Free Printable Habit Tracker Templates [15 Sheets]

This is the ultimate list of free printable habit tracker templates you can find online.

In fact, using free printable habit tracker pdf sheets on a daily basis helped me:

  • get rid of some bad habits
  • develop the new, good ones
  • keep me motivated to be disciplined
  • stay on track
  • notice progress day after day
  • hold me accountable
  • see if I really care about implementing specific habits into a daily routine

So, for those of you who want to grow as a person and start living a more intentional life, just keep reading. Today you’ll learn my favorite free downloadable habit tracker printable resources. 

Let’s get started!

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First and foremost, sometimes you may dream about changing your life for the better, but you don’t know where to start. 

So if you want to learn:

  • how to use a habit tracker
  • why you should be tracking your habits
  • how to develop a new habit

I wrote an entire blog post about bullet journal habit trackers.

Although I described there how I work on new habits with a bullet journal, the general information is still relevant and useful.

Also, I gathered there over 70 habit ideas to feel happier, build a positive attitude, and be healthier 

Without further ado, here are 15 free printable habit tracker template ideas you put either in your bullet journal or planner.

Alternatively, you can easily hang it on a whiteboard or use a simple clipboard.

Daily Routine Free Printable Habit Tracker

daily routine tracker
Daily routine habit tracker available in my resource library

Never underestimate the power of daily routine

Creating daily routine habits allows you not only to start a new day with a positive, productive mindset but also it makes your evening run smoothly. 

Along with this, you’re able to carve out more free time you can spend with your family. Or just by doing what you’re passionate about.

This daily routine habit tracker allows you to come up with the best morning and rituals for you.

Weekly Free Printable Habit Tracker

weekly bujo printable
Design your custom weekly habit tracker here

Another way to build better habits is by using a weekly habit tracker printable.

This option has one big advantage over the monthly tracking system. After seeing that specific habit isn’t as important as you’ve thought it is primarily, it’s easier to get rid of it.

Or maybe you just prefer working with weekly dashboards.

This weekly free editable habit tracker is amazing because you’re able to customize it to your needs.

Moreover, it doesn’t require installing any kind of software.

Basically, you choose layouts, elements you like. Then you design your own free printable habit tracker template with ease.

Monthly Free Printable Habit Tracker

cleaning tracker
Monthly habit tracker available in my resource library
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What I like about this design is the fact that besides a habit tracker you have your monthly schedule on one page.

For example, you can schedule a yoga workout, cleaning tasks, project steps along with putting these activities in a habit tracker.

Definitely, it makes your life easier, especially if you’re fed up with switching between two planners. 

Also, personally, I think it’s easier to keep yourself accountable when you put your habit tracker template in a visible place like a bulletin board. 

Mini Free Printable Bujo Habit Tracker

bullet journal habit tracker
Mini bullet journal habit trackers from The Petite Planner

For those of you, who like creating separate trackers for each new habit, this pdf with a mini free printable habit tracker will be a lifesaver. 

Because the fact that making the mini habit trackers is definitely time-consuming, imagine how much time you’ll save with this template.

You can even choose different looks like succulents one or stay with a classic circle design.

Alternatively, you can print it out on sticker paper. Then you cut the mini trackers out and put them in your bullet journal notebook.

Yearly Free Printable Habit Tracker

yearly tracker
Yearly habit tracker from Bobbi Printables

On the other spectrum, maybe you prefer working with a yearly habit tracker. Just to let you know, filling a yearly habit tracker can be really challenging.

And yes, while having the yearly tracker fully completed after the whole year must be extremely satisfying, keeping it on a daily basis is hard.

However, I can definitely see myself using a yearly habit tracker for a maximum of two main new habits I want to develop.

Habit Tracker with Reward

habit tracker with star reward
Yearly habit tracker from Just Bright Ideas

As a rule, we tend to forget about the most important part when it comes to working on new habits: rewarding ourselves.

Definitely, you should treat yourself for your accomplishments. No matter if you finish your DIY project or run 3 miles for the first time in your life, rewarding yourself helps you stay motivated. And work even harder towards goals.

This habit tracker was designed with this in mind. Along with putting a habit, you have a space to write down your reward. Brilliant!

Circle Free Printable Habit Tracker

bullet journal circle tracker
Circle habit tracker from Journal Freaks
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Now, when you know about yearly, monthly, weekly habit tracker it’s time for you to choose maybe free printable habit tracker templates with a unique design.

The circle habit tracker is pretty popular among bullet journalists and/or the planner community.

However, creating a circle habit tracker requires a lot of patience, skills, and tools like for example this one:

For this reason, the free circle habit tracker printable is a great option to have this specific tracker design without spending a ton of time and energy on it. 

Creative Habit Tracker Printables

habit tracker pdf template
Abstract habit tracker from Strenght Essence

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something even more unique, feel free to choose creative habit tracker printables like this abstract one…

flower habit tracker
Abstract habit tracker from The Artisan Life

…or with flower art.

Dedicated Habit Tracker Templates

Another category of free printable habit tracker templates is the dedicated ones for solving a specific problem.

For example, if you want to fix your sleeping problems, the sleep tracker helps you to monitor your sleep patterns. 

Similarly, you know that staying hydrated is crucial for your wellbeing but you constantly forget about drinking water. In this case, the water tracker reminds you to do it.

Also, keeping a step tracker motivates you to fill in the highest number of steps you’re capable of walking at the end of a day.

When it comes to goal tracker, breaking this daunted goal into small, actionable steps will make it a little less overwhelmed. And definitely doable. Besides, you can easily see whether you go in the right direction. Or rather become distracted.

On the other hand, a workout tracker helps stick to a daily exercise routine.

Here are my favorite dedicated free printable habit tracker templates:

Sleep Tracker

sleep tracker
Sleep tracker from MHP

Water Tracker

water tracker
Water tracker from The Crazy Craft Lady

Step Tracker

step free printable habit tracker
Step tracker from Moritz Fine Design

100 Day Goal Tracker

goal tracker
Goal tracker from Smitha Katti

Workout Tracker

workout tracker free printable habit
Workout tracker available in my resource library

Free Printable Habit Tracker Stickers

habit tracker stickers
Habit tracker stickers from Lovely Planner
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These cute habit tracker stickers work great as a planner insert or bullet journal sticker.

Again, you can either glue it in your notebook or print them out on sticker paper. 

For planners, you may want to laminate it firstly, punch holes and add it to your binder.

My favorite habit tracker free printable stickers are the ones above.

The template includes 16 boxes.

Each box has 21 circles for 21 days (3 weeks) and a place for 3 habits.

Also, it comes in 8 vivid colors.

For this reason, it’ll be a great decorative accent in your planner or bullet journal.

Free Printable Habit Tracker – Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, tracking my new good habit helped me tremendously improve my everyday life. As a result, I became a happier, healthier, and more productive person.

Firstly, I created a monthly or weekly habit tracker in my bullet journal. Sometimes I even decorate a bujo spread with lettering or doodles. But obviously, it’d work even if I didn’t do it.

However, I noticed that using a habit tracker as a printable hanging on a whiteboard motivated me even more. 

Although I love bullet journaling, I prefer seeing my free printable habit tracker template during the entire day. It definitely, makes me think about these new habits more often.

No matter whether you choose free bullet journal printables or planner templates, a habit tracker page is a must. Because there’s no better way to grow as a person by replacing bad habits with good or at least better habits. Good luck!

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planner free template habit tracker

Free Printable Habit Tracker