Summer is one of the best times of the year for most people. Fresh-smelling indoor spaces can make summer a much more refreshing time. After enjoying a nice and warm outdoor environment, a fresh-smelling room is not too much to ask for.

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Here you can find different DIY room sprays that can make summer more refreshing. With these room sprays, you get a sweet-smelling and healthier room.


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5 Summer DIY Room Sprays To Make Your Home Smell Fresh & Clean


I. DIY Essential Oil Room Spray

Essential oils are great when they are inhaled and ingested. With essential oil room sprays, you may prefer when the essential oil is mixed with vodka and distilled water.

You can create your own mix of essential oils according to your preference to get a scent that both appeals to you and is healthy.

With this recipe , you also get to experiment until you get the final perfect mix for your room spray.

II. DIY Fresh Floral Room Spray

This DIY room spray recipe involves the use of floral scents which are mixed with water and vodka according to one’s preferred concentration.

You can use this floral room scents independently or as a blend. Floral essential oils are known to affect one’s mood positively and alleviate stress.

The floral essential oils include rose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine.

Mixing appropriate drops of your favorite floral essential oil gives you a scent that is both fresh and stress-alleviating.

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III. DIY Citrus Blend Room Spray

For a fresh and fruity scent, citrus blend room sprays are the way to go. As the name suggests, a blend of citrus scents is mixed in a water and vodka solution.

You can mix the blend of the citrus essential oils in proportions one deems fit to get a final ratio that gives the most appealing fruity scent.

The citrus blend room spray is one of those summer-inspired scents as it is both refreshing and relaxing.

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IV. DIY Green Tea Cucumber Room Spray

With this DIY room spray, you get a refreshing and clean smelling scent that makes it perfect for summer. You also get the therapeutic goodness of essential oils with this room spray.

As with other room sprays, you also have to dilute the essential oil in water and vodka in a ratio that appeals best to you.

Green Tea Cucumber room spray is a great scent for persons that prefer a subtle and fresh smelling scent.

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V. DIY Air Freshener and Fabric Spray

Commercial air fresheners and fabric softeners make a room smell great but could also be dangerous to one’s health. With a homemade air freshener, one gets fresh-smelling rooms without any health threat.

Essential oils provide the scent and are diluted in water and vodka. The vodka components both helps to dilute the oil and has antimicrobial properties. One can also create homemade air fresheners with blends of their favorite essential oils.

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With the DIY room sprays noted above, one is sure of fresh-smelling rooms all throughout the summer and even into other seasons of the year.

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