Spring is just behind the corner. You would like to incorporate more plants into your tiny apartment. Having an indoor garden can be a great addition to your home’s aesthetic value. The best thing is that there are loads of indoor gardening ideas you can use.

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If you are trying to give your home a facelift, try the following ideas like terrarium or corner garden. Here are seven incredible indoor garden ideas you need to try this Spring.

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7 Incredible Indoor Garden Ideas You Need To Try This Spring

I. Terrarium

Apart from being easy to implement, the terrarium is definitely a low-maintenance option for your indoor garden. All you need is any form of a glass bowl, potting mix, some succulents, and some bright shells or stones. Succulents are not hard to take care of. All you need is to water them at most once a week.

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II. Corner Garden

Your house has many corners, no doubt. Pick one of these and make it a greenery wall . Plants need light, so pick a spot that’s well lit. Use a table or bookshelf to hold watering cans as well as potted plants.

Image courtesy of The Merrythought

III. Indoor Trellis

There are many ways to bring life to your walls. One of these is displaying potted plants against the background of one of your white walls. Use nails and thin wooden strips to make a trellis pattern. You might want to secure the plants onto the wood using nails and leather holders. If you have pegboard , why don’t you go ahead and use them?

Image courtesy of Vintage Revivals

IV. Ladder Garden

It is possible for you to impress your guests using a tiered garden. Use an old ladder or one purchased at a cheap price. Make a shelf using planks of wood on each of the steps. Watch out for ladder rungs that are uneven on one side. You will need to add an extra wooden piece to prop up the shelf onto the ‘shorter’ rung. After painting the ladder, leave it to dry. Just then, decorate it using tiny potted plants.

Image courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

V. Leather Planter Gardens

Did you know that leather can be a great indoor gardening idea? One way you can implement this is using leather sling planters. Once you have bought the leather, cut it into triangles or circles. Next, you will attach to the shapes some grommets. Once you have tied the ropes in place, hang the leather shapes from the ceiling in one or two corners of your home.

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VI. Angled Herb Garden

Did you know that you can have all the herbs for your cooking right from your indoor garden? You need to put these in places with adequate light. As for the design, you can go with any of the previously canvassed ideas. Only make sure that you use chalkboard paint or chalk to label each of the herbs. Your cooking will never be the same.

Image courtesy of Happiness is creating

VII. Hanging Indoor Gardens

Ever heard of the hanging gardens of Babylon? You can create your own version using simple cord. That’s especially if you already have a house that can be described as glamorous. You will require a small wooden, white container. Get some cord from the hardware and attach to it. You can then hang it from the ceiling or a wall. After that, put the potted plants in place.

Image courtesy of DIY Candy

What are you waiting for? Get creative with your indoor gardening.

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