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March Bullet Journal Ideas

With the new season approaching, today I want to share with you my favorite March bullet journal ideas.

So for those of you who are still wondering what to put onto the 2024 march bullet journal pages, here you’ll discover amazing bujo inspiration and notebook ideas such as:

  • March bullet journal theme ideas
  • bullet journal cover page
  • bullet journal page ideas

Also, you may like the following March freebies I designed to celebrate the upcoming spring:

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Let’s dive right in!

Bullet Journal Supplies

Before you start to explore bullet journal ideas, let’s talk about bullet journal supplies for a second.

Although digital bullet journaling is still a kinda controversial thing to do in a bujo world, I decided to set up my March bullet journal on an iPad.

And I have to admit – setting up a digital bujo was so much quicker than the analog one. At least for me.

As a 100% perfectionist, being able to fix mistakes in less than seconds, decorating my bujo was easy-peasy.

Also, I loved the fact that I was able to upload images instead of printing them out.

Additionally, having a digital notebook with hyperlinked tabs makes the entire planner organization so much easier. Not to mention that you can add how many pages you want and remove them with ease.

So definitely, I see great potential in digital bullet journaling.

When it comes to my digital bullet journal supplies, I used four tools:

  • iPad
  • Apple pen
  • GoodNotes 5 app
  • a digital notebook

However, for those of you who prefer analog bullet journaling, here are my favorite bullet journal supplies for March.

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March Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

plant theme March bullet journal

First and foremost, let’s focus on March bullet journal themes.

As a rule, most bullet journalists are already done with winter vibes.

Basically, you just can’t wait to explore Spring with warmer and longer days, a lighter color palette, and awakened greenery.

Along with this, it’s no wonder that you want to include some Spring mood in your bullet journal pages for March.

With this in mind, below you can find my favorite March bullet journal theme ideas:

  • nature (green leaves, birds, butterflies)
  • plants (cactus, succulents, air plants, monstera)
  • forest in a bottle
  • flowers 
  • fruit
  • bike
  • boho vibes
  • retro vibes
  • rainbow
  • sunny weather
  • St. Patrick’s Day

March Bullet Journal Cover Page

march cover ideas bujo

Now, when you choose your March bullet journal theme, it’s time to design your hello March page.

Although it might be a little bit overwhelming, creating your March bullet journal’s first page, keep in mind that it’s 100% obligatory.

In other words, bujo is all about having fun, and getting your creative juices flowing while being productive and organized.

And if you suddenly feel anxious about doodling or drawing, just let it go.

Basically, skip this step and move to another March bullet journal layout.

However, for those of you who love making artistic bullet journal covers, just think about:

  • your style (for example, minimalist vs busy cover)
  • color palette (for example, pastel tones vs bright colors)
  • bullet journal font (for example modern font vs script font)

For example, I created my March bullet journal cover page very minimalistic.

Basically, I drew a very simple floral doodle and put a pastel green background (aka basic highlighter stroke).

When it comes to font, I chose an easy handwriting one and divided each of the letters with a black dot.

To be honest, this March bullet journal cover took me maybe 5 minutes, but the end effect is really pretty.

March Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

march monthly spread bullet journal

After setting up your bullet journal’s first page, you need a space to put your monthly goals, events, appointments, and deadlines.

For this reason, I think the bullet journal monthly spread is a must-have page you simply want to include in your March bujo.

For instance, I created my March monthly calendar in a classic way – a simple table with 7 columns and 5 rows.

Also, I draw two simple boxes – one is for my monthly goals, and one is for next month’s tasks.

Along with this, I decorated this bujo monthly log with an easy flower doodle with paste green blop and write a short quote “let spring begin”.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas for March

weekly layout bullet journal march

Also, along with the bujo monthly spread, planning your entire week ahead is a great way to get things done, stay on track, and boost your productivity game.

For example, I like to divide one page into 5 rows instead of 7 rows because I usually have the most things to do on weekdays only.

However, I leave space for some weekend activities, weekly goals, and next week’s tasks.

Similar to the previous bujo spread, I put the same minimalist flower doodle in the right corner and write a proper date.

March Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Now, when you set up your basic notebook pages, think about what bullet journal collections you need to create in your March bullet journal setup.

Below you find a list of easy March bullet journal ideas that will help you prepare yourself, your home, your wardrobe, or even plants for Spring.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

march mood tracker

Firstly, one of the most popular collections is a bullet journal mood tracker.

Apart from being an amazing tool for tracking your feelings, emotions, and triggers, it can be so much fun coming up with a mood tracker page’s design.

Basically, your March mood tracker could be a Monstera leaf, a shamrock (hello, St.Patrick’s Day), or spring flowers – the only limit is your imagination.

For instance, my March mood tracker is basically the same flower doodle but bigger.

During the entire month, I’ll fill in the small circles with color-coding moods accordingly.

March Quotes for Bullet Journal

minimalist bullet journal quote page

Also, March is all about waking up.

Starting a new project, and encountering major life changes may be daunting.

With this in mind, you may need something to lift your spirits.

And yes, a bullet journal quote page can help you stay motivated and calm.

For example, my favorite March quotes for the bullet journal are:

Every day is a potential seed that we can grow into something beautiful (Austin Kleon)

Be happy with what you have while working for what you want (Helen Keller)

Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose (Oprah Winfrey)

For my March bullet journal quote page, I chose Helen Keller’s quote and decorate it with the same cute flower doodle.

Spring Cleaning Spreads

Undoubtedly, preparing your entire home for Spring can be painful.

However, I’m a strong believer in having a cleaning plan.

With this in mind, creating bullet journal spring cleaning pages will help you break this overwhelming task into smaller, more digestible steps.

Definitely, simplifying your home with decluttering lists, breaking all of the cleaning tasks down, and creating a cleaning schedule is a recipe for success.

Capsule Wardrobe Page

Speaking of spring cleaning, you may also want to declutter your closet and plan a spring capsule wardrobe in your bullet journal.

Generally, all you have to do is to create a list of essential clothing pieces you need for spring.

Also, feel free to include inspiration outfit ideas, color palettes, new trends, etc.

Room Design Planner

After cleaning your house, it’s time to prepare your apartment for a new season.

With this in mind, creating design pages in your notebook can help you plan your remodel or renovation project step by step.

Definitely, these bullet journal pages should include such bujo spreads like:

  • inspiration board
  • color scheme
  • to-do list
  • design elements’ details
  • budget layout
  • shopping list

Bullet Journal Plant Tracker

march plant care layout bujo

Last but not least, the so helpful bullet journal page for home is a plant care tracker.

Indeed, indoor and outdoor plants need to be taken care of.

By tracking all your plants’ care, you make sure you don’t over – or underwater them or exposed them to temperatures above or below what they tolerate.

Now I hope my pilea peperomioides aka Chinese money plant will grow happy and beautiful.

What To Eat In A March Bullet Journal Page

Additionally, every month I like to prepare a list of seasonal fruit and veggies.

It helps me tremendously to plan healthy meals on a budget.

Btw, I also use a bullet journal for meal planning

Irish Recipe Bullet Journal Page

Speaking of meal planning, March is a perfect month to explore Irish cuisine.

Definitely, the artistic bullet journal recipe page allows you not only to get your creative juices flowing but also to discover new tastes and textures. 

For example, this coddle recipe sounds so delicious (all props to Irish comfort food).

Irish Music Playlist

Also, you can celebrate St.Patric’s day by creating an Irish music playlist.

Apart from exploring Irish culture, you’ll uplift your bullet journal pages by making a playlist tracker.

Bullet Journal Doodles

Another way to unleash your creativity in March is to create a daily March doodle challenge.

Basically, every single day you doodle something connected with a theme.

In other words, feel free to doodle spring flowers, St.Patric’s day elements, green leaves, etc. 

Before you say you just can’t draw, check out these simple step-by-step doodle tutorials and easy flower doodles for bullet journals.

Planning Vacation Bullet Journal Spread

Undoubtedly, Spring is a great time for planning your vacation.

Although sometimes it seems to be hard work, I assure you that creating travel bullet journal spreads can bring you a lot of joy.

First of all, I’d start by writing down all places you want to go.

Making a travel bucket list is so much fun.

March Bullet Journal – Final Thoughts

As you can see, a bullet journal for march can be as well a planning tool as a kind of art journal.

Undoubtedly, creating seasonal bullet journal spreads helps tremendously to live intentionally, according to the season.

Also, it allows you to prepare for upcoming tasks and challenges and put your life together.

Have fun setting up your March bullet journal. Good luck!

March Bujo Ideas and Inspiration