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Fall App Icons (Free & Aesthetic)

Fall Aesthetic App Icons

In this blog post, I’m excited to share with you a brand new freebie – fall app icons for phones.

After creating aesthetic wallpapers, this time I designed cute fall icons for the app set that will pair with them.

So if you want to give your iPhone a fall makeover, feel free to download aesthetic fall phone icons.

Just imagine turning your iPhone into a cozy, fall wonderland right before your eyes.

Basically, it’s like having a piece of fall in your pocket.

In other words, get ready to make your iPhone ready for fall.

Indeed, fall is all about sweater weather, moody leaves foliage, and pumpkin spice latte.

For this reason, I decided to stick to the typical fall color palettes and motifs.

Cute Fall App Icons

fall aesthetic app icons
Aesthetic fall app icons

So, let’s talk about what’s included in these aesthetic fall icons.

Firstly, you’ll get over 300 free fall app icons.

These fall-themed app icons come with:

  • four unique colors (platinum, timberwolf, chamois, russet)
  • minimal fall aesthetic photos
  • a Halloween-inspired theme

Also, all icons are white to give you moody, boho fall vibes that will elevate your home screen.

Also, I designed over fifty aesthetic fall widgets that match fall wallpapers and all aesthetic autumn widgets.

Surely, these cute fall-themed icons will infuse your iPhone with the cozy charm of fall.

Indeed, I love a neutral, earthy color palette, so perfect to celebrate the fall season.

Also, these icon sets for phones include basic phone icons along with the most popular app icons as well, including TikTok, Spotify, etc.

Minimalist Autumn Phone Icons

Neutral Icons

fall phone icons
Cute fall icons for apps

Black Aesthetic App Icons

fall app icons free
Pretty fall phone icons

Brown Aesthetic App Icons

fall iphone icons
Minimalist fall phone icon set

Dark Brown Icons

fall phone icon
Fall aesthetic app icons

First and foremost, when it comes to selecting your free fall app icons, you have a wide range of choices that capture the fall aesthetic beautifully.

Surely, these iPhone icons feature an iconic fall color palette that’s sure to set the perfect seasonal tone.

Whether you lean towards the light grayish orange, often referred to as “platinum,” or prefer the more subtle grayish orange known as “timberwolf,” you’ll find these colors make for cute fall backgrounds.

Additionally, the slightly desaturated orange shade, known as “chamois,” and the deeper, more pronounced “dark moderate orange” are also excellent options that spruce up your home screen with the cozy spirit of the season.

So, go ahead and pick the shade that resonates with your fall vibe.

Fall Photos App Icon Set

fall app icons
Pretty Fall iPhone widgets

Additionally, for the next aesthetic app icon set, I decided to go with a boho aesthetic, which I believe perfectly embodies the essence of fall.

Basically, this collection showcases moody boho photos, featuring cozy sweaters, steaming cups of delicious coffee, and the warm glow of candles as the backgrounds for cute icons.

Certainly, these free icons are designed to put your device in a cozy, fall mood, making daily usage a little more comforting and snug.

Halloween App Icon Set

fall icons for apps
Halloween app icon aesthetic set

Also, don’t forget that Halloween is just around the corner.

So why don’t you celebrate the spooky season with cute Halloween app icons?

Undoubtedly, it’s an aesthetic way to add a touch of seasonal festivity to your device and get into the Halloween spirit.

How To Use Free Phone Icons

Although making your iPhone fall-ready can be really satisfying, sometimes it may be a little bit confusing as well.

With this in mind, here’s a short guide on how to use these fall app icons for phones.

Before you upload fall app icons onto your home screen phone, firstly you need to download them.

How To Download Free App Icons

Basically, all you have to do is unlock a Dropbox file with full-size PNG images (1024px x 1024 px for app icons, 1800×1500 for widgets).

To get access to a Dropbx file, simply sign up for a free Grow account.

With Grow, you’ll be able to save and share your favorite posts, follow your favorite sites, and discover new sites worth following.

Not to mention, you’ll get instant access to these aesthetic iPhone apps for fall.

After you open a Dropbox file, save images to your phone’s gallery.

Then you go to the next step – uploading your fall app icons onto your phone to replace the current app icon with the new one.

How To Change Your iPhone To New App Icons

To upload images as your new iPhone app icons, you need to have a Shortcut app.

fall icons aesthetic how to change

To start with, open Shortcuts, and tap the + sign at the top right corner of the screen.

how to change iPhone to new icons
how to change iPhone to new icons

Then search Open App, press “Open App” in the search results, and choose the app you want to change.

fall app icons aesthetic how to change

Furthermore, tap the square with an arrow in the upper right and press “Add to Home Screen”.

free fall app icons how to change

Then click “Choose Photo” and choose your favorite app icon.

how to change iPhone to new icons

Last but not least, name your new app icon and tap “Add”.

fall ios icons
Anja Home fall app icons

How To Change Your Android To New App Icons

Also, you’re able to make your phone aesthetic for fall even if you’re an Android user.

Firstly, you need to download Shortcut Maker.

Secondly, you choose Apps and select an image you want to use as your new app icon.

Thirdly, you tap the icon, choose a shape, and press Gallery Image for a cover.

Then you select the cover with a crop tool and press the blue checkmark.

Last but not least, you name your new icon app and click on “Create Shortcut”.

Download Free Fall App Icons

Anja Home freebies

To sum up, you’ve officially entered the heart of fall.

Undoubtedly, it’s my favorite season and I love to celebrate it.

For this reason, I had a blast giving my phone’s home screen an aesthetic fall makeover.

Earthy tones and cute fall vibes truly bring joy to my creative soul.

And I really love it.

Also, I couldn’t resist creating some custom fall-themed icons for you to download.

After all, sharing is caring.

In other words, it’s my way of spreading the fall magic.

As a result, you can enjoy this season as well.

Stay tuned for more freebies.

Happy fall!