Whether you plan to implement some of indoor garden ideas or you just want to start small and easy, DIY plant pots are easy substitutes to new plant pots that are sold in local shops.

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Why spend much money on new pots when you can DIY and retain the beauty that the plant pot provides for your home?

Here are some wonderful ideas to make your own DIY pots.

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7 Super Affordable DIY Plant Pots Ideas You Want To Copy Now

I. DIY Ombre Pot

Ombre is still one of the most popular design trends that is available today.
Ombre plant pot is an easy way to incorporate the Ombre design into the look of your home. Creating your own Ombre pot is easy. Just paint the entire pot with a light color, then spray a darker color on the bottom of the pot to create an Ombre finish.

Image courtesy of A Shade Of Teal

II. DIY Clay House Pot

This is another way to create a stunning kind of pot. It is easy to make and gives you an opportunity to express creativity to your taste.
All it involves is hand sculpting baked clay into a non typical plant pot shape .

Image courtesy of Fellow Fellow

III. Old Containers

You can spice up your creativity in beautifying your home by using containers that are lying around unused as plant pots.
Here are some nice container ideas that you can use to grow your garden:

– kettles and pots with a few holes to allow drainage.
– bathtubs and toilet seats make amazing deep planters that can be themed to your taste.
– baskets that are no longer in use.

IV. DIY Striped Pot

You don’t have to be artistic to be able to pull this super DIY pot off. Use a painters tape to make perfect lines of paint on the pot. If done correctly, this pot design will look good in any part of your home.

You can find this handmade striped pot on Amazon

V. DIY Sharpie Pot

I think this is my favorite DIY plant pots idea . You need simple white planters and Sharpie. Within maybe 5 minutes you get whole new patterned plant pots.

Image courtesy of Homey Oh My

VI. Cooper Planter Pot

Turn boring ordinary boring plastic planter pot into breath-taking glamourous cooper plant pot . You just need cooper spray paint.

Image courtesy of Poppytalk

VII. Concrete Gold Plant Pot

If you get bored with your old concrete plant pots, don’t throw them away. Add some gold accents.

Image courtesy of Diy in Pdx

The options are limitless. You can get your creative juice flowing by experimenting on many DIY plant pots. They are easy to make and relatively cheap.

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