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November Bullet Journal Cover Ideas 2023

This is the ultimate list of November bullet journal cover ideas.

Yes, it sounds maybe a little bit arrogant, but…

After spending over three years on bullet journaling I think I’m able to choose the best bullet journal planner monthly covers.

With that being said, today you’ll discover:

  • easy bujo cover pages
  • artistic November planner cover ideas
  • simple hello pages for school notebooks

Obviously, there’s no cover without a monthly theme.

With this in mind, I’ll show you some creative and interesting November bujo themes.

By the way, it doesn’t have to be connected so strongly with fall like for example September bullet journal or October cover pages.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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November Bullet Journal Supplies

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As a rule, I always start this type of bujo inspiration blog post by choosing bullet journal supplies.

And while I know I recommend the same products over and over again, today I show you my favorite Tombow Dual brush pens’ color palette for November.

As you’ll see at the moment, there’s plenty of creative bullet journal ideas for the November cover.

Undoubtedly, muted fall colors will always be a great idea, however using pastels- well, it’s definitely out of my comfort zone.

Nevertheless, here’re a couple of my favorites:

  • 026 Yellow Gold
  • 062 Pale Yellow
  • 098 Avocado
  • 243 Mint
  • 452 Process Blue
  • 620 Lilac
  • 665 Purple
  • 679 Dark Plum
  • 800 Baby Pink
  • 837 Wine Red
  • 977 Saddle Brown

November Bullet Journal Cover Ideas

November Bullet Journal Cover Themes

Definitely, November is a strange month.

First of all, you’re probably tired of pumpkin everything.

Secondly, Halloween is already behind us (and incorporating the Halloween bullet journal theme was so much fun).

Thirdly, you can’t wait to decorate your empty notebook with some cute Christmas bullet journal ideas.

However, creating November bujo spreads with ornaments, gingerbread houses, and Santa Claus seems to be a little bit off.

At least for me.

With this in mind, here you can find some November bujo theme inspiration.


bujo notebook cover coffee theme

Sometimes the start of November means shorter days, less sunlight, and gloomy weather.

To get you out of a mid-morning slump, drinking a coffee sounds really nice.

Also, decorating your monthly bullet journal pages with coffee doodles will help you to deal with colder evenings.

And you have plenty of options to choose from.

For example, you can doodle:

  • Starbucks inspired pumpkin spice latte
  • cute Kawaii espresso
  • a double wall glass coffee cup with caramel macchiato

For instance, I decided to combine two November bullet journal themes: coffee and woodland.

Basically, I drew a cute hedgehog who’s relaxing on the coffee’s steam.

In my opinion, this November bullet journal cover turned out really pretty.


Speaking of woodland themes, there are so many approaches to execute it in your notebook.

For example, you can choose cute animal doodles in pastel colors.

Alternatively, feel free to doodle rustic wooden branches, fall leaves, acorns, keeping the color palette in a dark moody vibes.


fall theme bujo november title page

Again, there’s nothing wrong with fall bullet journal themes.

Although after two entire months doodling fall wreaths with leaves, acorns, pumpkins, mushrooms, I was happy to switch gears.


november bullet journal cover rainy days

For instance, I live in a climate where fall in November means rain.

And to be completely honest, it’s not my favorite type of weather.

However, when it comes to the November bullet journal theme, I love it.

Basically, think about drawing colorful rain boots, yellow umbrellas, or even gloomy grey sky.

For example, this November bullet journal cover was inspired by the “How I met your mother” series and the “Singing in the Rain” movie.

Definitely, a great combo for rainy days.


On the other hand, I can’t imagine November without adding a cozy, hygge style to my life.

And hygge is all about being comfortable.

So if you’re wondering how to add a hint of it to your bujo layouts, here’re some bullet journal doodle ideas:

  • warm sweater
  • knitted socks
  • hot chocolate
  • candles
  • soup (and other comfort food)


Along with these, I noticed that whimsical themes are quite popular for the November bullet journal.

Crystals, magic elixirs, stars, moon, constellation-all these elements create whimsical notebook decoration.

Minimalist Themes

Alternatively, feel free to stick with simple cover ideas.

As you know, I love minimalist bullet journal designs.

Sometimes all you need is to choose basic things or shape and keep it monochromatic, but still interesting.

November Bullet Journal Cover Ideas – Final Thoughts

November is almost here and it’s time to start getting your bullet journal ready.

Although sometimes it could be challenging to enjoy this month, I try to appreciate it.

Definitely, I’m grateful for the leaves changing color and slowly falling off the trees, the very crisp cold air that almost hurts your lungs (but it’s what you’ve been missing for all summer), Thanksgiving dinner with friends & family, and of course the start of the holiday season.

Also, I can finally put away all those bright fun colors and go for something more muted.

Recently I’ve realized that November isn’t just about the month, it’s also about my life-changing.

And bullet journaling has been a life-changer for me. 

Although I used to be so bad at keeping any type of planners, now it’s my favorite thing.

Definitely, you can express yourself in so many different ways.

Because who says that designing a pastel cover for the November DIY planner is a bad thing.

It may be not my thing but who honestly cares?

Because the best part is that there’s no right or wrong way of doing it.

I hope you found some creative ideas on how to design your November bullet journal cover page.

To sum up, for this month, you can create:

  • coffee themed bullet journal cover pages
  • woodland-inspired planner spreads
  • rainy days bujo layouts
  • hygge notebook with a cozy, comfy theme
  • whimsical themes for November bujo spreads

Definitely, you can use your bullet journal this month as a fun way to stay organized with all of those tasks that need attention.

Happy planning!

November Bullet Journal Cover Ideas