Small Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas

Small Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas


You wish for more kitchen space, but most times you don’t get that wish. So you have to make do with the space you have. One way of making that space much more bigger is by organizing it properly.

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This piece brings you kitchen pantry organization ideas you wish you knew earlier. With these tips, you will find that you can have the bigger space you always wanted.


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9 Brilliant Small Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas That’ll Save You A Ton Of Space


I. Convert Your Shelves To Drawers

The thing with shelves, especially the deep ones, is that items could get lost in them and eat space. You could avoid that by converting them into drawers which are more efficient as storage facilities. No item will ever get lost in drawers.

Image courtesy of The DIY Village

II. Use Slimmer Containers

Slimmer containers occupy less width and more height. With a slimmer container, you get to maximize the height of your pantry that is most likely usually occupied by air. Slimmer containers are ideal for storing different items, especially dry goods.

Image courtesy of Polished Habitat

III. Hang As Many Items As Possible

Most time, we tend to forget that the door is also part of the pantry and can be maximized. Try hanging more food bags and cutlery. Maximizing a small space is all about being creative with that space.

Image courtesy of Bless’er House

IV. Roll Up Plastic Bags

The clutter from plastic bags is enough to steal up your precious pantry space. Instead of allowing that, organize the plastic bags, roll them up and store them in one of the slim containers we talked about earlier.

Image courtesy of everyday organizing

V. Get Wire Baskets

A lot of things can take up your kitchen space can comfortably stay in wire baskets. You will also find a lot of spaces to hang the wire baskets you get. The key with this tip is to organize items smartly and maximize hanging spaces.

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VI. Divide Your Pantry Into Zones

This tip seems like an easy one, but it can also slip by very quickly. When you organize your pantry into zones, it saves you space and time. You save space because you could easily stack up items based on the frequency of use. You time because you know where everything should be.

Image courtesy of Just Girl And Her Blog

VII. Get More Containers

Containers organize kitchen items and are great ways of saving space. You will find out that your pantry has more space than you thought when you put items into containers, preferably tall ones.

Image courtesy of Taryn Whiteaker

VIII. Use Mesh Bags

Vegetables and fruits will be better organized in a mesh bag. Mesh bags provide compact storage for them and also saves the stress of the peels that litter the pantry now and then. Mesh bags will also offer proper preservation.

You can find get mesh bags on Amazon

VIII. Label Everything

There are days when you wouldn’t want to spend time distinguishing similar ingredients and items. With labels, you never get those days. Labeling items save you stress and make you more efficient. You can also be more strategic with your organization when containers are labeled.

Image courtesy of The Creativity Exchange

The key to a better-organized kitchen pantry lies in both creativity and effective use of space.

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