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Empty Notebook Ideas for a Blank Journal (50 Ways)

This is the ultimate blog post, gathering the most amazing empty notebook ideas.

things to fill a notebook with empty notebook ideas
What to write in my notebook

Basically, you’re going to learn all things you can do with a blank journal.

So if you want to see some stunning things to fill an empty notebook with when you’re:

  • feeling bored
  • looking for creative inspiration
  • out of ideas for school, work, or college
  • planning and organizing your life

Then keep reading.

Also, I’ll show how you can use a lined notebook effectively.

Let’s get started.

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Empty Notebook Ideas For Creativity

pumpkin fox theme october bujo cover empty notebook ideas
Things to use a notebook for doodling

As a left-brained planning nerd, I want to start this amazing list of empty notebook ideas from the creative ones.

Sometimes I feel so organized, goal-oriented, and productive that I almost forget to be a human.

With this in mind, here you can find the list of empty notebook ideas to unleash creativity, vent feelings, and play with pure imagination.

Creative Things To Do In A Blank Journal

heart themed february bujo habit tracker empty notebook ideas
Things to write down in a notebook

So now you get a brand new blank journal and all you can do is ask yourself what you should use a journal for.

Here are my favorite creative things to do in a blank journal.

Hobby Journal

Assuming you decided to take up a creative hobby this year, one way you can use a blank notebook is a hobby journal.

In fact, a project planning book helps you track your craft projects, keep all of the supplies organized, and even focus on actually finishing them.


Although scrapbooking may seem to be a little bit old-fashioned, it’s still a beautiful way to keep your memories alive.

So print your favorite photos out, glue them into a blank notebook, and create a memory book.

Along with this, decorate scrapbook pages with card stocks, stickers, stamps, and other embellishments.

More about scrapbooking you can learn here.

Mood Board

Generally, a mood board is a great visual tool that helps create a brand vision.

But even if you’re not an entrepreneur, you can still use mood boards as part of your empty notebook. 

For example, you can plan your room makeover.

Or just for fun, create an inspiration board with your favorite fashion looks, city vibes, or aesthetic images.

Vision Board

vision board blank journal empty notebook ideas
Things to fill a notebook with: Vision Board

Another type of board you may want to design in your empty notebook is a vision board

Indeed, a vision board is another collage of photos, quotes, stickers, etc that is used as a visualization tool to achieve your dreams and goals.

Although most of us might be a little bit skeptical about gluing photos, quotes, or other pieces into a piece of paper in order to fulfill our dreams, creating a vision board might be the very first step to actually achieving them.

Travel Journal

bullet journal packing list summer empty notebook ideas
What to use a notebook for

Undoubtedly, using your empty notebook as a travel journal helps you to keep memories in one place.

Plane tickets, baggage tags, boarding passes, metro tickets, receipts, entries, polaroids, pressed flowers, tea bags, menus, maps, coasters, currency – indeed, documenting your journey can be so much more than a boring packing list.

Blank Journal Ideas When You’re Bored

The next subcategory for creative empty notebook ideas is fun things to put in a notebook when you’re bored.

Here you can find amazing examples to get inspired when you don’t want to start a big new project, but still, express yourself in a creative but quick way.

Lettering Practice Book

bujo Spring March Titles ideas empty notebook ideas
Things to do in notebooks

As I mentioned before, you don’t need to have neat handwriting to use a blank journal in a creative way.

On the other hand, practicing your handwriting is a great way to use an empty notebook when you’re bored.

Brush lettering, calligraphy, bouncy lettering, bullet journal fonts, etc – there are plenty of hand lettering techniques you can choose from. 

Quotes Journal

quote journal ideas empty notebook ideas
Cute things to write in a notebook

Along with that, you can use your improved lettering techniques in practice by keeping a quotes journal.

Not only do you have a great opportunity to pretty up your writing, but also you’ll get inspired and motivated at the same time.

One of my favorite ways to find something inspirational is to scroll through bullet journal quotes.

Funny Sayings

october bullet journal quote page pumpkin spice doodles
Notebook things to write when bored

Alternatively, writing down funny sayings your family and friends came up with and keeping them in one notebook is a wonderful idea to preserve them from being forgotten.

Doodling Practice Book

doodle practice book empty notebook ideas
Pretty things to write in a notebook

Similar to the lettering practice book, the doodling practice book is all about creating doodles, simple drawings, or more complex masterpieces.

The easiest way to improve your doodling skills is to follow step-by-step doodle tutorials you can easily find on Pinterest.

Art Journal

empty notebook ideas watercolor art
Things to do on a notebook

Also, art journaling is another way to use a blank notebook. 

In fact, an art journal is a visual diary.

The best part of art journaling is that there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. 

Surely, it’s all about expressing yourself, having fun, getting over perfectionism, and personal growth.

For example, you draw your day with watercolors, create inked weekly art pages, or use art journal prompts for inspiration. 


When it comes to using a blank notebook as a sketchbook, it’s all about easy drawing ideas you can draw with a pencil.

Find some fresh sketchbook ideas here.

Smash Book

On the other hand, the smash book seems to be a less perfect and organized sister of scrapbooks.

Instead of planning out the layouts, Smash Book is all about smashing in photos and other random elements and creating the page here and now. 

Junk Journal

Along with that, a junk journal is a notebook created with…junk.

For example, old newspapers, maps, leaflets, catalogs, greeting cards – yes, all of these materials, that probably would end up in a trash bin, are priceless for junk journal lovers. 

Daily News Log

Last but not least, the daily news log seems to be so funny time killer.

Think about keeping a chronicle of TikTok dramas, YouTube teas, or celebrity gossip – such cool ideas.  

Empty Notebook Ideas for Organization and Productivity

planner pages inserts us letter half
What to do with a notebook

Now let’s talk about using a blank journal as a productivity tool.

Obviously, like a bullet journal blogger and a planner nerd, it’s my favorite part of this blog post.

So, let’s dive right in.

Empty Notebook Ideas for Life Organization

First of all, I want to share with you how to organize your life with a notebook.

In other words, you’ll see some amazing empty notebook ideas and learn how you can use a notebook as a blank planner.

Bullet Journal

empty notebook ideas bujo
Things to put in a notebook

In case you don’t know what bullet journaling is, it’s a very simple, minimal way of tracking your tasks, events, and appointments.

However, after scrolling through your bullet journal Pinterest feed, you might get the wrong impression that bujo is all about creating cute, fancy layouts.

As a bullet journal blogger, who has written over 60 blog posts about bullet journaling, it’s true only to a certain point.

First and foremost, this amazing productivity tool was designed by Ryder Caroll to be a quick and easy way to organize all of the information.

Over the course of time, as the interest in bullet journaling continued to skyrocket, some artistic souls adopted it as a kind of creative hobby.

Because I can talk about planning in bujo for a really long time, I encourage you to read my bullet journal 101 guides.


Another way of organizing your life is with a list.

Although it sounds really weird, you’re able to stay on track with your entire life, putting literally everything onto a list.

For example, think about things you want to buy, the place you want to travel to, and things you need and use (great for decluttering and house cleaning).

Definitely, it’s a completely new way of simplifying and organizing life for me.

But it’s so refreshing and exciting to use my blank notebook purely as a collection of giant life lists.

Brain Dump

Undoubtedly, keeping brain dump pages helped me organize my random thoughts and point me in the right direction while instantly reducing stress.

So if you want to stop your mind from racing, use your empty notebook for brain dump sessions.

Recipes Book

The next thing you can do with your blank notebook is to use it as a recipe book.

Not only you’ll have all the random recipes in one place, but also it’ll be a great thing to pass on to the next generation.

Just imagine your grand-grand daughter cooking your famous carrot cake.

So cool!

Houseplant Care Tracker

march plant care layout bujo
Pretty things to write in a notebook

This empty notebook idea will be your favorite if you’re a plant mom.

By the way, I used to be so bad at keeping all my plants alive.

Now, when I have all the information about watering, fertilizing, repotting, etc listed in one notebook, it’s so much easier to be a responsible plant mom.

Fitness Journal

workout tracker
Things to do in your notebook

Also, creating a fitness journal allows you to build and master self-discipline by holding you accountable.

Being able to track your entire fitness journey helps you assess progress, and stay motivated.

And just keep going.

Personal Finance Trackers

saving plan jars bullet journal
What to use notebook for

Getting your personal finances under control and managing it like a pro can make a difference.

In fact, creating budget pages in a notebook helped me pursue my dream job and save more money.

Book Log

reading tracker
What to do with journals

Along with this, making a book log notebook can encourage you to actually read more books.

Moreover, it motivates you to read carefully, and with full attention, especially if you include book reviews.

Self-Care Planner

bujo self care page ideas
Uses for a notebook

As well as that, feel free to use your blank notebook as a self-care planner.

Not only it help you make your self-care practice a priority, but also you’ll develop new good habits.

Home Remodel Planner

Besides, you can plan a home huge remodel.

Starting with project scope, through a budget, and a shopping list, and finishing with organizational checklists, it’s a perfect tool to create your dream home.

Event Planning

Last but not least empty notebook idea is all about event planning.

Wedding, birthday, baby shower, pregnancy – plan and record the most important stages of your life. 

Empty Notebook Ideas for Work | College | School

semester overview timetable bullet journal
What to do with notebook

Because your work, college, the school are a huge part of your daily life, below you find perfect examples of how to use a blank notebook for your professional life and school journal ideas.

Although work, college, and school may seem to be completely different areas, creating all of the pages I put down below is relevant for each category.

Study Notes

Even though it’s obvious you need to get notebooks for study notes, note-taking can be an art in itself.

There are plenty of methods to take notes effectively.

As well as that, you can find many aesthetic note-taking ideas on Pinterest.

Foreign Language Journal

In addition to this, your blank notebook can be a foreign language journal with practice trackers, one word a day page, a grammar checklist, a doodle page, a mind map, etc.

Brainstorming / Mind Mapping Notebook

bujo brain dump layouts empty notebook ideas
Uses for a journal

Speaking of mind mapping, creating a mind map can help you to declutter your mind, and relieve stress and anxiety.

With one thought branching off into another, you suddenly start gaining clarity whenever you get stuck in your current project.

Goal Planner

goals page bullet journal
Different ways to use a notebook

Undoubtedly, setting goals allows you to have a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve.

With this in mind, starting a goal planner helps you to create a simple, actionable step-by-step plan while thinking about tools, resources, and deadlines.

Blank Planner

Along with this, just create a simple planner with a monthly overview, weekly schedule, and daily log.

Professional Planner

course overview school bullet journal
Notebook journaling ideas

Also, you may want to consider setting up a notebook according to your profession. For example:

  • college/school planner (class schedule, grade tracker, semester goals, study tracker, etc)
  • entrepreneur planner (brand strategy page, product brainstorming page, returns tracker, order form, taxes page, etc)
  • Etsy seller planner (branding, stats tracker, keywords ideas, coupon code tracker, listing log, marketing ideas, sales tracker)

Bonus: Lined Notebook Ideas

money affirmations gratitude log bujo
Journaling ideas cute things to write in a notebook

Last but not least, let’s talk about what to do with a lined notebook.

Although all of the empty notebook ideas I listed above will work with a lined notebook as well, you may struggle a little bit more.

For example, I tried to keep a bullet journal in a lined notebook and it was a nightmare.

With this in mind, I came up with cute things to write in a lined notebook.

For instance, you can fill up a lined notebook with:

  • your dreams ( Dreams Log)
  • poetry
  • a creative writing
  • life lessons
  • morning pages
  • self-discovery journal
  • daily diary

Basically, a lined empty notebook is perfect for all kinds of journaling. 

Empty Notebook Ideas and Blank Journal Inspiration (2024 Update)

Additionally, I came up with other best ways to use empty pages in your new notebook.

Indeed, these are my favorite notebook ideas I use the most frequently.

With no extra cost, here are different ways you can use your blank journal.

Habit Tracker

september habit tracker bujo empty notebook ideas
What to use notebooks for

Undoubtedly, keeping a habit tracker in your beautiful notebook is a great idea for making your life better.

Basically, you fill your habit tracker with the little things you want to do, including your morning routine or a new habit.

Surely, it’s a powerful tool that allows you to track of your progress.

Moreover, I like to add my favorite quotes that motivate me to keep going and don’t give up.

Bucket List

Also, creating a bucket list is such a fun way to make a plan for all the amazing things you want to experience each month or season.

In other words, it’s like having a super creative list that includes your favorite things to do and places to go.

Indeed, this notebook page includes the ultimate list of things and creative ideas for the next months.

Dream Journal

Firstly, a dream journal is the perfect place to capture your dreams.

For example, I love to use a dedicated journal, where I write down the magical adventures and curious stories that unfolded in my sleep.

Indeed, I usually do it the first thing in the morning before I forget my dreams.

Recipe Journal

Certainly, starting a recipe journal is such a fun idea that serves such a good use in the kitchen.

Additionally, similar to a dream journal, I usually use a separate notebook.

As a result, I write down all my favorite recipes, including grocery lists.

Also, it’s a great place to let my creative juices flow.

Basically, I can experiment, tweak, and perfect my dishes, while keeping track of everything in my recipe journal.

Vision Journal

First and foremost, creating a vision journal is such a good idea and a good way to connect with your future self.

Indeed, it’s like a window into the best thing you want to achieve and become in the future.

In other words, with a vision journal, you’re able to capture your dreams and goals.

For instance, I like to treat it like a guide that I can follow to make those dreams a reality.

Short Stories

Additionally, one of my favorite creative ways to use your new empty notebook is by keeping a creative writing journal.

Personally, I treat this blank journal as a treasure chest where I can store all the products of my imagination.

Surely, it’s a great tool to practice your storytelling skills.

In other words, you can let your creativity flow freely, by bringing your short stories to life.

TV Shows Log

Furthermore, other creative notebook ideas include entertainment.

For instance, a TV show log is one of the most effective ways to make your TV time a better place for entertainment.

So if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen, make sure it’s worth it.

Basically, you’re able to gather all the good things you need to watch in one place.

After watching them, I usually write movie reviews and rate them from 0 to 6.

Last but not least, I often write song lyrics because music plays a huge role in this world.

Mental Health Journal

​If you’re already keeping a daily journal, a mental health journal is basically the same but for your self-care and self-discovery.

Definitely, it’s a powerful tool, where you journal your thoughts, feelings, and love notes to yourself.

Also, you can increase your level of happiness by including gratitude journaling in your daily routine.

Just remind yourself of all of the good news in life (no matter how small they are).

Additionally, I like to keep a reading list of self-help books as well.

Small Business Planner

Last year my small business grew a lot.

In my opinion, keeping a small business planner is a game-changer when it comes to achieving success in my side hustle.

Indeed, goal setting helps me to outline important things that will have the most impact on my business.

Also, social media is crucial to promote my products.

Because of a small business planner, I stay on top of my posting schedule and content strategy.

Indeed, it’s my daily planner for all things connected with business with my daily to-do lists, mood boards, address book, etc.

Free Printables

level 10 life bullet journal layout empty notebook ideas
Creative things to do in a journal

Last but not least, if you don’t want to spend your time making empty notebook spreads, you can always use free printables.

Empty Notebook Ideas – The Ultimate List

So this is it. I hope now you don’t have to ask “what to write in a small notebook” questions anymore. 

To sum up, you can use your blank journals as an art tool or a productivity tool. 

Or both. 

Just look at the artistic bullet journaling world, where time-management skills and creative skills intertwine.

 In conclusion, here are 40 empty notebook ideas:

  1. Hobby Journal
  2. Scrapbook
  3. Mood Board
  4. Vision Board
  5. Travel Journal
  6. Lettering Practice Book
  7. Quotes Journal
  8. Funny Sayings
  9. Doodling Practice Book
  10. Art Journal
  11. Sketchbook
  12. Smash Book
  13. Junk Journal
  14. Daily News Log
  15. Bullet Journal
  16. Lists
  17. Brain Dump
  18. Recipes Book
  19. Houseplant Care Tracker
  20. Fitness Journal
  21. Personal Finance Trackers
  22. Book Log
  23. Self-Care Planner
  24. Home Remodel Planner
  25. Event Planning
  26. Study Notes
  27. Foreign Language Journal
  28. Brainstorming Notebook
  29. Mindmapping Notebook
  30. Goal Planner
  31. Planner
  32. Professional Planner
  33. Dreams Log
  34. Poetry
  35. Creative Writing
  36. Gratitude Journal
  37. Life Lessons
  38. Morning Pages
  39. Self-Discovery Journal
  40. Daily Diary
  41. Habit Tracker
  42. Bucket List
  43. Dream Journal
  44. Recipe Journal
  45. Vision Journal
  46. Short Stories
  47. TV Shows Log
  48. Mental Health Journal
  49. Small Business Planner
  50. Free Printables

How To Get Over The First Page Anxiety

empty notebook ideas

First and foremost, keep in mind that this particular notebook is your only way to express your feelings, emotions, plans, etc. 

And yes, while you see a lot of artistic bullet journal spreads, study notes with gorgeous handwriting and watercolor art journals, your empty journals can become as messy as you want.

Basically, I’m trying to tell you that it’s okay to write shaky letters and doodle as a 3-year-old kid. 

Obviously, if you want to practice your lettering skills to improve your handwriting it’s great.

But please don’t feel you need to be an artist to express yourself in a creative way. 

Secondly, get comfortable with imperfection.

Messing up is a part of a learning curve.

Also, I’d suggest accepting the fact that misspellings, uneven lines, and shaky shapes will happen every single day.

Last but not least, enjoy the process.

Undoubtedly, filling an empty notebook with your thoughts, emotions, and plans is therapeutic.

Not only does it allow you to vent but it also to organize your life, plan the future, and keep working towards your dreams and goals.

How To Use An Empty Notebook Effectively?

Definitely, there are two types of people – stationery nerds and others. 

All jokes aside, I’ve always enjoyed the Back-to-school season because of new notebooks, pens, and highlighters.

bullet journal pens notebook brush markers empty notebook ideas

Undoubtedly, there’s something magical in beautifully designed notebooks’ covers and blank pages.

However, stationery lovers have one thing in common- we’re always getting more empty notebooks than we actually need.

As a result, you have an empty notebook and suddenly you have no idea what to write in. 

Moreover, maybe you’ve just bought a brand new journal only because it looked stunning with its zodiac sign cover.

But now you feel so frustrated, overwhelmed, and even paralyzed because of the fear of messing up with the first page.

In fact, I tend to collect a bunch of notebooks that end up gathering dust on the bookshelf, just because I didn’t want to ruin them.

Indeed, being a perfectionist can be a real struggle.

With this in mind, I just want to share with you a few small tips that helped me tremendously get over the first-page anxiety.

Now, that you know how to deal with the first-page anxiety, it’s time to learn how you can get the most out of a blank notebook.

Because I’m all about planning, organizing, and sorting out, I decided to break this huge topic of empty notebook ideas into two smaller parts. 

In fact, I divided empty notebook ideas into two categories:

-an art tool (for the emotional, creative, artistic, intuitive, messy right side of your brain)

-organizational and productivity tool (for rational, logical, structural, analytical, goal-oriented, the well-organized left side of your brain)

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