Free Bullet Journal Printables [2021 Update]

Today you’ll learn where to find the best free bullet journal printables.

Definitely, this post contains the ultimate list of journaling template examples.

So if you’re a busy but productive bullet journalist, you’ll love this blog post.

Especially, if you don’t care about all the artistic side of bullet journaling.

In fact, today you’re going to discover over 30 bujo templates.

Additionally, I’ll show you how to:

  • keep up with bullet journaling even if you don’t have time to create bujo spreads all over again
  • resize, print, and cut out bullet journaling pdf file
  • create your own bullet journal printables

Indeed, this is the list of the best free journal printables you can download right now.

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How To Start A Bullet Journal With Free Bullet Journal Printables For 2021

Generally. after spending several hours (quite funny hours to tell the truth) setting up my bullet journal for 2019 in September, I had plenty of time to think about how I want to approach this system in 2020.

Also, don’t get me wrong – I am a huge fan of bullet journaling.

Definitely, creating the 2020 bullet journal setup was a great free time aka hobby activity.

However, setting up the 2021 bullet journal brought me to the point when I decided to give digital bullet journaling a try.

Unquestionably, it’s absolutely ok if you’re not a huge fan of drawing lines, tables, boxes but still want to organize your life and start a bullet journal.

Indeed, one of my favorite bullet journal hacks is using free bullet journal printables.

Basically, all you have to do is to learn what are the 7 steps of setting up a bullet journal.

Obviously, you have to decide which pages you want and need to include in your notebook or binder.

Then you go to Pinterest (or Etsy if you’re considering the paid option) and search for it.

Clearly, you have many options like:

  • monthly spreads
  • weekly pages
  • trackers (fitness, weight loss, mood, budget)
  • logs (sleep, water)

Also, in the beginning, you may feel a little bit intimidated.

It’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed when you start a bullet journal.

The most important thing is to remember that your bullet journal is yours and should suit only your needs.

The List of Free Bullet Journal Printables for 2021

The main advantage of free templates is that they’re for free (so obvious, I know). 

However, if you want to stay consistent with the design, it can be a challenge to find all the pages you want to include only from one source. You may take the time to do it, but for me, it’s a waste of time.

Dot Journal Template

For the most part bullet journalists prefer using dot grid notebook.

But what if you have only a blank one.

Basically, you just need to download free printable dot journal pages. Along with this, you can choose between 4 sizes: US Letter, Half US Letter, A5, and personal. So feel free to get your free printable dot grid paper here.

Free Bullet Journal Printables Key

Definitely, the best way to organize your daily tasks and to-do lists is by using bullet journal keys.

Here you can download the bullet journal cheat-sheet and glue it into your notebook for future reference.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Printable

cute monthly calendar template
bullet journal calendars pdf available in free printables library (sign-up required)

Check out these amazing 12 cute monthly printable journal pages for 2021. 

Not only do you have a place for writing down your goals, tasks, and events, but for those of you who prefer a Monday start monthly layouts, you can choose this option.

Basically, you can find 2021 cute calendar templates for printing out in four versions:

  • Sunday start 2021 vertical calendar
  • Monday start 2021 vertical calendar
  • Sunday start undated vertical calendar
  • Monday start undated calendar

More information and previews you can find here:

Vertical Monthly Calendar [2021 UPDATE]

monthly calendar
monthly log template available in free printables library (sign-up required)

Alternatively, you can choose a classic, horizontal monthly log.

2021 Free Calendar Template Printable

year at a glance planner

Absolutely my less favorite part of setting up a bullet journal for the new year was writing down the full 2021 calendar. Today I always download a free calendar for bullet journal future log.

My favorite year at a glance template is this one via Saturday Gift.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Printable

planner printable weekly set up

My favorite bullet journal weekly spread template, created by The Petite Planner, includes a waterlog, workout planner, meal planner, habit tracker.

Moreover, you’re able to customize all of the logs and trackers according to your need.

For example, I chose to use them as a to-do list, the next week’s list, a waterlog, a gratitude log, and a classic weekly habit tracker.

Free Printable Daily Planner with Time Slots

am pm schedule template
bullet journal daily log available in free printables library (sign-up required)

Definitely, this free printable daily planner page makes organizing my days so much easier.

Obviously, my favorite part of this pdf template is a clean and organized design. At the same time, you still get a great tool for getting organized your flexible daily schedule.

Undoubtedly, creating a simple daily routine that works with this free pdf daily planner was indeed easy peasy.

Along with this, I wrote a complete, step by step guide on how you can use this customizable free printable daily planner template to meet your needs.

planner daily log template
daily planner page available in free printables library (sign-up required)

Alternatively, you can choose a different layout with a Pomodoro tracker and daily schedule (great for time-blocking).

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Template

classic habit tracker template
bullet journal habit tracker pdf available in free printables library (sign-up required)

Finally, you have a tool that will help you to break your bad habits and start better ones. The best way to change habits is to track them. With habit tracker printables it’s super easy to keep up with all of them in one place.

daily routine tracker
daily routine tracker template available in free printables library (sign-up required)

Also, creating a daily routine helps to implement new, healthy habits as a part of daily life.

With this in mind, I created a tracker template where you can develop your own morning and evening routine.

For example, I included practicing yoga, meditation, affirmation, reading 10 pages, and journaling as a part of my mornings. Along with this, cleaning, planning the next day, reviewing the day, practicing yoga, visualizing, and keeping a gratitude journal are essential parts of my evenings.

Among the general bullet journal tracker template, you can find these more specific free bullet journal printables like:

Monthly Mood Tracker Printable

free bullet journal printables mood tracker

In order to take control of your emotions and moods, using a mood tracker print enables you to track your feelings on regularly.

Moreover, there are so many mood tracker ideas to have fun with them while still improve your mental health.

Also, bullet journal mood trackers help you to find your triggers and, in the end, result, be more conscious about feelings and emotions you feel daily.

Along with this, look how cute and artistic this kind of bullet journal collection is. For example, Space+Quiet designed this cute mood tracker print as a cup of tea (or coffee) with simple, heart-shaped flowers.

Movie + Reading Tracker Template

free bullet journal printables reading tracker

Keep a list of the book to read or books you’ve already read in one place.

If you’re a bookworm, it’s a must-have bullet journal printable to add. And it can be your most pretty bujo page within the entire notebook, like this stunning reading log example via Clumsy Crafter.

Also, keeping a reading log can motivate you to actually read more and find your favorite genre, author, or series.

free bullet journal printables movie tracker

Similarly, use the movie tracker printable for the same purpose.

For example, I decided to use this free movie tracker template to stay on track with Marvel series.

Indeed, it’s so easy to get lost and watch the series in the right order.

This movie-themed movie tracker via 365 Days of Journaling seems to be the perfect spread to include in your planner pages.

Fitness Bullet Journal Printables

workout tracker weekly free printable
bullet journal workout tracker pdf available in free printables library (sign-up required)

If you’re all about having a healthy body, mind, and soul, you’ll love these amazing fitness printables for bullet journal.

In addition to this, I highly recommend getting weight loss templates as well. This genius combo will help you to develop a healthier lifestyle.

free bullet journal printables fitness

Also, The Petite Planner offers a bunch of free fitness printables.

This one above includes motivational quotes to help you stay motivated and encouraged to move your body.

Besides you have a year of workouts chart.

Definitely, it’s challenging to actually keep it throughout the entire year. But it’s worth trying.

Meal Planner Template

weekly meal planner printable
weekly meal planner printable available in free printables library (sign-up required)

From my own experience, I know how hard is to come up with meal ideas for the entire week.

Definitely, it’s so stressful, having to ask this famous “what’s for dinner” question every sing day.

For this reason, printing weekly meal plan journal templates can help you to actually find some time for organizing family meals.

Bullet Journal Budget Tracking Printable

spending log no spend tracker

Undoubtedly, the bullet journal can really help you to take control of your family budget.

My favorite set, created by Mom Envy, includes 9 budget printables such as a different savings tracker, “no spend the day” layout, and bill tracker.

Also, if you’re looking for more inspiration, here I put a list of amazing bullet journal budget page ideas.

Level 10 Life Tracker Printable

free bullet journal printables

Undoubtedly, I’m a huge believer in setting New Year’s resolutions or I’d rather say goals.

One of my favorite setting goals and gaining life’s clarity exercise is a Level 10 Life exercise.

If you want to learn more, here I shared how you can keep track of your goals by using Level 10 Life bullet journal layouts.

Nevertheless, creating an L10L bujo page may be time-consuming. This level 10 life template via Wellella will save you so much time and energy, and let you focus on what’s the most important.

Free Printable Gratitude Journal Pdf [with Prompts]

free gratitude journal template download
gratitude log template available in free printables library (sign-up required)

Undoubtedly, getting started a gratitude journal, and actually keeping it can be a real struggle.

In fact, I tried making daily gratitude journaling a habit several times. 

After a lot of trials and errors, I finally come up with the best gratitude workbook that works for me. 

With this in mind, I created a minimalist free printable gratitude journal pdf.

Also, I wrote an ultimate guide on how to start and keep a gratitude journal.

Brain Dump Template

bullet journal brain dump free printable
brain dump template available in free printables library (sign-up required)

If you’re struggling with too many thoughts and want to declutter your mind, you may want to spend some time on a brain dump session.

Indeed, having regular brain dump sessions helped me organize my random thoughts and point me in the right direction while instantly reducing stress.

In fact, I wrote an entire post on how to declutter your mind with brain dump journal pages.

Kanban Board

free printable kanban board
Kanban board template available in free printables library (sign-up required)

Definitely, the Kanban board is an amazing visual tool that shows you every stage of the project(s) you’re currently working on.

Basically, you know what you’re currently working on, what you should set as a priority, and generally a project’s progress.

Moreover, you can use this printable to manage your project’s flow effortlessly by sticky note planning.

Free Bullet Journal Printables Stickers

Due to make your bullet journal even more useful, you may want to get free printable bullet journal stickers. There are a gazillion free downloadable stickers online. You can really save your time and take bullet journaling to the next level.

Bullet Journal Stencils Printable

One of my favorite bullet journals hacks ever (apart from using printable journal pages) is creating spreads with stencils.

Clearly, you can buy them online but how about making them at home.

Here you can find an awesome DIY Bullet Journal Stencil Tutorial.

My Top 5 Free Bullet Journal Printables Resources

bujo pdf download files

Let’s face it: we all love free stuff. But 101.Planners offer so many planner options that it’s almost unreal that it’s completely free.

You just have to decide which journal printable pages you’d like to use in your bujo. You can customize them with your own text and/or icons, add some cute stickers and print them out.

For example, I designed within a couple of minutes a simple bullet journal weekly layout with goals, to-do list, and meal ideas.

Then I found PlannerLove & Printables, where you can find useful free bullet journal templates like reading or watching lists, blog & social media tracker, gratitude log, and many more pages you may want to include in your bullet journal collections

Along with this, do you know which part of setting up my bullet journal was the worst nightmare? Creating a future log. If you want to save a lot of time, energy and nerves, print out Space + Quiet’s template right now.

Also, I always wanted to try a circle tracker. When I saw this mandala free mood tracker printable with a gratitude log, I knew that it was it.

What I love about Shelby’s freebies, it’s the wide variety of valuable resources she offers like printables, brush lettering worksheets, supplies list, and even free productivity courses.

Not only you can print out calendar boxes, grocery lists, or other charts (your home budget will say “thank you”) but also practice brush lettering or learn some cool productivity tips.

planner printable weekly set up

Also, after signing up for The Petite Planner newsletter, you get instant access to amazing freebies like habit trackers, weekly spreads, Level 10 Life, printable stickers. My favorite one is a weekly spread.

How to Resize Free Bullet Journal Printables

Undoubtedly, many planner girls use different notebooks.

Some of them just want to print blank bullet journal pages and hang them on the fridge or clipboard.

No matter what is the purpose of using free planner templates, let’s face it – usually, you can get only one size of bullet journal sheets.

Luckily, there is something like YouTube. Here is an awesome tutorial on how to resize printables for bullet journal.

Bullet Journal Pdf Printing Guide

Unfortunately, there are no general rules to print out your journal page printable.

However, most of the creators usually add simple instructions to follow. Just read it carefully and repeat the process step by step and you should be fine.

For the most part, it doesn’t matter what kind of printer you use. In my opinion, the most crucial part is to choose the right paper.

Free Bullet Journal Printables – Choosing Paper

If you decide to glue bullet journal printable into your notebook, it’s ok to use an ordinary printer paper.

But, in the case of using bullet journal layout templates as separate printable pages, you may want to get (paid link) the thicker premium printer paper to avoid foldouts or bleeding and ghosting.

The third option would be using a self-adhesive sticker label paper for printers. The matte finish enables writing on them with markers, pen, or even pencil effortlessly.

How to Cut Out Journal Printable

free bullet journal printables habit tracker
habit tracker printable via Teal Notes

Maybe, after printing it out, you need to cut out your printable bullet journal.

Obviously, you can use scissors. But sometimes the simplest doesn’t mean the easiest. Besides, if you’re even a little like me, cutting a perfectly straight line using scissors is a real challenge.

With this in mind, you may want to invest in (paid link) a craft knife or a paper cutter.

How to Add Free Printable Bullet Journal Pages in Your Notebook

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There are several ways to make printable journal pages work for you.

First of all, you can glue a bullet journal pdf template or word document into a notebook.

I’ve recently discovered Tombow Mono Permanent Adhesive Applicator. This is the double-sided adhesive tape inside a tape runner dispenser (something like glue and tape combo). It’s so convenient to use.

Another way to add journal templates is to print them out on self-adhesive sticky printing paper.

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Furthermore, you can switch the bullet journal to the binder format. So if you have any kind of trouble moving pages back and forward, the rings guarantee more flexibility.

Also, I highly recommend getting a hole puncher. It’s so cool that you can find a wide variety of color, design, and functionality.

Alternatively, download a bullet journal template on your Ipad. Additionally, there are some applications like GoodNotes that allows you to set up your bujo paperless.

How to Create Your Own Bullet Journal Printables Pdf

Now, when you have a lot of free bujo template ideas and resources, it’s quite possible that nothing really seems suitable for your needs.

Generally, creating your own bullet journal printable doesn’t have to be complicated and pricey. In other words, there are amazing and user-friendly online tools like Canva for designing personalized printables for free.

As always, the best place to find Canva tutorials like this one below is YouTube.

Free Bullet Journal Printables – List of Recommended Supplies

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As you already know, using a free bullet journaling pdf is a budget-friendly option. But if you want to personalize your free bullet journal printables and decorate the layouts, these are my favorite supplies.

2021 Paid Bullet Journal Templates

month day at a glance printable

Although this blog post is all about free bullet journal printables, I’d like to mention that getting bujo templates on Etsy is also quite an affordable option.

Definitely, the best part of paid bullet journal printables is that you get already set up cohesive bullet journal pages. Basically, all you have to do is to print them out.

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When I was looking for my ideal bullet journal printables, I took into consideration if the pages were printer-friendly and quite minimalistic. You know, adding color isn’t a big deal (especially when you have a set of 50 Crayola Supertips markers), but running out of ink every single week- well, it is.

Here you can get the bullet journal starter kit for a reasonable price. At the same time, you can still buy bullet journal pages like a month at a glance or weekly spread separately.

The Benefits of Using Free Bullet Journal Printables – Final Thoughts

monthly spread template free bullet journal printables
a classic undated monthly calendar via PlannerLove & Printables

Undoubtedly, free planner printables are a budget-friendly way to start your bullet journal. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to invest any money in any supplies like fancy notebooks or brush pens. Basically, all you need is a bullet journal layout template and a printer.

If you find setting up all the layouts and trackers from scratch every month waste of time and unproductive, using a bullet journal template seems to be a great solution.

Indeed, it’s hard to believe how many amazing bullet journalists shares her knowledge and experience within their blog posts and gives bullet journaling template absolutely for free. To tell the truth, I’ve never met so engaged, friendly, and helpful an online community as the bullet journal one.

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Free Bullet Journal Printables

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