How To Make A Travel Diary For Your Next Trip

Amazing Travel Diary Samples and Creative Travel Journal Ideas

After pinning like mad all spring cleaning articles, now it’s time to think about a vacation. Today you can learn how to make a travel diary that’ll help you to plan your trip ahead and keep all memories in one place.

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If you’re fell head over heels for bullet journaling, I bet you’ll love this blog post. Gathering all important information, checklists, “do-not-forget” things, packing list, memories in one place – now, that’s tempting, isn’t it?

To tell the truth, I’ve never paid so much attention to keeping the travel stuff like plane tickets, entries, recipes etc. Even when it comes to photos, here the most engaged family member was always my significant other.


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Since I’ve started my adventure with the bullet journal , I’ve made a 180-degree turn in my travel life. Normally, I used to create gazillion sticky notes to remember everything I should do before arrival, during the trip etc. After the travel, I put all the stuff into a cupboard and that was all.

Last year, I made only one travel spreads in my bujo. It was a packing list. I saw how it helped me to stay organized with my clothing, toiletries, and other essentials.

This year I decided to go for it. For a matter of fact, I started a travel diary.

What is a travel diary? In my opinion, it’s hard to give you specific definition. Writing a travel diary is similar to bullet journaling – it’s personal, individual and suited to your travel lifestyle, needs, and personality.


Looking for Travel Bullet Journal Ideas?

Here you can find some stunning inspiration!


Do you think that a family’s travel journal will look the same that solo female traveler? – now you see my point. Nevertheless, there are some common travel journal templates to use.

How To Make A Travel Diary For Your Next Trip


Travel Diary: what do you need to get started?

Let’s face it – if I write now that you can use an ordinary school notebook and a pen, you’ll still expect some cool travel product recommendation from me.

I’ve got some good news for you: I found three great options:

Leather Travel Journal with a Notebook

Wow, they look so cool. These notebooks have an amazing design. Most of them are refillable – you buy them once and when notepad is full, you just refill a new one. Moreover- here the size matters. You get a travel notebook in a perfect size – not too little not too big.

You can use it as a wallet. The journal has a section designated for credit cards, tickets etc. In my opinion, it’s a great gift idea so if you know any passionate traveler, you know what to buy.

Travel Journal Printables & Planners

The simplest way to create a travel diary is to make it in everyday bullet journal. You can create travel spreads on your own or use printables (just glue them into your bujo notebook and you’re ready to go).

Just in case you aren’t a bullet journalist (and you definitely should be), go to Etsy, get a travel planner and print it.

Digital Travel Journal

The last one is some kind new for me. I’ve never tried a digital bullet journal. But last month I bought this great Ipad Pro with Apple Pen and I fall in love. Because of my hobby (drawing), I got the amazing app called ProCreate and gave a shot with digital illustration.

So why don’t I try to start a digital travel journal? Yes, ladies and gentleman, this year I decided to plan my trip with a digital travel planner.

I. Trip Overview

It’s a space for all the important information about your travel and a destination you chose. Note your flight, accommodation. Write down basic foreign phrases like good morning or thank you. It can be a real icebreaker to communicate with the locals.


II. Country Fact Spread

Before you start your travel adventure, you should research the destination. Read more about culture, religion, weather, safety, top places to see, local experiences, unique things to do and write them down. Check the currency and exchange rate.

Image courtesy of Paper Scribbles Co

III. Before You Go Checklist

I hate this stage of a trip. Do you know this awful feeling that you forget something to do? That’s why the checklist is a real life-saver for me. During the hectic time, you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Write down everything you need to do before you leave home.

Image courtesy of Helen Chik

IV. Travel Outfit Planning

Is it only me or when you go on a trip you pack just about everything in your backpack? Not only you pay additional fees but also you have to carry a heavy bag. I decided to create a travel capsule wardrobe. Plan your outfit ahead and get rid of a “what-to-wear-today” everyday issue. You can also take photos of each outfit (just like before the fashion show).


V. Packing List

It’s time to write the travel packing list to keep you organized when you travel. Divide your things into categories like clothing, toiletries, beauty products, electronics, entertainment, and miscellaneous.

travel journal packing list


VI. Trip Planning

I’m not a big fan of planning every single hour of a trip. However, writing down what do you want to do and see each day helps to stay on track and better manage your time. Ok, maybe the term: time management combined with vacation sounds weird, but you want to explore new things as much as you can.

travel journal weekly spread

bujo printable travel weekly

planner printables


Now You Can Get This Layout Here!

Just Print It Out and Start Planning Your Best Vacation Ever!


VII. Travel Diary: Budget Spreads

Speaking of planning, let’s talk about money. You can find online many articles about how to travel on a budget. For sure, creating budget layouts helps you afford to travel without going broke and organize your expenses.

Image courtesy of Have Seat Will Travel


VIII. Memories Page & Daily Logs

Now it’s time for the most fun and creative part. Preserve your most amazing moments in a travel diary. Fill your bullet journal with memories. Use tourist maps, flyers, stamps, polaroids. You can even get a polaroid zip mobile printer with a proper photo paper and keep up with daily journaling.






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