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Free Planner Printables To Download For Free (2024)

This is the ultimate list of Anja Home free planner printables and bullet journal templates.

2024 planner free printables
the ultimate planner inserts library (free access)

2024 Personal Planner Inserts

free printable planner 2024 pdf
2024 Life Planner Anja Home Freebies

Undoubtedly, I highly believe that creating a lifestyle you want and actually need is nothing more than getting organized and staying organized.

Also, you probably weren’t born this way.

Surely, I wasn’t.

Indeed, it took me a while to learn and master this organization, and time-management bone in me.

In fact, I’ve been struggling with feeling overwhelmed for a very simple reason.

Basically, I didn’t know how to start.

With this in mind, I created planner printables you can download and print out at home.

Firstly, you get free printable PDF 2024 calendar templates.

In other words, you create your brand new planner.

Certainly, it’s worth a try!

Basically, I’ve found just what everyone needs for their busy lives.

Simple but still cute 2024 calendar templates.

So take advantage before next year begins and plan your best year ever with these free life planner pages.

Indeed, this aesthetic 2024 printable planner includes amazing layouts such as:

  • yearly planner template
  • cute calendars printables
  • monthly overview pages
  • pretty weekly calendars with notes space (3 layouts)
  • day at a glance printable (2 layouts)
  • notes (dotted, lined, and gridded paper templates)
  • to-do list
  • birthday tracker
  • a bucket list
  • medical info

Check out your Free Printable Planner 2024 PDF

Student Planner Inserts

free printable student planner 2023-2024
2024 Student Planner Anja Home Freebie

Additionally, for all of my college readers, definitely you want to add school planner inserts.

Because college life is all about keeping a great balance between studying, working, and having fun, these planner templates are your must-have.

Firstly, you need to manage your college life including assignment due dates, exam schedules, and project deadlines.

For this reason, I designed student planner this minimalist, pink printable college student planner that includes the:

  • yearly overview (August 2023 – July 2024)
  • monthly overview
  • student weekly planner
  • yearly goals
  • college goals page
  • semester timetable
  • semester overview
  • course info
  • assignment tracker
  • grade tracker
  • study planner
  • study checklist
  • project planner
  • exam timetable

Get Your Free Printable College Student 2024 Planner

Goal Planner Inserts

goals planner template aesthetic minimalist cute
2024 Goal Planner Anja Home Freebie

So the next planner inserts you may want to add to your 2024 planner are goal-setting templates.

We all know that setting New Year’s resolutions is a great way to get started on the right track, but it can be hard to keep the momentum going.

Indeed, this occurs for many reasons.

From family events and vacations coming up, you’re not available as much during work hours or just feeling overwhelmed with everything happening in our lives nowadays.

To make sure these goals stick around longer than expected I created these cute goal planner templates.

Indeed, this aesthetic goal-setting planner includes the following pages:

  • my life vision
  • 2024 habits and goals
  • yearly overview
  • goal planner
  • priority matrix
  • Pomodoro tracker
  • 30-day challenge
  • monthly review

Check Out Your 2024 Goal Setting Template Free Printable

Fitness Planner Inserts

fitness journey free printables fitness planner
workout planner printables
printable weight loss journal cute
2024 Fitness Planner Anja Home Freebie

Also, along with goal planner printables, I created matching fitness journal inserts.

In general, creating a healthy lifestyle is challenging.

For example, planning workouts or healthy meals is almost impossible without the right tools.

With this in mind, these free planner printables for fitness include the following pages:

  • 2024 fitness goals
  • my fitness journey
  • 2024 workout log
  • progress tracker
  • water tracker
  • favorite recipe page

Get Your Free Fitness Journal Printables

Other 2024 Free Planner Printables

Weekly Planner Printables

organize your lige weekly planning
Aesthetic weekly planner printables

Moreover, I created free weekly templates as a must-need part of your DIY planner.

Basically, you’ll get four different but still minimalist designs.

Also, I tried to include the most popular planner printable sizes (US letter, half-letter) and options (Sunday start, Monday start).

Check Out Your Weekly Printable Planner Free Templates

Free Printable Habit Tracker

habit tracker template pdf aesthetic
cute habit tracker templates

Undoubtedly, using free printable habit tracker pdf sheets helped me start new, healthy habits.

With this in mind, I created a couple of habit tracker designs such as:

  • 30-day monthly habit tracker
  • 31-day monthly habit tracker
  • 31-day habit tracker with a mood tracker
  • daily routine tracker
  • 31-day classic habit tracker

Choose Your Favorite Free Printable Habit Trackers

2024 Year At A Glance Calendar

2024 year at a glance calendar printable
aesthetic 2024 yearly calendars

Also, I like to use a 2024 year-at-a-glance calendar to easily identify key dates for meetings, appointments, and deadlines.

In fact, keeping this type of calendar in your 2024 planner allows you to plan the next months strategically.

Moreover, it’s a great reference for holidays or vacations.

Get Your 2024 Year At A Glance Calendar

Three Month Calendars: 2024

aesthetic 3 month calendar 2024
aesthetic 3-month calendars

On the other hand, you may prefer to plan for three months only.

Certainly, it’s a great way to increase flexibility.

Indeed, over a quarter your priorities and circumstances may change.

With this in mind, keeping your focus only on a 90-day timeframe allows you to have a more realistic and manageable approach to your yearly goals.

In other words, if quarterly planning is your thing, I’ve got you covered as well.

Choose Your 2024 Three Month Calendar

Free 2024 Calendars

Additionally, I designed cute monthly calendars for 2024 you can use bullet journal printables, wall calendars, desk monthly planners, or, obviously, planner inserts.

For instance, here are some examples:

january calendar free printable
february blank calendar heart pink
march 2024 planner

January 2024 Calendars

February 2024 Calendars

March 2024 Calendars

April 2024 Calendars

May 2024 Calendars

June 2024 Calendars

July 2024 Calendars

August 2024 Calendars

September 2024 Calendars

October 2024 Calendars

November 2024 Calendars

December 2024 Calendars

Daily Planner Printables

am pm schedule template Free Planner Printables
daily schedule printable

Although this free printable daily planner with time slots is a one-page template, it includes plenty of space.

In other words, feel free to fill in this template with the current date, daily affirmation, top 3 tasks, time block planner, daily to-do list, and things to remember.

Basically, you have three versions to choose from:

  • cute pink daily log template
  • pretty blue daily planner template
  • blank daily planner PDF

Get Your Free Daily Planner Printables

Gratitude Journal

printable daily gratitude journal template anja home
free printable gratitude pages
gratitude journal example Free Planner Printables
gratitude journal

Firstly, the minimalist free printable gratitude journal pdf includes one letter-size (8.5 x 11”) dot grid gratitude log page.

Also, I included gratitude journal prompts.

Basically, they’re divided into four categories to give you many options to choose from.

Check Out Your Free Gratitude Log With Journal Prompts

Budget Planner Printables

bujo budget spread printable minimalist
budgeting planner pages

Budget Bullet Journal Planner Printables

Weekly Meal Planner Template

bullet journal meal Free Planner Printables
free fitness bullet journal printable

The weekly meal planner template includes a space for weekly meals, a pantry inventory, a freezer inventory, and a grocery list.

Also, it helps with diversifying your meals, according to specific categories.

For example, you can list your favorite “no meat”, meat meals, soups, etc.

Along with these, feel free to use a blank space for new meal ideas and inspiration.

Weekly Food Journal

On the other hand, I created a weekly food journal with a weekly calorie tracker and workout tracker.

Undoubtedly, this free fitness journal printable allows you to evaluate your meals according to nutrition values.

Also, it’ll help you plan your meals and track your portion sizes. 

Free Planner Printables – Final Thoughts

To sum up, I hope you find your favorite planner printables.

Undoubtedly, trying out yearly planning with these planner resources is a great start for getting more organized and staying organized.

Indeed, I’m so happy I can help you get on the fantastic journey of keeping your life on the right track.

Although I gladly created all templates to serve you, there are several rules to follow.

So before you dive into this amazing bullet journal and planner printables resource, please read the following terms of use.


1. You can download templates only for personal use.

2. Do not otherwise alter, edit, or manipulate printables.

3. Do not claim these planner inserts as your own.

Happy planning!

Free Planner Printables-FAQ

How To Find The Perfect Printable Planner?

Undoubtedly, everybody’s planning needs are different.

For instance, for me, the perfect planner is the home management binder.

Additionally, the desk calendar template keeps my professional life organized.

Last but not least, I love bullet journals because I can unleash my creativity.

As you can see my planning system may seem to be overcomplicated but it works.

On the other hand, my readers are mostly in college, so they love using Anja Home’s student planners.

Moreover, they usually use an iPad so digital planning is a great tool for them.

As you can see, there are so many different styles, or should I rather write, lifestyles, that it’s really hard to give you the one answer.

However, I came up with a simple guide that (I hope) makes it a little bit easier.

Basically, all you have to do is to answer the following questions.

What type of planner are you looking for?

digital planners or paper planners

undated planners or dated planners

Moreover, maybe you prefer working with monthly calendar pages, and weekly planning pages rather than daily planning pages.

Also, some planners may be in a vertical orientation, some in a horizontal one.

Do you have a preferred size planner?

Also, keep in mind that paper planner pages come in different sizes such as US Letter (full size) or Half Letter.

Do you prefer a minimalist design or something more colorful and decorative?

Now, when you decide what type of planner you’re looking for, it’s time to choose your planner’s style.

For example, I designed free printable planner pages in an aesthetic and minimalist style.

However, if you’re looking for something similar to a happy planner, there are many great ideas you can find online.

Alternatively, download Anja Home’s free printable planner templates and make them more colorful with free planner stickers.

Are there specific features or sections you need in your planner, such as goal-setting pages, habit trackers, or meal planning sections?

 Apart from basic sections like monthly printable calendar pages and weekly pages, different layouts may help you to organize aspects of your life.

For instance, you can add a budget binder, recipe binder, and to-do lists and create a different planner each time.

Simply choose your own printables and make your own personal planner.

Are you interested in planners with pre-designed layouts, or would you prefer customizable templates?

In case you choose to try free planner inserts first, Anja Home is a great place to get free printable planners.

With a download link, you can access many amazing free printables for free.

Basically, I offer the ultimate printable libraries for calendar planner printables, project planning, digital planning, etc.

At the same time, all Anja Home ultimate planners are for personal use only (NO commercial purposes).

Indeed, free access to the dated calendars library allows you to download unlimited pages of free printables and create a functional planner you love.

After you play a little bit with your own planner, Etsy is a perfect place to find different design varieties.

Also, there are many decorative monthly planner page inserts, cute monthly title page templates, or planner cover pages you can get there.

Do you want to download and print your planner at home, or would you prefer to have it professionally printed and bound?

Certainly, it’s your personal preference.

However, from my experience, it’s definitely a better solution to go for a bound planner.

Firstly, this binding method keeps all the pages of the planner neatly together, preventing them from becoming loose or falling out (no paper clips needed).

secondly, sometimes figuring out the right printer settings can be challenging.

What’s Your Favorite Way To Manage Your Personal Life?

As I mentioned before, my favorite way to organize my personal life is through a daily planner page inserts.

Because I often find myself juggling different things, from work to personal life, it’s essential to focus only on the most important things that have a significant impact on my life.

So each day, I dedicate a single page to jot down all my tasks, appointments, and important dates.

It allows me to make detailed plans for each task. 

I also use it to keep track of important notes and reminders that I need to remember. 

By using it on a regular basis, I get organized and stay organized.

2023 habit tracker template pdf
free bullet journal budget trackers 2023
workout log progress tracker cute fitness journal
goal planner 2023 pdf
school planner printable

Free Printable Planner 2023 PDF

minimalist free printable planner 2023 pdf

2022 Free Planner Printables

free bullet journal planner 2022 pdf minimalist