Every time I scrolled through traveler’s Instagram feed, I want to grab my backpack, book a random flight and travel the world. Well, it’s not so easy to do it with a sweet baby boy, household and a lot of adult responsibilities.

However, no matter if you’re a mother with two kids or a student, your current lifestyle shouldn’t be an obstacle. For sure, it may require a little bit of preparation ahead. This is why creating travel bullet journal spreads can help you to plan your next travel trip.

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Believe me or not – planning travel in a bullet journal is really a life-saver. With your family, corporate job and other stuff, you’ve got enough on your plate already.

Do you have this strange feeling just before the travel that you’ve forgotten something? So disturbing, isn’t it? Just make a bullet journal packing list and you’re ready to go.

If you’re wondering what else you can put in a travel journal, here I’ve gathered the most creative travel journal ideas I’ve found on Pinterest.


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20+ Travel Bullet Journal Ideas That’ll Help You To Plan Your Best Vacation Ever


Travel Bullet Journal Ideas: Supplies

For the matter of fact, all you need is an ordinary pen and paper. Most of the time the simplest solution is almost always the best.

You know that I’m addicted to stationery, right? I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t scroll through Amazon to find some really cool travel journal notebook inspiration.

Or you can simply stand by your favorite bullet journal supplies. I always recommend these three goodies:

bullet journal supplies for beginnersbullet journal supplies for beginners

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Travel Bullet Journal Ideas: What to Include in?

Good question. In my opinion, you can divide your travel journal into three sections.

First part – planning spreads. Here you can include travel bullet journal spreads like places I’ve been or your bucket list.

Second part – organizing spreads. Think about creating lists like things to do before vacation list (getting a visa or finding cheap flights), what to buy (yes, these three gorgeous swimsuits are your absolutely must-haves) or what to pack.

Third part – collecting memories. Here you can make creative travel journal ideas: scrapbook journal spreads with polaroids and receipts, drawing pages and more practical like the budget layout or vacation log.

I. Travel Bullet Journal Ideas: Planning Spreads

Planning your next itinerary can be either your favorite thing ever or your worst nightmare. I belong to the first group.

This year my travel destination is Croatia. In my next blog post, I’ll show you how I plan my trip in a bullet journal.

For now, I gather the best bullet journal inspiration.

  • Places I’ve Been & Travel Bucket List
  • These map spreads are so cool! It’s a must add in every traveler’s bullet journal. You just have to make an outline of the world map or use some ready to print templates like these.

    Next, you mark all the places you’ve been to. If you’re addicted to traveling, you may want to write down the countries and cities you want to travel to. Having the visual bucket list can help you to visit the places rather sooner than later.

    Image courtesy of Bad with Directions


    Image courtesy of Zigzags & Zebras


    Image courtesy of sweetandspicyleblog


    II. Travel Bullet Journal Ideas: Organizing Spreads

    Planning a trip can be a quite overwhelming stage of your vacation. However, I strongly believe that writing things down can really change it into stress-less things to do.

    bujo travel spreads

  • Packing List
  • Packing is never an easy thing, especially for us women. Are you one of this person who starts filling the suitcase a few hours before the flight?

    Remember that preparation is the key. Well, if you think you can remember everything to pack for vacation, you’re so wrong.

    As I mentioned before, having a packing list in a bullet journal can really save your sanity. Make your travel less stressful and prepare your essentials ahead – at least a couple weeks before your trip.




    bullet journal travel ideas

  • Things To Do In & Other Travel Organization Lists
  • Prep your trip before. Write down places you want to visit, local meals you want to try, what to do, must-see spots etc.

    Check out awesome travel blog posts about your travel destination. You can find many of them on Pinterest.
    Note some tips, recommendation, basic information and all other stuff you may need to do before or during your vacation.







    III. Travel Bullet Journal Ideas: Collecting Memories

    After putting a lot of effort in travel planning and organization, it’s time for you to relax. Keep your memories by creating vacation logs, memories pages, scrapbooking layouts, and other creative spreads.

  • Vacation Log & Memories Page
  • The most beautiful thing in keeping up with daily travel bullet journal is that you can go creative with it as far as you want.

    Drawing, doodling, scrapbooking – there are so many ways to bring your most amazing travel memories into a bullet journal spreads.

    Image courtesy of theunderagelawyer





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