No matter how small space is, one can always make the most of it when they are creative. IKEA also provides great tools that inspire creativity and help you build the coziest and stylish space.

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Your balcony can become more than that extra space you almost never get to use. With DIY IKEA hacks, you get get a chance to express your personality and style in even the smallest spaces. Here are some hacks that will help you make the most of your balcony.


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5 Fantastic Ikea Hacks Ideas That’ll Completely Transform Your Small Balcony


I. Hanging Garden

Utilizing the wall of a small space is a great way to bring it to life. You can turn these hanging baskets into great planters. This seagrass hanging planter hack allows to both bring life to your small space and express your style.

Image courtesy of Burkatron

You also get your favorite plants close to you. The different sizes of the baskets also add a special appeal to your balcony. What better way to spice up your balcony than adding a unique touch of greenery.

II. A Pop Of Color With A Bench

A pop of color always looks good when it is well incorporated into space. Combine a bench with a pop of color with the DIY hack , and you get another way of bringing life to your balcony.

Talk about bringing a bland space to life, and this is a great back for that. You could also leave a few inches off the legs to keep a bit of the bland color of the bench.

Image courtesy of Sarah Hearts

Benches are also great ways of maximizing small spaces, as they can also be made cozy with blankets and pillows.

III. Acacia Wood Plant Stand

It is another IKEA hack for incorporating greenery into your home. Instead of the white plates that come with this IKEA stand , you could go for acacia wood.

You have to get your hands dirty though because you need to change the plates that came with it originally and use glue and screws to make it stay.

If you’re also particularly about getting your plants off the floor, this is a great hack for you as well.

Image courtesy of Sugar & Cloth

IV. Bevkam Stool As A Colorful Item, Plant Stand And Bookshelf

Bevkam step stool is a great IKEA product to maximize a small space. Now you get to maximize your balcony space and add personality with the colorful design.

You also get a place to keep books permanently on your balcony, so you don’t have to keep carrying them around. There is also the pop of color that comes with the hack. Everyone could use a pop of color on their balconies.

Image courtesy of this little street

V. Unique Candle Holders

This hack provides unique and stylish candle holders that are perfect for balconies. These candle holders are also available in a variety of patterns, so you could choose one that forms. You can both functionality and a touch of style with this hack.

Image courtesy of Jacquelyn Clark

IKEA hacks are great ways of expressing your personality and style even in the smallest space. Hope you were inspired to turn your balcony into your personal space with these hacks.

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