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Sticky Note Planning in a Bullet Journal

Today I’ve partnered with Newyes to share with you how to use sticky note planning with Newyes Reusable Notes in a bullet journal. 

This is a sponsored post. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view. 

In fact, using a sticky note planning system in a bujo helps you:

  • change your schedule painlessly and eliminate the visual clutter
  • keep a track of the dynamic family schedule
  • remember about last-minute things to do
  • create only one bullet journal spread per each recurring task like budgeting or meal planning and use it over and over again
  • successfully manage your projects from start to finish
  • organize your bullet journal notebook itself

So if you want to learn:

  • what is a sticky note planning system
  • how to include sticky notes in bullet journal spreads
  • how to use sticky notes for a bullet journal organization

Then you’ll love this new blog post.

sticky notes planning bullet journal

Sticky Note Planning System

Definitely, writing your daily tasks, reminders or ideas down makes them more memorable, quote-unquote sticky. 

Moreover, it’s proven you’re going to do things you put on the paper more likely than if you don’t do this.

It’s something magical in crossing off all boxes or striking through completed tasks.

However, there’s one trap you can easily fall into. 

You can create a busy workday for yourself, by putting a lot of no specific things to do on your list.

As a result, instead of feeling motivated and ready to go, you end up with an overloaded schedule.

Indeed, if you’re even a little bit similar to me, you feel obligated to put as many tasks as you can on your list only because you want to remove any blank spaces.

For this reason, using a sticky note planning system is tremendously helpful.

As a rule, the sticky note is quite small.

You have a very limited amount of space you can write on.

Therefore, you write down only goal-oriented, laser-focused tasks and get rid of all unnecessary fluff.

Where Can You Get Sticky Notes?

Newyes reusable sticky notes erasable pen

Obviously, there’re many stationery stores with cute sticky notes, but today I want to show you how you can be more eco-friendly and become more paperless.

What differentiates Newyes Reusable Notes from traditional post-its is that they’re reusable and recycled.

At the same time, they’re easy to peel off although having strong adhesiveness.

Newyes Reusable Notes come in a booklet with a sticky note set, a colorful small index, an erasable pen, and cloth.

Now, when you don’t need to keep your notes anymore, you can erase them with a damp cloth and reuse a sticky note again.

The mission statement of Newyes is “make the world paperless”.

If you love using post-its, but you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, these reusable sticky notes are your go-to.

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Sticky Note Planning in a Bullet Journal

If you’re wondering how to plan your tasks and projects with sticky notes and bullet journals, here’s an ultimate list of examples.

Generally, you can use sticky notes in a bullet journal for:

  • a flexible schedule
  • temporary plans
  • quick reminders
  • repeating tasks
  • project management

Bullet Journal Sticky Note Planning for a Flexible Schedule

Undoubtedly, creating a schedule allows you to create more free time. 

However, sticking to it can be extremely difficult.

Not only it’s so easy to get distracted, but also you’re not able to control everything that happens in your life.

Besides, if your life is hectic it may be hard to plan a day exactly hour by hour.

Your day can look drastically different.

It’s enough that kids got sick, the bus was late, the alarm clock didn’t go off, and you’re already behind schedule.

So if a standard schedule doesn’t work for you, you need to create a flexible one. 

Weekly Spread

weekly bujo sticky notes planning

First and foremost, let’s begin with a bujo weekly spread.

Usually, I work with time blocking.

What I mean by that is I schedule my day based on the type of activity instead of what time it is.

For instance, my daily blocks are:

  • morning routine
  • blogging
  • family time
  • cleanup (15 minutes)
  • evening routine

I grab sticky notes, assign a specific color to each category, and put down particular tasks.

Then I stick them on a simple, minimalist bullet journal weekly spread.

In this case, even if something unexpected happens, I’m able to move a block with ease.

Monthly Spread

Similar to the bullet journal weekly spread, +also you can make a flexible schedule within a bujo monthly spread including color-coding.

Basically, you plan your whole month with colorful sticky notes.

Also, it may be useful to assign each color to each life category.

For example, I use different sticky notes for any kind of events, holidays, doctor appointments, meetings, and calls and choose:

  • pink ones for me 
  • orange ones for my husband
  • green ones for my kid

Additionally, I put all of the necessary information on them.

Future Log

future log sticky notes

Definitely, if you’re wondering how to set up a future log quickly, sticky notes might be the best option to choose from.

Without a doubt, creating a bullet journal future log page is one of my less favorite things when it comes to bullet journaling. 

Using reusable sticky notes allows you to make bujo future log pages fast and easy.

Besides, it’s a “set it and forgets it” thing – you set it up once and use it over and over again. 

Again, you can easily move them around (for instance, to a weekly spread) and choose a different color for each month.

Blog Post Schedule

sticky notes blog post planning

Along with my personal life, as a full-time blogger, I also like to schedule my blog posts with purple sticky notes.

I put on them a raw blog title or even a new idea and fix a publish date.

Even if my schedule is ruined, I still can easily improve it with a few tweaks.

Bullet Journal Sticky Note Planning for Temporary Plans and Quick Reminders

sticky notes bullet journal

For the most part, I tend to fill in my bullet journal weekly spreads without leaving any blank spaces. 

Therefore, when I have to add an additional list, task, or short reminder, I simply don’t have enough place to do it.

Here’s where sticky notes might be useful. 

They’re great for:

  • temporary plans
  • quick reminders
  • unexpected tasks 
  • new brilliant ideas
  • daily goals
  • grocery shopping
  • your “maybe” tasks
  • short notes
  • quick lists

Bullet Journal Sticky Note Planning for Repeating Tasks

When it comes to the downsides of keeping a bullet journal, definitely the most common concern regards creating bujo monthly spreads every single month is exhausting and time-consuming.

However, you can create only one bullet journal page for each of the repeating tasks, complete it with sticky notes, and reuse it all over again.

All you have to do is to consider what are your repeating tasks and determine which bullet journal pages you need.

For example, in my case, I need to set up (but only once!) such bullet journal spreads like:

Weekly Meal Planning

meal planning post-its

Firstly, I assign a different color sticky note to a specific meal:

  • breakfast – blue
  • lunch – orange
  • snack – pink
  • dinner – green

Next, I write down all the meals my family likes and create a list of meals in a bullet journal.

Then I make a simple bullet journal weekly meal planning template where I stick the meal ideas accordingly.

grocery list sticky notes

Additionally, I create a grocery shopping list on a sticky note as well and temporarily stick it into a weekly spread.

Monthly Budgeting Spread

budgeting sticky notes bujo

If you want to know how I set up a bullet journal for personal finances, then check out this bullet journal budgeting blog post. 

Here I’d like only to mention, that starting a new monthly budgeting spread plus an expense tracker takes a chunk of time.

Moreover, if you’re even a little bit perfectionist, you may be bothered by a lot of strikethroughs and other mistake’s covers.

After all, this is how budgeting works. Definitely, bullet journal budget layouts become cluttered and messed up pretty quickly.

Therefore, a great way to solve this issue is to get sticky notes and put on them all incomes, savings, and expenses.

Cleaning Schedule

cleaning schedule sticky notes planning

Similar to the bullet journal meal planning spread, you can also break down your cleaning routine into daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks and write them down in a bullet journal.

Next, when you plan your month ahead, you move specific tasks to create a bullet journal monthly cleaning spread

Moreover, if you want to engage other family members, again you assign them to a specific sticky note color.

However, in that case, a cleaning schedule works better if you put it in a visible spot.

Moreover, if you want to engage other family members, again you assign them to a specific sticky note color.

However, in that case, a cleaning schedule works better if you put it in a visible spot.

Workout Schedule

Also, it’s so much faster to schedule your workout with sticky notes. 

Basically, you jot down a type of exercise (for example cardio, abs, arms, legs, run, full-body, recovery, rest) and fill in your bullet journal workout spread.

If you practice yoga based on a moon calendar, you can draw moon phases and complete a yoga monthly calendar.

Weekly Floating Mini Calendar

floating calendar bullet journal

Undoubtedly, writing a mini monthly calendar at least 4 times per month isn’t a big deal.

But if you have a busy weekend or just don’t want to spend a lot of time on bullet journaling, then creating a floating mini calendar is a great option for you. 

Bullet Journal Sticky Note Planning for Project Management

What I love about bullet journaling is its versatility.

In fact, I’ve never thought about using my bujo as a project management tool.

But indeed, it’s 100% possible to learn how to manage a project on your own with a structured organization in a bullet journal.

And sticky notes play a huge role and, without a doubt, are an essential element.

Kanban Journal

kanban board bullet journal

Obviously, there are plenty of project management digital systems like Asana or Trello.

However, I can’t work with digital tools at all. I’m a 100% analog girl. 

For that reason, when I heard for the first time about setting up a dynamic Kanban board on the physical board, I immediately had to test it out in a bullet journal.

Firstly, I divided a bullet journal page into 3 columns: to-do, doing, and done. The first column “to do” is divided into three priority categories: low, medium, and high.

Then I stuck tasks on sticky notes and fill a Kanban board.

It’s an amazing visual tool that shows you:

  • what you’re currently working on
  • what should be set as a priority
  • a project progress

Generally, you can modify the project flow effortlessly by moving sticky notes around.

For multiple projects just use a sticky note color code system.

Yearly (or Quarterly) Goals

Also, before every single project, you need to set up goals.

In fact, everything begins with asking basic questions like what, why, when, and how.

Vision Board

Another type of bullet journal goal page is a vision board with items to get your short-term goals.

Review Page

sticky note planning goals page bullet journal

Basically, it’s a page where you can move your items from the goal page and/or vision board and feel extremely satisfied and proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Sticky Notes For a Bullet Journal Organization

Organizing a bullet journal itself is a challenge. 

The biggest issue that I personally have with this kind of planning system is that most of my favorite collection pages are non-chronological.

As a consequence, if I let my bujo notebook become chaotic, sooner or later I won’t be able to find anything in it.

Therefore, using some kind of bullet journal organization system is a must-have.

Outline a New (or Next) Journal

Clearly, if you spend some time planning out your bullet journal pages before you start a new notebook, you’re more likely to avoid (or at least limit) chaos.

Here’s where you use sticky notes as well.

Basically, you write all your bullet journal page ideas on them and map out your bujo notebook.

Bullet Journal Dividers | Tabs | Page Markers

sticky note planning bujo index pages

Absolutely, one of the best ways to divide your bullet journal into months or collections is by using sticky notes as tabs.

It helps you keep your bullet journal organized and easy to use.

Additionally, if you want to find a specific spread in less than 5 seconds, just add a sticky note as a page marker.

Sticky Note Planning – Final Thoughts

As you can see, sticky notes can be a really helpful bullet journal tool.  

Not only do they make a bullet journal schedule more flexible and less cluttered, but also they help you cut down your to-do list, remember short-term tasks, manage your projects, and finally be more focused.

As if that all weren’t enough, the bullet journal notebooks organization has never been easier.

Just select sticky note colors for each month and use them as bullet journal tabs.

Thank you Newyes for sponsoring this blog post. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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