DIY Ikea Hacks: 7 Unique Ways To Organize Your Small Office

DIY Ikea Hacks: 7 Unique Ways To Organize Your Small Office


IKEA hacks are great ways for enhancing the functionality of a space and showing personality.

Home offices are both work and personal spaces.

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This article highlights five ways of making your home office more function with IKEA pieces.

Take some time and have fun with these DIY IKEA hacks. You will not regret it – I promise.


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DIY Ikea Hacks: 7 Unique Ways To Organize Your Small Office


I. IKEA Bookshelf Spice Rack

It is important to keep all your work items in appropriate spaces, and with this hack, you’re assured of that. Attach IKEA spice racks as shelves on a pegboard with the different shelves for specific work items. That way you get both a flexible and organized space.

You also get to make use of a small space better with this hack. You can also hang a calendar on the pegboard and switch the racks for easier accessibility.

Image courtesy of Bondville

II. Turn IKEA Raskog Cart Into A Storage Shelf

With this hack, you get a movable storage shelf for your work items and supplies. This hack will be particularly helpful if you work with a lot of supplies and need to get them in one space.

You empty tins into storage containers and keep your work items organized, clearing space on your work desk.

Since you can also easily roll the cart away, you also get to save space. You can also assign the current levels to different materials. Notes, pens and even brushes can be well stored and easily accessed with this hack.

Image courtesy of suburble

III. Painted Storage Boxes

IKEA has a lot of efficient organization pieces, one of which is the IKEA storage box. However, the boxes are a bit boring and could be a drag to your workspace if you are inspired by creativity.

Instead of looking for a space to hide the boxes and escape the negative vibe, you can paint them with different colors even adding shapes.

You could get painted boxes, but since they are a lot more expensive than the IKEA boxes, you can paint them and add color to your workspace. You should be careful with the painting though so that they turn out great.

Image courtesy of First Home Love Life

IV. IKEA Painted Basket

This is another hack that both brightens your workspace and helps you organize work items better. These IKEA baskets come in nude color, and you can spice them up by painting them. You could also add other pieces, like the pom poms in the picture.

Image courtesy of Tell Love and Party

V. Faux Brass Drawer Fronts

This hack also involves adding spice to your workspace. Wrapping drawer fronts with a gold foil is a great way of adding spice to it. That way you get to alternate the bland color most drawers fronts come in.

Image courtesy of Sugar & Cloth

VI. Upgrade Your IKEA Expedit (or Kallax)

Add a little bit of color to your living room or entryway. These wooden inserts for IKEA Expedit or Kallax shelves will pop out in any interior.

You can find the wooden inserts Etsy

VII. Custom wooden storage pot

Decorate your small office with wooden desk organizer. If you love the modern and minimalist design, you will fall in love immediately.

You can find this wooden storage pot on Etsy

Hope you were inspired to add more personality and style to your home office with these hacks.

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