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Multiplication Charts Printable Free Templates

Multiplication charts printable free templates are a convenient way to help your child conquer the multiplication table.

Undoubtedly, these multiplication charts printable files make learning the multiplication table easier and less frustrating.

Generally, multiplying can be tricky.

However, introducing your child to a visual resource such as multiplication charts printable templates help start mastering the basics.

Unquestionably, a multiplication chart and table are ideal tools to use when you’re starting.

For this reason, my free printable charts are quick and easy to download, making them the perfect addition to any math lesson plan.

So without further ado, download them now and help your child master the multiplication table.

Along with this, I add some helpful learning tips to make the process even more enjoyable.

Multiplication Charts Free Printables

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In this blog post, I share with you a couple of aesthetic multiplication charts free printables, including:

  • to 20 worksheets (colored, black & white, blank) + tables
  • 1-15 multiplication charts (colored, black & white, blank) + tables
  • to 12 multiplication charts (colored, black & white, blank) + tables
  • 1-10 multiplication charts (colored, black & white, blank) + tables

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Multiplication Charts Printable Free Templates 1-20

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1-20 Multiplication Tables

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multiplication  table free 1x20

Despite the fact that the modern world gives us access to calculators, it’s still important to learn the multiplication table.

As a rule, kids usually ask why they need to learn the multiplication table when they have smartphones.

With this in mind, I came up with a super easy example.

Let’s assume, you need to buy 5 packs of chips.

Each pack costs $3.

Then the cashier tells you that you pay $20.

If you know the multiplication table, you’ll quickly realize the cashier’s mistake.

In another case, you’ll lose $5.

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to teach multiplication is by using real-world examples that your kids can relate to.

Moreover, this helps to make the learning process more engaging and meaningful.

Multiplication Charts Printable Free Templates 1-15

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1-15 Multiplication Tables

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Also, learning the multiplication table takes time.

Definitely, the entire process may seem daunting to children.

With this in mind, here’re a few tricks to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Before you start, make sure your kids (and you) feel rested and full so you can focus.

Along with these, get rid of any distractions and set a timer.

In my opinion, a little goes a long way so 15 minutes sounds reasonable.

Last but not least, enthusiasm is key here.

In other words, make it a fun experience to encourage positive learning outcomes.

Multiplication Charts Printable Free Templates 1-12

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1-12 Multiplication Tables

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simple multiplication  table  free download 1-12

Additionally, before you dive into more complex multiplication problems, it’s essential to build a solid foundation.

What I mean by that is to show kids how to count with sticks, beans, or cubes.

It’ll help to understand what multiplication is and how it works.

Next, show your kids that multiplication is nothing else than repeatedly adding the same number.

For instance, if you want to teach the multiplication of 4×5, simply write this equation as 4+4+4+4+4=20.

Definitely, this method is particularly useful for visual learners who need to see the concept in action.

Multiplication Charts Printable Free Templates 1-10

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1-100 Multiplication Tables

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simple 1 to 10  free download

Download Multiplication Charts!

Get multiplication charts printable free pdf here!

Also, don’t forget to print blank multiplication worksheets.

Unquestionably, a blank multiplication chart is an excellent way to help children learn the basics.

Basically, it’s a grid containing numbers arranged in rows and columns.

To use the blank multiplication chart, start by having the child fill in the boxes with the answers to basic multiplication facts.

In other words, the easiest way to complete this math worksheet is by starting with these simple rules:

  • multiplying any number by 1 always gives the same number
  • when multiplying by 10, always add 0 to the multiplied number, and you get the result
  • when multiplied by 9, the sum of the digits of the result will always be 9 (3×9=27 –> 2+7=9)
  • multiplication is commutative, which means that 2×5 has the same result as 5×2 (definitely, it’s a huge relief that there’s only half of the multiplication table to learn)

Then, encourage them to complete the remaining empty spaces correctly.

By practicing this way, children will become more confident in their math skills.

Undoubtedly, these math worksheets are a powerful tool for teaching multiplication.

As a result, kids are able to visualize the relationship between numbers.

In other words, by seeing the patterns, they learn them easier and quicker.

Additionally, there’re other math activities you can use to teach your kids the multiplication table.

For example:

  • playing a multiplication card game (you need two decks of cards with the numbers 1 through 10. Each player draws two cards and multiplies them together. The player with the highest product wins the round).
  • creating a multiplication song with a popular tune and changing the lyrics to include multiplication facts.
  • playing with flashcards

Multiplication Charts Free Math Worksheets – Final Thoughts

To sum up, learning multiplication charts requires patience and consistent effort.

As a rule, most students won’t be able to master the chart in a day or two.

For this reason, it’s important to break the process down into small, manageable steps and build upon each step.

For instance, a good place to start is learning how to multiply by 1s, 2s, and 10s.

These are relatively easy operations for anyone beginning the journey.

Then move to learn how to multiply by 5 and 9.

Although regular practice is crucial to mastering multiplication, keep in mind that it takes time to learn the entire multiplication table.

With this in mind, try not to overwhelm children by asking them and immediately recalling all the answers in one go.

Moreover, praise and appreciate your kids’ efforts even if they’re not perfect.

Time spent together, favorite games – even the smallest reward is a great positive reinforcement to keep your kids motivated.

With patience, consistency, and lots of encouragement your child will soon be a pro at multiplication charts.

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