Kids Toy Storage Ideas : Declutter Your Child’s Room With These 7 Genius Ikea Hacks

Kids Toy Storage Ideas : Declutter Your Child’s Room With These 7 Genius Ikea Hacks


Kids bring so much joy, as well as clutter, to homes. Sooner or later you wake up in the middle of the night to drink water. You get up and after a few steps, you feel an enormous amount of pain in your feet.

Well, you know the rest of the story. Every parent does.

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To handle the toys and extra items kids love to play with, you should establish an effective storage system. Otherwise, the clutter might just overwhelm you.


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Kids Toy Storage Ideas : Declutter Your Child’s Room With These 7 Genius Ikea Hacks


I. IKEA Train And Activity Table

This hack serves two purposes, provides a play area and storage spaces. This is also a pretty simple hack. So, you get the IKEA Trofast frame, storage boxes, and a white table top. Then, you attach the frame to the table top and put the boxes underneath.

If you have kids that love train toys or any similar toy around the house, this is one hack you need.

Image courtesy of The Crazy Craft Lady

II. Book Sling Hack

Thinking of fun ways to keep your kids books and save space, this is one hack that you need. You need a pillow cover, an IKEA Grundtal rail, gum and sewing materials for this one. Make holes on the pillow cover that you would pass the rails through on each end with sewing materials and gum. Then pass the rails through the hole and attach it to the wall.

The pattern of the pillow cover also adds a unique style to the room.

Image courtesy of Grillo Designs

III. IKEA Spice Rack

When it comes to books, I love an idea of using IKEA spice rack as book storage. The best part is that you can paint it in different colors.

IV. IKEA Billy Bookshelf Hack

With this hack , you convert a bookshelf into a dress-up closet that could be used for storing items which range from costumes to toys. Assemble the bookshelf partly and add a wood dowel rod. Afterward, spray the bookshelf turned dress-up closet with your preferred color and cover it with polycrylic.

Image courtesy of Rain On The Tin Roof

V. IKEA Lego Table

This hack is pretty simple and provides both a lego table and a storage item. Attach Lego plates to the IKEA side table with sticky-back Velcro pieces and attach the Legos.

You can also add a storage box to ensure that toys are properly packed afterward. Another thing about this hack is that the table is movable and can be stored away after use.

Image courtesy of The Decorated Cookie

VI. IKEA Billy Bookcase Dollhouse

This dollhouse hack solves two problems. It provides fun activities for kids, and it helps store toys. With this hack, you convert the bookcase into a dollhouse by adding partitions to the bookcase and painting it in a fun color – everyone knows that white is not an appropriate color for a dollhouse.

No dollhouse is complete without a roof, and this one includes a vinyl roof. There’s one more way to use this dollhouse, like a bookshelf when the child outgrows the dollhouse.

Image courtesy of The DIY Village

VII. Moppe Hack

You will love the fact that this rather easy way to paint the IKEA Moppe mini storage chest results in amazing strong graphic look. The whole tutorial you can find here.

Keeping toys away is a deliberate process. As kids grow up, they go through several phases with toys. The earlier you found a system that organizes toys, the better.

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