Paper Clutter Organization Hacks

Paper Clutter Organization Hacks


Paper clutter is a natural part of homes and offices. When paper clutter is not properly arranged, it can make a space look disorganized and reduce one’s productivity. Organization of paper also prevents confusion and loss of essential documents which could be misplaced when there’s a lot of clutter.

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The ideas offered in this article provide a solution for managing clutter and making a space more productive.


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7 Paper Clutter Organization Hacks You Need To Know Right Now


I. DIY Wire Mail Basket

With this hack, you attach chalkboard frames to the front of the wire baskets and hang the baskets to a suitable space. These wire baskets are great for both homes and offices and could be tagged according to the items that are stored in them. The chalkboard frames are for tagging the baskets, and the tags could be changed as necessary. With these wire baskets, one gets increased functionality and a better-organized workspace.

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II. Colored-Coded Hanging Files Hack

This hack is a great filing system to stay on top of all the papers associated with housekeeping. Get a file cabinet, organize all the papers in your home and file them accordingly choosing preferred colors for each category. With the label maker, you can also label the files. Be sure to check this system for redundant papers now and then.

Image courtesy of The Simply Organized Home

III. Paper Organization Boxes

Boxes are great for organizing paper but are more effective when they are tagged. This organization system different papers into action, to file, magazines, keepsakes with an unsorted mail basket at the top.

This system works best if all papers received are organized as soon as they come in, with the unorganized ones in the basket. Items to be filed can also be easily handled with this organization system.

IV. Junk Drawer Organization System

This system uses junk drawers to keep track of papers and bills that come into a home. With this system, bills and other papers that come into a home can be easily tracked.

However, the efficiency of this system is based on one’s ability to sort out papers as soon as they are received. The junk drawers can be tagged according to one’s specifications.

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V. Mail Organization System

This system involves the use of IKEA magazine bins, converting them to efficient paper organization systems. With this system, you also get to make use of wall space which may be wasted otherwise.

Attach the magazine bins on an MDF board and label the bins according to different categories as necessary, from coupons to bill. You need to tweak the magazine bins a little bit though, to add the labels.

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VI. Iron Mesh Board

An iron mesh board can also be used as an efficient paper organization system clipping papers to the board and adding other organization items according to one’s preferences. The iron mesh board system is particularly great for keeping track of items that require action.

VII. Receipts Jar

A receipt jar is great for keeping track of one’s receipts. It is essential to keep an efficient receipt organization system to properly account for finances and compare prices when necessary. When the jar gets full, older receipts can be removed to create more space. Jars can also be used for keeping track of other papers apart from receipts.

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From bills to medical records, with the ideas above, you should be able to organize paper that comes into your home better.

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