Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier


For most people, the kitchen is that part of their homes where dirt is most unwanted. An untidy kitchen can be both unsightly and unwelcoming.

Also, a dirty kitchen can create an entry point for germs. As much as most people always want their kitchen to be clean, most of the kitchen activities generate dirt, from baking to cooking bigger meals.

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Thus, cleaning hacks are needed to keep one’s kitchen in the cleanest state. Here are some kitchen cleaning hacks.


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10 Unknown Kitchen Cleaning Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier


I. Cleaning The Cooktop

Clean the cooktop of your kitchen quickly and effectively by applying a dish wash then baking powder and hydrogen peroxide. Afterward, scrub the cooktop with a simple brush and wipe it clean. You get a sparkling clean cooktop.

This super quick hack found on Clean Mama.

II. Removing Water Spots From Stainless Steel

After a while, stainless steel kitchenware begins to develop water spots. To easily remove these water spots from sinks, clean and dry the sink. Then sprinkle distilled vinegar and add apply baking soda. Allow them to sit in properly and clean to remove the spots and a spot-free surface.

III. Removing Baked-On Grease From Kitchenware

If you do a lot of baking, you will definitely have to deal with baked-on grease. To get this grease off your pans and pots, apply dish soap and scrub in circles with an extreme sponge that will remove all the grades very easily and effectively.

IV. Deep Cleaning Your Refrigerator

It is important to deep clean your refrigerator to keep it fresh smelling and clean. Tackle the tough areas with a cloth soaked in a cleaning solution, use a warm cleaning solution to clean out the drawers. Those closed unreachable spots can be tackles with a cotton bud.

Get the recipe on Hello Glow

V. Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

With this hack, you get a shiny and clean kitchen cabinet. Firstly, mix baking powder and vinegar to get a slurry. Then with a sponge, apply this slurry to the cabinet and clean away.

You can find the recipe on The Country Chic Cottage

VI. Cleaning Oven Glass Door

The oven glass door is one part of the kitchen that can be easily ignored. Instead of ignoring or enduring your dirty oven glass door, use magical erasers to clean the door, and watch all the grime disappear.

This great tip I found on Polished Habitat

VII. Cleaning The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is that part of the kitchen that requires constant and effective cleaning. You can achieve effective cleaning with baking soda, lime, distilled vinegar, and a cleaning solution. Allow the ingredients soak away before cleaning though.

Check out the whole process on Apartment Therapy

VIII. Cleaning Kitchen Faucet

Considering the fact that water for cooking and drinking are gotten from kitchen faucets in several homes, it is important to keep it germ-free always. One cleaning hack for kitchen faucets is to wrap it in around a big bag full of vinegar for 20 minutes. The faucet should be wrapped around the bag with a rubber band. Remove the bag after the allocated time and clean. You get a germ-free kitchen faucet.

This DIY cleaning hack I found on Mom 4 Real

IX. Making Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Homemade detergents are available in different flavors including lemon lemonade and are known to be fresh smelling and effective. These detergents tackle tough stains and keep your kitchen sparkling.

For recipe go to Bren Did

X. Natural Microwave Cleaning Hack

With this hack, you get a simple way of removing those very tough stains. Cut lemons in a bowl of water and turn on your microwave for about 3 minutes. Turn it off and leave the bowl inside to allow its steam act on the tough stains. Afterward, wipe the stains off, and you have a clean microwave.

These hacks have proven that it is possible to have a clean kitchen without investing all of one’s time into cleaning.

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