The beginning of a school year is an exciting time for anyone.

One way to make the beginning of a school year more exciting it’s to customize your supplies.

It’s time to explore some DIY projects which will be part of school materials.

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Whether for one’s self or children, here are some back-to-school DIY supplies.


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10 Of The Most Stylish DIY Supplies That Are Perfect For Back-To-School


I. DIY Gold Marble Storage Cup Idea

This is a great DIY idea for keeping one’s school supplies in a stylish and organized way. Gold has a certain sparkle it brings to space, and with this hack, you get to incorporate the special gold effect into organizing your school supplies.

This DIY I found on Lovely Indeed

II. DIY Storage Boxes

It’s a new school year, and you’re looking for ways to make your reading desk less boring. Gather some inspiration and create a DIY storage box for all your supplies. You get both a functional and stylish storage space.

Make mini face storage boxes with Make + Tell

III. DIY Clipboard Idea

Customizing clipboard is another way of expressing personality at a beginning of a school year.

You can find whole tutorial on Horse & Heels

IV. DIY Cotton Canvas Bag

Bags are essential to school supplies, and from a cotton canvas bag, one can create a stylish bag incorporating their preferred style, colors, and patterns.

From a basic cotton bag, you get a stylish new item for school.

Learn more how to make your own bag on I SPY DIY

V. Pattern Sticker For Storage Pots Hack

This hack involves adding more style to yours pin storage container and will be especially appealing if you work with a lot of pins or other materials stored in containers. It’s another fun way to express personality with your reading desk.

Update your stoarge pots with Fall For DIY

VI. DIY Sticky Notes Holder

This DIY sticky note holder is a great way to organize one’s clutter especially for persons who use sticky notes a lot.

The colors of this sticky note holder are also a cool way to spice up one’s reading desk.

For tutorial go to Make + Tell

VII. DIY Pencil Holder

Everyone needs a bit of motivation for a new school year. It can be achieved with customized school supplies. Tweaking the supplies here and there will make them more colorful and suited to your personal taste.

For How-To visit Aww Sam

VIII. DIY Personalized Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are definitely creative supplies. You should be able to get their creative juices flowing whenever you pick up their sketchbooks.

Personalizing a sketchbook is one way of ensuring that you don’t go blank after picking it. There are different ideas to apply on a sketchbook to personalize it.

Make your own pattern sketchbook with Cotton & Flax

IX. DIY Notebooks

A new school season means new notebooks in most cases. Notebooks can be made to express more personality by painting them or making bespoke inscriptions on them.

Notebooks are essential to school items, and simple DIY customizations make them fun.

DIY your notebook with burkatron

X. Washi Tape Remodelled Pencils

Pencils can be a bit boring, and one way to spice them up is to wrap them in washi tapes of your choice.

Washi tapes are also available in different colors and patterns, so you can easily explore with this tip.

Dress up your pencils with she knows

All these ideas highlighted above are ways of expressing personality and style and making functional supplies at the beginning of the new school year.

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