Journal?

Undoubtedly, bullet journaling is an awesome tool to get your life organized.

Indeed, creating basic bujo spreads like a future log, monthly layout, weekly, and daily log, and combining them with bullet journal key plus index makes this planning system so powerful.

So if you’re wondering what pages you need in a bullet journal, here are the ultimate guides on bullet journal basics such as:

But, you can still ask how it differs from a regular planner.

I totally get it – you don’t want to draw all the tables, shapes, dates, etc.

Apart from being fully customizable, setting up a bullet journal allows you to have all kinds of lists, trackers, and journaling pages in one place.

Definitely, it’s a great place to unleash your creativity.

At the same time, I don’t mean only this artistic stuff like drawings, doodles, and fancy lettering.

How Do You Make Creative Bullet Journal Pages?

Obviously, feel free o decorate your bujo however you want, but today I want to focus on creative bullet journal page ideas that bring some kind of value into your life.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Unquestionably, it’s one of my best recent creative bullet journal pages discovery.

To tell the truth, I came up with these bujo page ideas while I was working on my blog post about bullet journal cleaning spreads

In this case, I combined the Flylady method with my basic bullet journal monthly spread in order to create a perfect cleaning schedule that works for my tiny apartment.

Plant Tracker

Plant Tracker Creative Bullet Journal Pages

When it comes to keeping plants in my home in good shape (or, simply put, alive), sometimes I feel that killing them is my true talent.

Not because I don’t like them – quite the opposite – I’d like to greenify my entire space, but I have two main issues:

  • I don’t know what their needs are
  • I forget to water them

With this in mind, creating a plant tracker with some basic plant care tips allows me to put together all the basic plant care tips in one place.

Additionally, making a plant tracker helps me always remember when to water my plants.

When to Cancel Subscriptions

Subscriptions Tracker Creative Bullet Journal Pages

Without a doubt, I can’t tell you how many times I was surprised when I discovered to get charged just because I forgot to cancel a subscription.

Definitely, it’s so annoying to pay for what you don’t want anymore.

This is when your bullet journal actually can help you a lot.

All you need to do is to create a simple subscription tracker.

This bullet journal spread allows you to track the cost and renewal date so you can avoid this type of surprise in the future.

5, 10, 15 Minute Tasks List

bujo morning routine page

The next creative bullet journal page I found when I became a mom. 

Generally, it’s so easy to say that I don’t have time because of my kid(s) but in reality, the only thing that’s changed is your time utilization.

Clearly, it’s almost impossible to spend two hours straight, working on a project.

Instead of getting frustrated, just use your short free time wisely.

Basically, you make a list where you write down all small tasks you’re able to do in 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

Definitely, it’s a great tool for those of us, who are constantly running out of time.

Actually, you’ll be amazed by how many things you can do in 5 minutes.


cleaning routines creative bullet journal pages

Furthermore, another way to organize and simplify your life is by creating daily routines

In fact, it helped me tremendously become more productive, less busy, and definitely more efficient.

For this reason, the next creative bullet journal pages I want to show you are those with morning and evening routines logged hour by hour.

Additionally, you can put mini habit trackers next to the daily activities for accountability purposes, especially if you’re just starting out to develop new good habits.

Brain Dump

Eisenhower matrix brain dump page

Definitely, this bullet journal page is a huge life-saver when your mind is simply overloaded with many projects, deadlines, home organization, kids’ stuff, new ideas, etc.

Indeed, you tend to have a lot on your plate. 

A brain dump page is a place where you can put everything that is in your head onto paper and, in the end, result, declutter your mind. 

Later, you only have to sort the items by category (for example kids, work, home, travel, etc), prioritize them, and set deadlines.

Period Log with Mood Tracker

Mood Period Tracker

As a rule, period tracking can help you to estimate your menstrual cycle.

However, I found it so interesting to track mood, cravings, and emotions within it as well. 

Without a doubt, it’s fascinating how my feelings, mindset, and attitude fluctuate during the whole cycle.

It allows me to get to know my body, and generally, myself better.

Also, I’m able to allocate monthly tasks accordingly.

What I mean by that, is I try to plan the most challenging and/or stressful things to do on the most productive days. 

Obviously, sometimes it’s impossible to do it and I just have to grit my teeth and keep doing it, but my goal is to be as strategic as possible.

Pantry | Freezer Inventory & Quick Meals List

Fridge Pantry Inventory Tracker

When it comes to meal planning, these two bullet journal layouts are very helpful.

Firstly, you waste less food and save more money by keeping a pantry and freezer inventory list.

Definitely, it helps you to use all the products you already have and you buy only the products you need.

Favorite Meal Ideas Bullet Journal

Secondly, having quick meals list saves you time and energy to come up with a daily menu every single day, over and over again.

Gratitude Log

gratitude page bujo

There’re so many things each day to be grateful for.

It’s proven that people, who don’t take things for granted, are less stressed and live happier life.

One way to cultivate gratitude is to create a gratitude log.

Basically, it’s a page where you can write all your positive memories, opportunities, things, and people you’re grateful for.

money affirmations gratitude log bujo

Level 10 Life Goals Page

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vision board ideas for life goals

Sometimes you may feel frustrated and unhappy with your life.

Instead of complaining about how miserable you feel, change the situation with the Level 10 Life exercise, created by Hal Elrod (from his book “The Miracle Morning”).

All you need to do is to:

  • create Level 10 Life areas aka categories
  • assess your life for each of them 
  • plan your life goals in order to improve them
  • set daily good habits to achieve your life goals

Cute Planner Inspiration

On the other hand, sometimes you simply need to unleash your creativity in a more artful way.

With this in mind, here you can find some artistic planner ideas.

Creative Bullet Journal Pages For Quotes

october bullet journal quote page pumpkin spice doodles

First and foremost, adding inspirational bullet journal quotes is a great way to decorate your bujo monthly cover or other layouts.

Also, they can easily inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Creative Bullet Journal Pages – Final Thoughts

As you can see, bullet journaling can be a really powerful tool. 

Not only it helps you organize your time but also you improve your entire life in many different categories like home management, personal growth, or less waste lifestyle. 

So after you learn the bullet journal basics, take the next step and try out these creative bullet journal pages or create your own bujo spreads.

Good luck. 

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