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Cute March 2024 Calendar

Anja Home March 2024 Calendar Printables

This time I created a set of cute March 2024 calendar to print.

march 2024 calendar aesthetic floral
floral 2024 calendar March month template

Along with these aesthetic free calendars and planners, I designed pretty March calendars you can put in your 2024 planner, student notebooks, or use as a wall calendar.

Choose your favorite March 2024 Calendar Wallpapers

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Download Aesthetic 2024 Free Printable Planner

cute march calendar 2024 pink floral
cute March calendar pdf

Cute March 2024 Calendar Printables

Moreover, this March calendar template starts on Sunday.

calendar template march 2024 black and white
blank March 2024 calendar

All designs are US Letter size and feature cute spring designs.

march printable calendar minimalist
black and white 2024 March printable calendar

Also, all Anja Home freebies are for personal use only.

free printable calendars march simple
blank March calendar template

March 2024 Calendar Cute Designs

blank march calendars floral portrait
pretty blank March calendar printable

In general, I usually feel super pumped about making New Year’s resolutions.

march calendar to print boho aesthetic
minimalist March planner

However, I usually lose that energy really quickly as well.

aesthetic march calendar 2024 floral
floral March 24 calendar printable

For this reason, after the February slump, I just can’t wait to start planning for March.

free printable march 2024 calendar plant
March 2023 blank calendars

Indeed, March is like a fresh start.

march 2024 calendar images wall
Anja Home calendar template March

Certainly, it’s not just about changing the date.

print free march planner boho aesthetic
March calendar aesthetic print

In fact, saying goodbye to winter gloomy days and saying hello to warmer days means new chances.

march printable cute rose flower watercolor
free March 2024 calendar

Basically, new chances you may want to frame in new projects, a March bucket list, or business opportunities.

march calendar free printable gold floral
floral March calendar cute design

With this in mind, I created this collection of aesthetic March calendars where you can write your tasks, logs, project steps, etc.

printable march planner 2024
2024 March calendar images

Printable March Calendar 2024

march cute calendar 2024
pretty March calendar

Firstly, I like to share with you some ideas to include on your spring bucket list.

march printable calendar 2024
printable March 2024 monthly overview

Although March is just the beginning of the new season, let’s kick things off with some awesome March activities.

march calendar 2024 pdf
minimalist March calendar 2024

Undoubtedly, as the world is waking up from a cozy winter nap, it’s time to soak up nature’s beauty.

Anja Home march 2024
cute March 2024 wall calendar

So lace up your favorite spring sneakers and go for a walk.

free printable march monthly overview
aesthetic free March 2024 wall calendar

Basically, no matter if you choose a local park, forest, or hiking trail, be mindful.

cute march 2024 calendar one page
Easter Calendar for March 2024

What I mean by that is simply to take deep breaths, feel spring scents, and see the colors around you.

march 2024 planner
aesthetic free March 2024 printable

In my opinion, the ideal day for getting some fresh air is the first day of spring.

free printable march calendar 2024
landscape printable blank March calendar

So without further ado, download the cute March 2024 calendar and schedule your first spring walk.

printable march green
aesthetic printable calendar 2024 March

March 2024 Calendar Aesthetic Set

Also, the next thing you may want to include in your March bucket list is gardening.

march free printable calendar
monthly calendar template March 2024

Definitely, being a plant parent is so rewarding.

For instance, as a plant parent myself, I can’t wait to start growing my own seedlings.

free printable floral
cute March calendar page

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you plan your garden big or small.

march planner floral
floral 2024 calendar March month template

Definitely, you’ll build your very own green sanctuary.

So just imagine colorful flowers, or even some veggies you can actually eat like tomatoes or herbs.

On the other hand, speaking of flowers, mark the 12th of March in your 2024 March calendar cute printable.

That’s when Plant a Flower Day takes place.

So spread some floral love and plant flowers in some cute pots or in your garden.

blank march calendars floral portrait
one-page printable calendar for March 2023

Also, don’t forget to give your porch or patio a spring makeover.

Obviously, it doesn’t have to be this type of huge renovation project.

march Easter printable
Pretty calendar overview for Easter

For example, comfy chairs, cute cushions, and home decor – all in a pastel color palette – make the space scream spring.

Cute March Calendar 2024

Also, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner.

Cute St. Patrick's Day Calendar
cute St. Patrick’s Day blank calendar

Definitely, it’s not just a regular holiday.

It’s a whole vibe.

Indeed, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and channel your inner leprechaun, indulge in Irish treats, and maybe even find a pot of gold.

St. Patrick's Day Calendar 2024
St. Patrick’s Day March calendars

For example, you can plan an Irish Week meal plan in the aesthetic March 2024 calendar template.

Anja Home march 2024 calendar
St. Patrick’s Day blank calendars for March 2024

Instead of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for just one day, you have a whole Irish-inspired week.

For instance feel free to prepare a full Irish breakfast, including eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, and toats.

When it comes to lunch and/or dinner, I like to take a break from cooking and treat myself with a takeout from an Irish pub.

St Patrick's Day march planner printable
aesthetic St. Patrick’s Day blank calendar

Whether it’s fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, or a classic corned beef sandwich, I enjoy authentic Irish flavor without having to do the dishes.

Last but not least, don’t forget about snacks.

Personally, baking shamrock cutout cookies satisfies my sweet tooth every single time.

Additionally, adding some green icing and sprinkles is a cherry on top.

For instance, I use green, gold, and white color schemes, from flowers, and dinnerware sets, to table lines.

Last but not least, plan a pretty St.Paddy’s Day tablescape.

Unquestionably, the 17th of March should be highlighted on your pretty March 2024 calendar.

Free Calendar Templates

blank calendar march 2024
portrait printable March 2024 monthly overview

Now let’s talk about something that might sound a bit adult but trust me, it’s worth it.

Spring cleaning.

Basically, it’s a fresh start for your living space.

Although decluttering, and organizing sound so boring, spring cleaning makes your room feel brand new.

Moreover, it doesn’t have to be a dreadful and overwhelming experience.

Surely, I recommend using the aesthetic March 2024 planner as your monthly spring cleaning schedule.

So, all you have to do is spread your cleaning tasks throughout the entire month.

For example, here’s a doable cleaning schedule you can include in a March 2024 calendar:

Desk area (week 1)

  • Monday: Sort through papers and notebooks.
  • Tuesday: Sort through study supplies.
  • Wednesday: Declutter your study materials.
  • Thursday: Organize your books.
  • Friday: Remove unnecessary items, clean your desk and tech devices, and organize your essentials.

Closet (week 2)

  • Monday: Take everything out of the closet.
  • Tuesday: Go through each item one by one. Create three piles: keep, donate/sell, and toss.
  • Wednesday: Clean the space.
  • Thursday: Plan your new closet organization. Gather storage solutions like bins, baskets, and hangers.
  • Friday: Put items back in your closet

Bed area (week 3)

  • Monday: Change sheets.
  • Tuesday: Rotate or flip the mattress.
  • Wednesday: Clean under your bed. Organize under-bed storage.
  • Thursday: Declutter nightstands.
  • Friday: Clean surfaces.

Other (week 4)

  • Monday: Mirrors.
  • Tuesday: Windows.
  • Wednesday: Laundry.
  • Thursday: Fridge.
  • Friday: Final touches.

As you can see, by following this schedule, you’ll break down your spring cleaning tasks into manageable steps.

As a result, you’ll feel more productive in organized and clutter-free room.

Pretty March Monthly Planner

Also, grab your favorite March 2024 monthly overview and plan for Easter activities.

For example, you can celebrate Easter this year by:

  • Organize Easter egg hunts.
  • Make a DIY Easter basket.
  • Host festive breakfast or brunch.
  • Host an Easter decorating party.
  • Attend an Easter Service.

Basically, no matter how you choose to celebrate, Easter is all about coming together and embracing the spirit of renewal and hope.

Free Monthly Overview To Print

Last but not least, keep in mind that all of these March bucket list activities are more than just things to do.

Certainly, they’re a great reminder that life is a wonderful journey.

So, whether you’re sipping on an Irish coffee, wearing more green this month, or simply planning Easter activities, make this March a month to remember.

Happy planning!

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