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Notion Template Aesthetic Free Download

In this blog post, you’ll find the best Notion template aesthetic free download.

Basically, it’s a great solution (not only) for students who want to customize their workspace and make it look more appealing.

But getting started with Notion can become pretty overwhelming.

Indeed, this super cool productivity tool has so many features.

From task management to note-taking, project tracking, and database management, you may quickly feel daunted.

With this in mind, I designed aesthetic Notion templates to simplify the setup process.

This template has a modern and minimalist design, making it an excellent choice if you prefer simplicity and elegance.

In other words, you’ll get a solid foundation to start working on.

Notion Template Aesthetic Dashboard

anja home free Notion template aesthetic

For example, the following free Notion template includes the following pages:

  • aesthetic Notion dashboard
  • daily planner
  • journal
  • weekly planner
  • monthly planner
  • bookshelf (aka reading tracker)
  • monthly budget
  • wishlist
  • workout planner
  • meal planner
  • self-care routine
  • vision board
  • goal planner
  • student planner
  • brain dump

With this Notion templates aesthetic free download, you’re able to organize your personal and student life) by creating a clean and professional-looking workspace.

Along with this, I share with you my favorite features and benefits of free aesthetic Notion templates.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Notion templates and explore the best aesthetic designs you can use for free.

Notion Template Aesthetic Dashboard

notion template aesthetic free dashboard homepage ideas

The very first Notion template you see is an aesthetic dashboard.

For those who use Notion as a productivity tool, keeping a well-organized dashboard is a game changer.

Basically, it allows you to have a single view of all your important Notion pages.

In this case, I divided pages into five categories:

  • personal
  • self-care
  • goals
  • academia
  • other

Additionally, I added boho cute images in a mustard color palette.

In my opinion, keeping an aesthetic Notion dashboard encourages you to use this awesome tool more frequently.

At least, in my case, I love to work with aesthetic productivity tools.

Also, feel free to add your favorite quote or yearly intention at the very beginning.

Definitely, using cute images and powerful words help you stay focused on your goals.

And having planning pages, available in the same place really pushes you through challenges to reach your desired outcome.

Aesthetic Notion Templates Personal Planner

Daily Planner

daily planner notion layout ideas

Undoubtedly, a Notion daily planner is a helpful tool for daily planning, which involves organizing tasks, events, and activities for each day in advance.

Basically, you create a roadmap for your day.

As a result, you’re sure you’re making the most efficient use of time.

Indeed, having a clear understanding of what and when needs to be done helps reduce stress and stay focused.

Additionally, daily planning allows you to track progress and identify areas where you may need to adjust your schedule.

As a result, you develop strong time-management skills which lead to building healthy habits.

Overall, by working with this Notion template aesthetic daily planner you stay organized and productive in your daily life.

While a daily planner may seem like just a simple tool for organization, it can also serve as a vehicle for self-reflection and positive self-talk.

Taking a few moments each day to write down encouraging affirmations or kind words has the power to cultivate a positive mindset and boost overall well-being.

By consistently acknowledging your own worth and potential, you’re more likely to take on challenges with confidence and resilience.

For this reason, I included places for daily intention and random thoughts.

Notion Journal Page

notion journal template aesthetic free

Speaking of self-reflection, the next aesthetic Notion template is a journal page.

Unquestionably, journaling is a great way to gain insights into your thoughts and emotions.

For example, you can make notes of your observations and inner monologues.

Indeed, getting to know yourself in the present moment can be very beneficial for personal growth, so it’s important not to dwell too much on the past.

Letting go of old patterns and limiting beliefs can help you take new actions toward positive change.

Also, feel free to use journal prompts.

It’ll help you to journal in a more structured and intentional way.

Basically, it’s a great starting point for jotting down your thoughts.

You overcome writer’s block by having a specific topic or theme to write about before you start.

Also, let’s talk about gratitude.

Keeping a gratitude log is one simple way to bring positivity and happiness into your life.

By taking the time to reflect on the things you are grateful for, you cultivate a mindset of abundance and joy.

It may seem challenging at first, especially when life gets tough.

However, focusing on even the smallest moments leads to big changes in your well-being.

In fact, research suggests that practicing gratitude can increase self-awareness and activate the law of attraction, leading to more positive experiences overall.

So why not make it a daily routine?

Set aside some time each morning or evening to jot down three things you are thankful for, and watch as your appreciation for life grows over time.

Weekly Planner

notion weekly planner template aesthetic

This simple weekly planner includes a minimalist weekly log with a designated space for weekly goals and random thoughts.

Undoubtedly, weekly planning is an effective way to stay organized and on track with your tasks and goals.

By using a minimalist Notion weekly planner, you focus on the most important tasks for the week, while also having space to jot down any random thoughts or ideas that come up.

With a designated space for weekly goals, you also prioritize what needs to be accomplished and ensure that you’re making progress toward goals.

Whether you use it for work, school, or personal tasks, a simple weekly planner can help you be more productive and efficient with your time.

Monthly Planner

notion calendar template aesthetic free

This Notion template aesthetic free download contains a simple monthly calendar for important dates such as birthdays, events, medical appointments, school projects, meetings, etc.

Notion Reading List Template (Bookshelf)

notion reading list template aesthetic

Generally, keeping a reading list is a great way to keep track of the books you want to read and the books you have already read.

By creating a list, you can easily reference it when you’re looking for your next book to read or when you want to revisit a book you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Along with these, feel free to use a reading list as a source of motivation.

Because you’re able to see your progress and feel a sense of accomplishment, you probably start to become a real bookworm.

Additionally, keeping a reading list helps you diversify your reading choices, as you intentionally choose books from a variety of genres or authors.

Monthly Budget Notion template

notion budget template aesthetic free

Creating a successful monthly budget is essential for managing your finances.

To get started, use a budget Notion template to list out all of your income sources and expenses.

When it comes to budgeting your income, simply write down all your potential income and estimate the overall amount.

Obviously, it’s pretty tricky to do it, if you’re self-employed or a tipped employee.

In this case, take the average of what you bring home during each month to use as the basis for setting up your budget.

After you budget your monthly income, move to your monthly expenses.

Firstly, start with fixed expenses.

Basically, fixed expenses are those that stay the same each month such as rent, internet bills, student loan payments, car payments, etc.

As a result, you’ll be able to better plan out how much money you have left to spend on other things.

Definitely, tracking expenses is crucial for managing personal finances.

By keeping a record of all the money spent, you gain a clearer understanding of where your money goes.

This aesthetic Notion template helps you identify areas where you overspend.

In other words, when you can see a red dot, you immediately know that you’re over the budget.

It allows you to make adjustments to your spending habits.


wishlist notion example

Along with an aesthetic Notion budget template, setting up a wishlist page is so helpful.

Not only does it allow you to keep track of the items you want to purchase in the future, but it also helps you prioritize your spending and avoid impulse buys.

By creating a wishlist page in Notion, you easily add items with details such as the price, store, and any notes or comments.

This way, when you have extra funds to spend, you refer to your wishlist and choose items that you have already thoughtfully considered and planned for.

Additionally, having a wishlist page can help you avoid overspending on items that may not be as important or necessary in the long run.

Overall, integrating a wishlist page into your budgeting process can help you make more informed spending decisions and stay on track with your financial goals.

Aesthetic Notion Templates Self-Care Planner

Workout Planner

notion workout tracker

Unquestionably, incorporating a weekly workout routine into your self-care practice is so important for maintaining physical and mental well-being.

Not only moving your body helps to improve physical health, but it also releases endorphins that boost mood and reduce stress.

To ensure that you’re staying on track with your fitness goals, using a workout tracker can be extremely helpful.

Basically, by tracking your workouts, you monitor your progress, identify areas where you may need to improve and celebrate your achievements.

Additionally, the Notion workout template helps you stay motivated and accountable.

With this Notion workout tracker, you’re able to create a fitness routine and track your progress.

Meal Planner

notion for recipes

Definitely, the biggest benefit of planning your meals is to take away the stress of figuring out what to make after a busy day.

Luckily, creating a meal planner is simple and easy with this meal planner Notion template.

Basically, all you have to do is to list all your favorite meals, according to category.

For example, I chose to stick with the basic categories such as breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner.

Also, you can write, copy or link to the recipe.

Then you simply select the specific meals in a weekly meal planner database.

As a rule, it takes literally a few minutes to come up with a weekly meal plan.

Undoubtedly, this Notion template makes it so easy to plan meals ahead of time and plan grocery lists.

So all you have to do is shop and cook accordingly.

Self-Care Routine

notion self care layout ideas

Having a self-care routine is important for maintaining physical, emotional, and mental health

Basically, it’s all about taking intentional and regular time for yourself to prioritize personal well-being.

In other words, having a self-care routine helps to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

By making self-care a priority, you can better manage their mental and emotional health.

Self-care is not a selfish act but rather an essential one for achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

It’s important to identify self-care activities that work best for you and to make them a consistent part of your routine.

This Notion self-care page example features a weekly checklist and a place for reflection.

Vision Board

notion vision board setup

As I mentioned before, there’s something magical in visualizing your dream life with aesthetic images and powerful words.

This is a cute Notion page to create a vision board as a part of goal setting process.

Goal Planner

notion goals template aesthetic

Speaking of goal setting, this Notion goals template aesthetic page allows you to set your goals, according to life categories.

In this case, I chose the following areas:

  • self-care
  • health
  • relationships
  • fitness
  • money
  • work

Also, it’s important to come up with action steps.

Only if you break down these big goals into smaller chunks, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.

Aesthetic Notion Templates Student Planner

student Notion page idea

This simple Notion template for students includes a database where you include all your courses.

In other words, each course has its own page.

Also, you get a timetable and an assignment tracker.

Definitely, it’s a great starting point to organize your student life.

Aesthetic Notion Templates Other Page

aesthetic notion templates free brain dump page

Last but not least, I created a separate page where you jot down your random thoughts, to-do’s, and ideas.

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