Printable College Student Planner Free Pages [2021-2022]

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to organize your college life with free printable college student planner pages.

Organizing yourself during university can take a lot of effort: different timetables each semester, several group works and assignments in each course, and not to forget: the exams.

Managing all different courses and keeping track of tasks can be quite overwhelming, especially for new students.

However, in order to be successful at university one needs to be organized.

The best way to structure your day, week, and entire semester is to use 2022 free planner printables for students.

With this in mind, I created a free printable college student planner, including such pages like:

  • yearly overview
  • monthly overview
  • student weekly planner
  • college goals page
  • semester timetable
  • semester overview
  • course info
  • assignment tracker
  • grade tracker
  • study planner
  • study checklist
  • project planner
  • exam timetable

So if you want to learn how to make a student planner with these school binder printables, then keep reading.

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Printable College Student Planner Free Pages

Printable College Student Planner Free

Knowing how difficult it can be to always keep an eye on your tasks throughout the week and semester, I’ve made some free student planner printables.

These printables will help you to not only organize your courses, assignments, and exams but also to keep track of your grades and to set goals for each semester.

college yearly overview pdf

Printable College Student Planner Yearly Overview

It is important to always keep track of the most important deadlines and exams throughout the whole year.

A general overview will give you the chance to create a clear overview over your whole semester.

Printable College Student Planner Monthly Pages

My free printables for student planners include a monthly overview for each month.

Here, you have the chance to set your monthly goals, write down your to-dos, and take notes.

weekly student planner printable

Weekly Pages

Of course, it is also necessary to organize every single week throughout the semester.

Therefore, the weekly pages allow you to keep track of your assignments and tasks that are due each week.

Furthermore, you can write down what you want to study each week.

By doing so, you won’t forget any important topic.

August – July Yearly Goals

My free planner printables for students include a section where you can write down your goals for the entire year.

Here, you can write down what you want to achieve each month.

Once you achieved a goal, simply tick it off. This will keep you motivated throughout the year!

college goals planner printable

College Goal Page

This section will help you to stay motivated throughout your studies.

Here, you can write down your college goals, for example why you study or what you want to achieve with your degree.

Write down the reasons why you want to achieve certain goals and set a reward for achieving each goal.

Semester Timetable

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of the new timetables each semester.

To help you, my free student planner printables provide an overview of your class schedules including times, courses, and locations.

Course Info

course info free student template

To organize each of your courses, the printables include a section for each of your courses.

Here, you can not only write down the time, date, and module of each particular course but also the resources you need to buy for each class.

Furthermore, you will find some space to write down your teacher’s contact details and office hours.

assignment tracker free printable

Semester Overview

Here, you will find an overview of the single weeks each semester.

This helps you to organize each week throughout the entire year.

Assignment Tracker

The assignment tracker helps you to keep an overview of all assignments and their deadlines.

Once you finish an assignment you can tick it off and write down your grade.

grade tracker study planner printable

Grade Tracker

One of the most important things during university is to keep track of your grades.

In the end, everyone wants to achieve good results.

Therefore, the grade tracker allows you to keep an overview of each course and the grades you achieved in this course.

By doing so you will immediately see which courses you are particularly good at and in which you need to learn a little more.

Study Planner

In this section, you can write down your timetable.

Furthermore, you will find space to put down your top priorities, your study goals, certain tasks, and topics you need to review.

With the help of this overview, you can keep track of what you already studied and what you still need to review.

study checklist project planner template

Study Checklist

Do you know the feeling before an exam when you’re not sure whether you revised everything?

With the study checklist, you don’t need to worry anymore!

Simply write down everything you need to study, tick it off once you’re finished, and take a note of how well you understand each topic.

Project Planner

Throughout the semester you will, likely, have a lot of different projects with different groups going on.

Sometimes, that can be quite confusing.

Therefore, my free planner printables for students include a section where you can write down the details of each of your projects along with the names of the group members and the deadlines.

Exam Timetable

exam timetable Printable College Student Planner Free

One of the most important things is to know the time and date of your exams.

The exam timetable in my free student planner printables will give you the chance to keep an overview of all your exams.

Here, you can write down the date, time, and location of each one!

black and white simple student printables

Download Your Free Printable College Student Planner HERE

How To Print Free Printable College Student Planner

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First and foremost, you can print these student pages via local vendors (for example, Staples).

Alternatively, if you have a printer, you can easily print them out at home.

In my opinion, getting your own printer is a good investment.

Although most resources are available online, sometimes having them in a tangible form works simply better.

Along with this, keep in mind that choosing the right paper is key.

Obviously, using regular printer paper is absolutely ok.

However, if you prefer working with studier paper, think about getting higher quality one.

Free Printable College Student Planner Supplies

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Now, when you have your free college printables downloaded and printed out, it’s time to organize them.

Undoubtedly, keeping all of these separate academic printable pages can be challenging.

In other words, a paper mess is a real thing.

With this in mind, it’s so important to find a system that helps organize your paper clutter quickly, easily, and on a budget.

First a foremost, you can keep your new student templates in a classic binder.

However, the thing about upgrading your college organization by getting plastic pocket dividers or binder folders poly pockets.

Not only do they have multicolor tabs but also some of them include a snap button and a label.

Last but not least, I also put together my favorite college supplies like pens, markers, and highlighters.

Let’s face it – it’s so much fun taking notes with a great quality pen and a pastel highlighter.

Also, using hihglighters allows you to make the most important ideas standing out.

So not only you’ll be taking better study notes, but also they’ll look much more aesthetic.

Not that it’s crucial to be successful, however, I assure you your study motivation will skyrocket.

Printable College Student Planner – Final Thoughts

study checklist free planner insert

Keeping everything organized during the semester can be quite difficult at times.

Different timetables each semester, new courses, a lot of assignments, and group projects with different people.

And above all: many exams waiting for you.

Organize your studies now with my free printable student planners.

With these printables, you will have everything you need in one place: schedules, courses, assignments, exams, etc.

Did you forget the office hours for your next course?

There’s no need to search for them online or to ask your friends. Instead, just check your student planner printables.

With your own student planner, you don’t only save time but also will you have an overview of your tasks and upcoming deadlines at all times.

Furthermore, you will have the grades of all of your exams in one place.

Thus, you can check for which courses you still need to study a little more and in which ones you’re doing quite well.

This will help you to get the best results possible.

Additionally, at the beginning of your student planner, you can set your own goals for each semester and for your entire studies.

Once you achieve a goal, you can tick it off the list.

Ticking off one goal after another won’t only make you feel good but will also keep you motivated.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your free student planner printables now and start organizing your studies!

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Printable College Student Planner

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