September Bullet Journal [2020 Update]

Today you’ll see my favorite September bullet journal layout ideas.

Because it’s the middle of August, you probably start looking for some amazing bujo inspiration for September.

With this in mind, here you can find the best September bullet journal ideas for:

  • monthly theme
  • cover page
  • monthly calendar
  • habit trackers
  • mood trackers
  • weekly spreads
  • and other great collections

So let’s dive right in!

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2020 September Bullet Journal Setup

September 2020 Bullet Journal Plan With Me

2020 September theme and cover page

First and foremost, my 2020 bullet journal theme for September is Gossip Girl series, in particular Blair Waldorf aesthetic. For this reason, for my bujo cover page I chose to doodle some cute, girboss vibes stuffs like a sleep mask, a Chanel bag, makeup products, etc.

Gossip Girl themed bujo cover

Brain Dump Page

Next spread is a braindump page.

After working with braindump session for a couple months, now I can’t imagine not to set up this kind of bujo layout in my notebook.

For solely decoration purposes, I drew a fashion figure in a pencil skirt (so Blair Waldorf!), carrying a shopping bag with a Channel logo. On the next page, in the right, the upper corner I repeated the same motive.

braindump spread bullet journal

September Monthly Calendar

Then I set up September monthly calendar.

Although I like my “productive” spreads to be rather minimalist, this time I went a little bit over the board. What I mean by that, I added a lot of doodles and Blair Waldorf’s famous quotes.

In general, this bullet journal 2020 September spread is my favorite.

Obviously, I had to make a mistake. Luckily, it was easy to fixed. The wrog word was covered by black ink pen. Later, I wrote on it the correct one with a white gel pen.

monthly calendar bullet journal

Trackers for September

The next spreads are my trackers.

As you can see, I chose to make mini calendar habit trackers. Definitely, it’s the most tedious part of bullet journaling. However, I really enjoy using this type of trackers. So it was worth it.

mini habit tracker september

On the next page is my mood tracker. Basically, I repeated almost all drawings from my bujo cover page. In my opinion, this layout will look amazing in the end of September, after completeing.

tracking moods september

2020 September Weekly Layout

Last but not least, my weekly one-page bullet journal layout is the most basic layout. Basically, I put a mini-calendar in the right, upper corner, and drew perfume bottles as headers. Also, I left space for my monthly goals, next week’s tasks, and notes.

one page weeklies

September Bullet Journal Themes

Undoubtedly, September is this weird month, stuck between late summer and early fall.

Leaves Themed Bullet Journal Cover Page

Leaves Themed September Bullet Journal

For this reason, some of the bullet journalists decide to go with typical fall themes. 

At the same time, there is a strong group in a bullet journaling world that wants summer vibes to stay as long as possible. 

For this reason, they make their September bullet journal still bright and colorful, sticking with summer themes.

However, if you’re struggling with which bujo theme to choose, below you can find the list of the statement September themes.

Harry Potter Theme

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Cover Page

Personally, I don’t know if any September bullet journal theme is more suitable than Harry Potter one.

Indeed, back to school has been always strongly connected with the Harry Potter series.

Besides, there are many cute step by step doodle tutorials on Pinterest. So it’s so easy to decorate your entire September bullet journal layouts and stay on theme.

School Theme

Back to School September Bullet Journal

Undoubtedly, while speaking of back-to-school season, the school theme is the most obvious choice to make.

But it doesn’t mean your bujo spreads have to be boring and repetitive.

Last year, I chose the school theme and I drew simple flat lay including a notebook, washi tape, pens.

Indeed, you can be crazy creative even with such a basic theme.

Fall Theme

Fall Monthly Cover Spread

Again, as I mentioned before, for some of us September means fall.

With this in mind, the basic fall bullet journal themes are everything connected with this season like fox, leaves, pumpkins, mushrooms, acorn.

Also, feel free to use fall color schemes like yellows, oranges, reds, greens.

mushroom themed bullet journal cover

Sunflower Theme

Sunflower Theme Monthly Cover

Personally, I think the sunflower theme allows you to stay in summer mood longer. Along with this, it’s pretty easy to draw sunflowers.

September Bullet Journal Cover Page

Now, when you get some September bullet journal theme inspiration, here’re amazing cover page ideas. 

Obviously, now I have to make a short disclaimer. 

Of course, if all these artistic bullet journal designs aren’t your thing, it’s absolutely ok. 

Absolutely, you can make your September bujo work without doodling or drawing. Indeed, just do what’s best for you.

Coffee September Bullet Journal Cover Page

September Coffee Cover Page

Flowers September Cover Page

Flowers September Cover Page

Minimalist September Bullet Journal Cover

Minimalist Bullet Journal Cover

September Monthly Log

At this time, you just unleashed your creativity and made a cover page. Finally, it’s time to think more about organizational kinds of stuff and set up a bullet journal monthly spread. Besides creating a classic monthly calendar, I’d recommend leaving some blank space for your monthly goals, notes, or mini trackers.

Bullet Journal Calendar Layout For September

One Page Monthly Layout

Monthly Overview for September

September Bullet Journal Monthly Log

Minimalist Monthly Log for September

Minimalist Monthly Log for September

September Habit Trackers

Unquestionably, September is a month of change. Not only we get back to school, the nights are getting colder and colder, but also the entire season changes from summer to fall.

With this in mind, you may want to work on new, good habits and get rid of the bad ones. And undoubtedly, habit tracker is a bullet journal spread that will help you to finally do it.

However, at the same time, you still can be creative and decorate your September tracker with cute doodles and lettering. In that case, below please find amazing bujo monthly trackers inspiration.

Horizontal Habit Tracker

flower minimal bujo tracker

Autumn Habit Tracking Page

crayon habit tracker

Mini Habit Trackers

black white tracker

September Mood Tracker

With days getting shorter, you can start feeling a little bit lower than during the summer. 

September Mood Tracker

fall mood tracker

Although I’m a huge believer in mood tracking throughout the whole year, fall and winter seem to be a great time to actually keeping a mood tracker on a daily basis.

While being an amazing bullet journal layout ideas for your self-care practice, mood trackers can be so fun to create at the same time. So see how talented bullet journalists interpreted the September themes within their mood trackers.

September Circle Mood Tracker

circle simple mood tracker

Simple September Mood Spread

minimalist mood tracker

September Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Obviously, if you want to achieve your monthly goals at the end of month, you have to hold yourself accountable during the month. Apart from tracking your progress for example with habit tracker, you need to develop an action plan.

Undoubtedly, the best way to break your monthly goal into smaller chunks is by using a bullet journal weekly spread.

Moreover, creating weeklies you love motivates you to use a bujo every single day. With this in mind, here are a few examples.

Back to School Themed Bujo Weekly Spread

back to school weekly pages

September Minimalist Bujo Weeklies

minimalist weekly spread september

September Bullet Journal Collections

Last but not least it’s time for September bullet journal collections. For example, you can write your fall bucket list or create an art journal page with motivational quotes.

Alternatively, use a bujo as a school planner and some school bullet journal spreads like schedule, exam study plan, or simple school notes.

bullet journal fall bucket list

September Bullet Journal – Final Thoughts

While I love this back-to-school season with getting all of new stationery, backpacks, and clothing, I’ll miss summer for sure. So I’m beyond happy for setting up my September bullet journal pages. 

But as of now, I still hesitate which of September bullet journal theme to choose. However, I think my next blog post will be a plan with me kind of post. So stay tuned. But for the moment, that’s all. Obviously, I hope you fun with this new season bullet journaling and good luck!

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September Bullet Journal Layout Ideas