You absolutely love to cook but the size of your kitchen is a bit discouraging. Turning around in a tiny kitchen with all the utensils shoved in different nooks and threatening to fall out can be uncomfortable.

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The state and size of a kitchen can put you off cooking. How then do you manage a small kitchen space?

There are ways you can improve the space available to you in your kitchen.


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7 Genius Small Kitchen Organization Hacks You Want To Pin Now


I. Hang a lot of things

One of the best ways to utilize the hanging hack it to create racks inside your cabinets. You not only save space on your kitchen wall, you give the kitchen a more open and spacious look. To use this hack, hang only flat utensils inside the rack or on nails in the cabinet door. You want the cabinet to be closed when not in use. If the things you hang prevents the door from closing, you have defeated the purpose.

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II. Reduce space with Ziploc

If you make a lot of food in advance or keep food in the refrigerator, using Tupperware (rubber maids) is a norm. Unfortunately, they tend to take up a lot of space in the fridge and if you have a small fridge, this might prove to be a bit of a problem. Using Ziploc bags to store food, vegetables and other perishables in the fridge will save space and still keep thugs fresh. Ziploc bags can be used to store cereals to save space on the shelves.

III. Utilize shelves

Use the already existing shelves to store bowls, pots and dishes. You can add more shelves beside the windows and in tiny hooks. Shelves can be designed in layers. You can use them to hold cups, spice containers and other things that would usually clutter the cabinets.

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IV. Compartmentalize drawers

Your lower cabinets should come with drawers. If they don’t, then create some shelves under the sink. If you have drawers, you can optimize them by using cardboards or small plywoods. That way you can use one drawer to store so many items without mixing them up.

Image courtesy of Unoriginal Mom

V. Odd spaces

Use the sides of your cabinets as a rack holder for cooking spoons or a small basket holder which you can use to hold spoons or spice jars. Another odd place is to hang your pots from the ceiling to save space on the ground. Create stations like the tea nook or coffee cart to have your favorite things in one place.

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Reducing clutter and creating open space gives the illusion of a more spacious environment. The best way to do this is to remove most things from the ground and put them up.

One thing is certain, there are ways to make that little kitchen space of yours a little bit more organized and inviting.

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