Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas


Everyone wishes for more bathroom space. A lot of times, bathrooms are not exactly the size one wishes for, so it becomes essential to find ways to maximize the small space.

The thing with small bathrooms is that they bring out your creative side as you try to maximize them.

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Here are some hacks that will help you in your quest to make your small bathroom bigger.


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7 Small Bathroom Organization Ideas You Need In Your Life Now


I. Shoe Storage Shelves Hack

Sometimes, you think you have used all the closet space you have, but a good proportion of the space may be wasted. One way to maximize your closet space is to add shoe shelves.

You will discover there you still had a lot of space when you insert a shoe shelve into space you thought was too small.

Image courtesy of The Creativity Exchange

II. Save Space With Two-Tier Rack

The countertop space of a small bathroom, which will obviously be small, is a space that should be properly organized to contain clutter. This two-tier stand is a great way to maximize your countertop space and keep everything you need within reach.

Image courtesy of Golden Boys And Me

III. IKEA Grundtal Rail Hack For Toy Storage And SPA Experience

Most small bathrooms tend to lack towel bars, and you could make one with IKEA Grundtal rail. Fixing it is also easy with screws and an anchor. With this Grundtal rail installed, you get enough space to hang your towel and with S hooks for hold more items giving you a perfect space experience.

If you have kids whose bath time still includes toys, you could use this hack in two ways as you also get the Rationell Waste Sorting Bins, drill holes in them and hang them on the rail to sort out toys. That way the toys are well stored and easily accessible.

Image courtesy of Blue i Style Blog

IV. Reorganize With Drawers, Baskets and Bins

To make the most of a small space, you must be ready to sort items into groups and organize them according to those groups.

Before you go shopping for bins, baskets, and drawers, clean out the area and sort out things you no longer need. Then, measure the area to be sure of the dimension. You should also remember to label the drawers.

You can even add commands with the strips that help you keep your organized space in the best shape and make necessary replacements. Items you use very frequently can be kept in the basket.

Image courtesy of Polished Habitat

V. Magnetic Organizer Hack

This hack allows you to make use of the wall which is an essential area to consider when maximizing small spaces. Attach craft paper to the inside of a cookie tray with Mod Podge. Then attach magnetic tapes to the items you intend storing on the tray to help you save space.

Makeup items, for example, can be stored on the tray. You could also put up your family’s command list on the tray. You save both dressing-up time and space with this hack.

Image courtesy of The Crazy Craft Lady

VI. Vertical Storage Back With Open Shelves

When you have a small bathroom, your wall becomes your storage asset. These open shelves are great for vertical storage. With this three-layer open shelves, you get space for both the essentials such as makeup and other things, even an aloe vera plant as seen in this picture.

Image courtesy of Graceful Order

VII. Use Space Above Toilet

Maximize every last inch of your small bathroom. Use the space above your toilet. You can add shelves or cleaning products storage.

To make the most of the space your small bathroom offers, you should be ready to apply hacks that help you organize your items and keep them within reach, especially the essential ones. Labeling is also important.

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