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Watercolor Bullet Journal Ideas

Today I’m going to show you my very first attempt at a watercolor bullet journal.

In fact, I’ve never used watercolors in any kind of artwork as well as in a bullet journal.

So if you’re a watercolor bullet journal adept and you want to know:

  • the best bullet journal notebook for watercolor
  • the best watercolor paints, pens, pencils and markers
  • how to watercolor a bullet journal
  • how to use watercolors in a bujo
  • plus some watercolor bullet journal ideas

Then keep reading!

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Undoubtedly, I’m a huge advocate of using a bullet journal first and foremost as a productivity tool.

On the other hand, now I feel it’s time for a new chapter.

It’s time to create some watercolor bullet journal spreads.

Lately, I’ve been intensively exploring my new daily journals.

Surprisingly, they turned out to work great. For this reason, creating these basic bullet journal spreads becomes unnecessary.

As you could see in my previous blog posts, my bujo monthlies, weeklies, and collections were super simple. 

Usually, all of these cute doodles, amazing bullet journal fonts, and other decorations get me distracted.

However, I still need a creative outlet. For this reason, now I’m leaning towards creative journal ideas aka art journals.

Watercolor Bullet Journal Supplies

In my opinion, many artistic bullet journalists like to be a little bit over the top, when it comes to bullet journal supplies.

And while we all know that affordable products are recommended for beginners, it so tempted to go on art supplies shopping spree.

For this reason, some of the bullet journal supplies I put below, might be extravagant for you.

In fact, you don’t need to invest in high-end products. 

With this in mind, I tried to find two products for each category on both high- and low-end.

The Best Journal Notebook for Watercolor

One of the main paper features you need to pay attention to is the paper thickness, measured in grams per square meter (gsm).

Among the bleeding and ghosting issues that occur more or less, now you also need to take into consideration how it works with water.

And this is completely another level when it comes to choosing the best bullet journal notebook for watercolors.

If you’re wondering if any kind of notebook is great for using watercolors, it really depends on your perfectionism.

Since for the most part, you can expect some wrinkles in the paper after painting with them, basically, you have five options:

  • you’re ok with them and then feel free to get any kind of bujo notebook
  • you want to get rid of them but you won’t spend a ton of money on a pricey notebook. In this case, you simply add tissue or paper towels while it’s still a little damp. Then close the notebook and put something heavy on top of it. Generally, it should iron out the paper wrinkles
  • you want to have a full watercolor experience. Hover, you’re still not ready to invest in a thicker, more expensive notebook. Here you can grab some watercolor paper scraps, create amazing artwork, and just glue it into your bujo.
  • also, you may use watercolor pencils
  • last but not least, you get a specific bullet journal notebook with a high gsm that works great with watercolors. Like for instance, Archer& Olive 160 gsm notebook)

No matter what you choose, I’d recommend always making the water test before you use any kind of bullet journal notebook.

It’ll save you a ton of ripped pages after being ruined by an excessive amount of water.

The Best Watercolor Paints For a Bullet Journal

Crayola 8 Pan Set...
1,437 Reviews
Crayola 8 Pan Set...
  • WATERCOLOR PAINT SET: Includes 12 8ct Watercolor Paint Sets for kids.
  • AT HOME CRAFTS & INDOOR ACTIVITIES: Keep spirits high with creative art supplies!...
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Winsor & Newton Cotman...
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Winsor & Newton Cotman...
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours are a range of water colours that are made to...
  • Cotman Water Colours possess good transparency, excellent tinting strength and good...
  • This popular pocket-sized plastic box features an integral mixing palette in the lid

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Definitely, after making some research, I tell you watercolor paints can be extremely expensive.

But why not start with a watercolor paint set designated for kids?

Not only the price is mind-blowing but also most customers find its color to be vibrant, saturated, and well pigmented. 

On the other hand, painting with these little, colorful cubes is so much more satisfying. Besides, the price can be pretty easy to swallow. 

At the same time, this set makes working with watercolors in a bullet journal so much easier.

Mixing color, getting gradient and amazing ombre effect is a great pleasure. 

Also, the palette is really small. You can easily carry it all day long. 

To sum up, I really love this watercolor set.

They work great.

Especially when you’re a beginner but still want to go for more professional art supplies.  

Watercolor Brushes

Paint Brush Set,...
10,967 Reviews
Paint Brush Set,...
  • 💗[Great Value Art Paint Burshes] - 10 different sizes ( 5/8 8 6 4 5 3 2 2 1 2/0);...
  • 💗[High-Quality Craftsmanship] - Individually handcrafted with excellent...
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Pentel Arts Aquash Water...
  • Create a watercolor masterpiece with the Aquash Water Brush
  • Fill barrel with water and blend powdered pigment, watercolor crayons and pencils,...
  • Ideal to use with Sign Pen Brush products

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As I mentioned before, I’m a watercolor bullet journal newbie.

It’s hard for me to recommend any watercolor brushes.

However, after watching many YouTube tutorials and reading Amazon reviews here’re my two options.

These 10 pieces set come with a variety of tips’ sizes along with a really good price.

They’re definitely basic brushes. But to tell the truth, as a beginner you don’t need anything more.

Painter snobbism will come later on.

Although having a nice set of brushes must be a pleasant experience, getting a set of water brushes was a huge life-saver for me. 

Undoubtedly, I’m a weird combo of artistic messy, and lazy bullet journalist.

For this reason, preparing two jars with water every single time I want to practice watercolor painting in my bujo is a big deal.

And yes, while it sounds terrible, having a simple water brush allows me to start painting instantly.

They’re so simple to use.

All you need to do is to squeeze the reservoir, drip water into paints, and mix it up.

The Best Watercolor Pens & Markers For a Bullet Journal

Watercolor Brush Pens...
  • EASY TO USE... Like watercolor paint, but better. With 24 vibrant color watercolor...
  • 2 BONUS BLENDING WATER BRUSHES... Why have one when you can have two? One large and...
  • TOP QUALITY REAL NYLON BRUSH TIPS FOR A NATURAL FEEL... Having a real nylon brush tip...
Tombow 56185 Dual Brush...
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Tombow 56185 Dual Brush...
  • Water-based pens ideal for coloring, fine art, illustrations, doodling, journaling,...
  • Set of 10 Tombow Dual Brush Pens
  • Flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker.
Crayola 50ct Washable...
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Crayola 50ct Washable...
  • Crayola Super tips washable marker set having durable
  • Age.Mfg Minimum: 36

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Instead of using watercolor paints, you can easily replace them with brush pens.

With water-based ink, you’re able to use watercolor techniques. 

After dipping a tip in water, you create these amazing watercolor effects.

This set comes with 24 watercolor brush pens, two water blending brushes, and a travel case. 

Alternatively, Tombow Dual Brush Pens is one of the most popular bullet journal supplies.

I think almost every single bullet journalist recommends them.

Indeed, I love these brush pens for their versatility.

Apart from being a great lettering tool and the blending ability, they mimic watercolor effects amazingly.

You just use a wet paintbrush on them.

Also, Crayola Super tips Markers works great as well.

An entire tutorial on how to watercolor with markers you can find here.

The Best Watercolor Pencils for a Bullet Journal

Faber-Castell Grip...
  • 12 WATERCOLOR PENCILS WITH BRUSH - The paint is in the pencil! See your artwork come...
  • SMOOTH, VIBRANT WATERCOLORS - Highly pigmented for smooth, gorgeous color lay down...
  • ERGONOMIC WATER COLOR PENCILS - Grip Watercolor Pencils feature a triangular shape...
Faber-Castell ALBRECHT...
  • Artists' watercolour pencils with extra thick 5.3 mm lead
  • Maximum lightfastness
  • Soft, intense colour laydown

Last update on 2024-07-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

For those of you, who still don’t feel comfortable using water in a bullet journal notebook, watercolor pencils might be an option. 

Although you still add water, it definitely requires a less amount.

As a result, you have more control over color saturation and adding details.

However, personally, I’m not a huge fan of watercolor pencils.

In my opinion, it requires more patience than paints.

Obviously, I’d recommend getting a basic watercolor set to try this art supply out before you invest in something more professional and expensive.

How To Watercolor a Bullet JournalThe Best Watercolor Techniques

The Wet On Wet Technique

In this case, you wet the paper first.

Then you put paint onto a paper.

This technique allows you to obtain abstract, blurry background.

However, it requires to use of a decent amount of water.

For example, even though my bullet journal notebook has thick pages, using the wet on wet technique is risky.

Recently, I tried to make a tie-dye effect. As the result, the pages got wrinkly.

You need to be extra cautious about how much water you put on paper.

The Wet On Dry Technique

It’s a traditional approach to painting.

You wet brush, dip into paint and paint on dry paper.

The Gradated Wash (The Ombré Effect)

Here you use only one color.

It goes from dark to light.

First, mix paint with water and start painting.

Then you move a wash along, dipping your brush in water.

As a result, the paint becomes lighter.


Similar to the gradated wash, here you use more than one color and create a smooth color transition.

How To Watercolor a Bullet Journal with Markers

arches watercolor journal
watercolor in bullet journal
watercolor effect bujo tombow
watercolor background

Also, you’re able to create the above watercolor effects by using markers.

Grab a ziplock bag, Crayola markers or brush pens, and a spray bottle.

Now, put some colors onto the bag and spray a little water.

Then take the ziplock and put the colored side on the paper.

The watercolor background is ready.

How To Use Watercolors in a Bullet Journal

Watercolor Background

watercolor bullet journal ideas

First and foremost, you can put a watercolor background first. Then create your favorite bujo spread.

Watercolor Lettering

Another way to use watercolors in a bullet journal is watercolor lettering.

Similar to brush lettering, it’s all about practicing basic up thin and down thick strokes.

But this time with watercolors.

If you want to find out more about watercolor lettering, check out this blog post.

Watercolor Headers

Apart from using watercolors for bullet journal lettering, you can create simple headers backgrounds for bullet journal titles, banners, or dates.

Watercolor Doodles

Finally, decorate your bullet journal spreads with watercolor doodles or more complex masterpieces.

Watercolor Bullet Journal Ideas

Watercolor Bullet Journal – Final Thoughts

As you can see, adding some watercolor touches to your bullet journal spreads is so much fun. 

Definitely, painting with watercolor can become pretty quick very messy.

It’s called the most difficult painting technique for a reason.

If you want to become a great watercolor artist, it requires years of regular practice and hard work.

However, you can’t deny how therapeutic and calming it’s to slowly create simple watercolor doodles or lettering pieces in your notebook.

Obviously, you can see at a glance that I’ve just started experimenting with watercolors in my journal.

But for me at least:

  • jazzing up the pages of my bullet journal,
  • unleashing my creativity
  • creating content for this blog
  • calming my racing thoughts

at the same time add value in itself.

So grab your bullet journal notebook, some paints, brush, and watercolor with me.

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