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Free Printable Daily Planner with Time Slots

Today I’m going to show you how to organize your home and schedule with a free printable daily planner with time slots.

Indeed, it makes organizing life so much easier.

So if you:

  • spend a ton of money on planners that were cute but simply didn’t work
  • look for the perfect planner inserts to use to help you organize your day
  • need a clear, organized but still flexible free printable daily schedule

Then you’ll love this free pdf, daily planner.

Along with this, you’ll learn what my daily planning process looks like. I’ll show you step by step how you can use this customizable free printable daily planner template to meet your needs.

Let’s get started!  

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2023 Free Daily Planner Template

goal planning calendar daily planner
cute 2023 free planner printanle pdf

See 2023 Planner here!

How Do You Schedule Your Day With This Free Printable Daily Planner Template

free printable daily planner template
free printable daily planner with time slots

First and foremost, I set up a schedule for myself the night before. 

Although you probably want to hop on something comfy and watch Netflix, I highly recommend spending an additional 5 minutes with free printable daily planners on scheduling your next day.

Undoubtedly, you’ll see the difference.

That being said, let’s make an effective daily schedule step by step.

Planning With Daily Docket Printable Step by Step

Set The Date

First of all, mark the day of the week and put down the date in the planner’s upper, right corner.

Daily Affirmation

Secondly, write a daily affirmation. 

From anything simple like “I’m strong” to more complex ones (for example, I feel secure in who I am and I don’t need to compare myself to others), it gives you this kind of positivity boost to start your day on the right foot.

Top 3 Tasks

Thirdly, put on paper your top 3 tasks

Definitely, it’s so helpful being focused only on a maximum of three main, beneficial tasks.

Although “work smarter, not harder” may sound a little bit cliché nowadays, in my opinion, it’s a great way to live intentionally your best life.

Time Block Planner

Then, you can use an hourly, am pm schedule template. 

Personally, I’ve been working with a time-blocking schedule for a few months and I love it.

Unquestionably, this time block planner will help you stick with a weekly schedule, become more productive, and basically get things done.

Also, feel free to include your daily routine in this printable hourly planner.

Set your time blocks for morning and evening routine, work, family time, and self-care practice.

And remember taking breaks!

Daily To-Do List Planner Template

Also, jot down your to-do list, daily chores, and things to buy.

Things To Remember

Along with this, you have a space to put down things to remember.

In fact, I would never tell that I need it in my daily docket printable, but it’s brilliant.

As a rule, we all have these things we need to remember that we put on random sticky notes.

Now, it’s all put down on your daily hourly planner.


After writing all of your daily tasks, it’s time to think about yourself.

Indeed, it’s so easy to get busy completing task after task and finally get burnt out.

With this in mind, planning your self-care practices in front and writing it down in your daily planner template reminds you to take care of yourself.

Daily Meal Planner

Let’s don’t forget about meal planning!  

Definitely, if you’re stressed out about the “what’s for dinner” question (as I am), this free daily planner printable layout includes the dinner planner area.

Also, there’s a place for notes.

Daily Mini Habit Tracker

Track your healthy habits with a mini daily habit tracker.

Additionally, I create a small water tracker with 8 small circles (each circle is one glass) and a step tracker with 10 circles (each circle is 1k steps) to tack these healthy habits throughout the day.

Daily Review

Last but not least, it’s time to reflect on your day.

This free printable daily planner template includes a place for your “today’s thoughts” and a gratitude log.

Blank Daily Planner Template

free blank daily planner template
blank free printable daily planner with time slots

So this is how I plan my day with this simple free daily planner printable.

Keep in mind, that the displayed on the computer monitor, laptop, tablet, and phone screen colors may vary from the actual.

This is due to different monitor settings and the fact that everyone sees the colors differently. 

Also, it’s the nature of printing.

For example, I don’t know why my turquoise daily planner template is actually blue on the paper. 

Obviously, it’s more than likely that your daily schedule looks completely different than mine.

Also, you may need to track different types of stuff like for example an amount of sleep or fruit/veggie.

Maybe you want to sort your to-do list by category, for instance, home, work, and family.

Or maybe you need a place for meal planning with breakfasts, snacks, and lunches. 

Altogether, you’re probably looking for a more customizable free printable daily planner template.

With this in mind, I put this free blank daily planner and schedule template.

DOWNLOAD Cute Daily Planner Template

Download Your Free Printables Daily Planner HERE

Free Printable Daily Planner with Time Slots – Final Thoughts

am pm schedule template
free printable daily planner with time slots

To sum up, I hope you like my free daily planner pdf.

Definitely, it helped me a lot when it comes to organizing my home, work, and life in general.

There’s something motivational in waking up with a fresh mind, having already the entire daily schedule put together. 

Along with this, the whole beauty of using free daily schedule planner printable templates is in its affordability.

Basically, for literally 0 dollars you can try out different types of daily to-do list templates before you invest in a planner or paid planner inserts.

So schedule your day, have fun, and…

Good Luck!

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Free Printable Daily Planner with Time Slots