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Travel Bullet Journal Ideas To Plan Your Next Trip

Today you’ll learn how to plan your next trip with bullet journal travel ideas.

No matter if you’re planning a long backpacking trip for a few months or just a short weekend trip

As a rule, creating bullet journal travel pages will help you to determine your budget, the ultimate destination, and other organization lists.

So let’s discover together amazing bullet journals travel page ideas like a packing list, travel bucket list, or memory pages.

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Unquestionably, planning a trip in a bullet journal is really a lifesaver.

Indeed, you’ve got enough on your plate already with your family, corporate job, and other stuff.

For example, we all have this strange feeling just before travel that we’ve forgotten something.

Definitely, it’s so disturbing.

Therefore, all you need to do is to make a bullet journal packing list and you’re ready to go.

So if you’re looking for more bullet journal travel ideas, here I put together my favorite bujo inspiration for planning your next trip.

Best Travel Bullet Journal Supplies

notebook fineliners dual brush pens

Basically, all you need is an ordinary pen and paper.

Indeed, most of the time the simplest solution is almost always the best.

However, for those of you who are addicted to stationery, I found amazing travel journal accessories on Amazon.

On the other hand, you can simply stand by your favorite bullet journal supplies.

Definitely, I always recommend these bujo products above.

How to Make a Travel Journal?

bullet journal travel ideas
@Sweet and Spicy Le Blog

Undoubtedly, every time I scroll through a traveler’s Instagram feed, I want to travel.

Basically, I want to grab my backpack, book a random flight and travel the world.

Definitely, it’s not so easy to do it with a sweet baby boy, a household, and a lot of adult responsibilities.

However, no matter if you’re a mother with two kids or a student, your current lifestyle shouldn’t be an obstacle.

In fact, it may require a little bit of preparation ahead.

For this reason, creating a travel bullet journal can help you to plan your next travel trip.

First and foremost, you divide your travel planning notebook into three sections.

Firstly, you need to include bullet journal trip planning spreads in the traveler’s notebook.

For instance, here you make such bullet journal travel pages like:

  • places I want to go
  • a bucket list tracker

Secondly, you create travel planner organizer pages.

For example, think about creating lists like:

  • things to do before
  • a bullet journal vacation list (getting a visa or finding cheap flights)
  • what to buy (yes, these three gorgeous swimsuits are your absolutely must-haves)
  • a packing list.

Thirdly, spare some bujo pages for collecting memory layouts.

For instance, you can make travel bullet journal layouts by:

  • using the scrapbooking technique
  • cute travel doodles
  • drawings

Bullet Journal Travel Ideas: Planning Spreads

Definitely, planning your next itinerary can be either your favorite thing ever or your worst nightmare.

With this in mind, planning trips ahead can really save your sanity.

Places I’ve Been & Travel Bucket List

bujo planner world maps
@bujournalle and @badwithdirections accordingly

So let’s start by choosing your next travel destination.

For example, these map spreads are so cool!

Definitely, it’s a must-add to every traveler’s bullet journal.

Basically, you just have to make an outline of the world map.

Alternatively, feel free to use some ready-to-print templates like these.

Then, you mark all the places you’ve been to.

So if you’re addicted to traveling, you may want to track countries you’ve visited and countries and cities you want to travel to.

Unquestionably, having a visual bucket list can help you to visit the places rather sooner than later.

Bullet Journal Travel Ideas: Organizing Spreads

Planning a trip can be quite an overwhelming stage of your vacation.

However, I strongly believe that writing things down can really change them into stress-less things to do.

Bullet Journal Packing List

bullet journal checklist travel

Undoubtedly, packing is never an easy thing.

Especially, if you’re one of these people who starts filling the suitcase a few hours before the flight.

Generally, preparation is the key.

So if you think you can remember everything to pack for vacation, you’re so wrong.

As I mentioned before, having a packing list in a bullet journal can really save your sanity.

Not only it makes your travel less stressful, but also it allows you to prepare your essentials ahead – at least a couple of weeks before your trip.

Things To Do In & Other Travel Organization Lists

bullet journal travel list

Again, prep your trip before.

For instance, write down:

  • places you want to visit
  • local meals you want to try
  • things to do
  • must-see spots

Also, check out awesome travel blog posts about your travel destination.

Definitely, you can find many of them on Pinterest.

So, note some tips, recommendations, basic information, and all other stuff you may need to do before or during your vacation.

Bullet Journal Travel Ideas: Collecting Memories

After putting a lot of effort into travel planning and organization, it’s time for you to relax.

Along with this, keep your memories by creating vacation logs, memories pages, scrapbooking layouts, and other creative spreads.

Vacation Log & Memories Page

Travel Bullet Journal Ideas

Here I put together my favorite travel bullet journal ideas.

The most beautiful thing about keeping up with the daily travel bullet journal daily page is that you can go creative with it as far as you want.

Drawing, doodling, scrapbooking – there are so many ways to bring your most amazing memories into a travel art journaling.

Download Free Travel Bullet Journal Printables

bullet journal trip planning printables

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