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Bullet Journal 101 Everything You Need To Know

This is the ultimate list of bullet journal 101 guides to everything you need to know about bullet journaling.

Despite the fact I’ve been working with a bullet journal since 2018, I still have a hard time, giving you only one answer.

Definitely, everyone who has ever tried this amazing type of planner could get a completely different approach to the bullet journal method.

But there’s still one thing all bullet journalists have in common. 

Unquestionably, we love planning in our own way.

bullet journal 101 guides

What is Bullet Journal

In fact, if you’re wondering if:

  • writing down things to do in short sentences 
  • decorating a monthly calendar with drawings
  • creating colorful planning spreads
  • planning in a lazy “ugly” style

is still a bullet journal, the short answer is yes.

Although the bullet journal method was created having simplicity in mind, it became so much more than a new planning tool.

How to Bullet Journal

Obviously, the amount of bullet journal ideas you can find on social media is enormous so you probably may feel a little bit overwhelmed as a bullet journal beginner.

With this in mind, here I gathered my three years of experience as a bullet journalist and put down the bullet journal 101 guides to everything you need to know about bullet journaling.

How To Start a Bullet Journal

what is bullet journal 101

First and foremost, in this blog post, I share with you bullet journal 101 basics. 

Basically, you’ll learn:

  • how to overcome the most common obstacles most bullet journal newbies meet 
  • the best bullet journal supplies for beginners
  • basic bullet journal setup
  • some creative bujo examples


The Best Bullet Journal Supplies

best planner products

Although I mentioned shortly bujo products in the previous blog post, here you can find a more detailed list of the best bullet journal supplies.

Altogether, here you’ll discover:

  • what supplies do you need to start a bullet journal
  • the best bullet journal supplies like notebooks, pens, highlighters, and markers
  • awesome bujo accessories, tools, and gadgets
  • where you can buy the best supplies for bullet journaling
  • how to organize all your supplies at home


How To Set Up a Bullet Journal in 7 Actionable Steps

bullet journal 101 getting started

Then I highly recommend reading this article.

Besides repeating all of the bullet journal basics, I share with you 7 simple steps to set up your first bullet journal with ease.

Along with this, I mention how to start the first page of your new planner while getting over the first-page anxiety.


Bullet Journal Printables

bullet journal 101 templates

So, for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of time, creating bullet journal pages every single month and week, bullet journal printables are a great option.

Basically, in this blog post, I listed my favorite free bullet journal printable resources (including my own free template library).


Alternatively, you can choose premade daily journals.

Bullet Journal Tips: How To Make Your Bullet Journal Work 

bullet journal 101 tips notebook

However, for those of you who are still confused when it comes to bullet journaling, here I put down all of my favorite bullet journal 101 tips.

Not only they can help you get started with a bullet journal, but they also allow you to keep a successful bullet journal.

In other words, you’ll learn how to make your bujo work.


Bullet Journal Hacks

planner hacks notebook bujo

Along with this, I gathered my favorite bullet journal 101 hacks.

Similar to bujo tips, these hacks could help you:

  • set up your bullet journal for more organized use
  • cut your bujo layouts set-up time a half
  • make your bujo pretty even if you’re not an artist
  • fix mistakes fast and easy
  • organize your bullet journal supplies


Bullet Journal Basic Pages

At this time, you already know, there are some core bullet journal 101 pages you need to create.

Although I really don’t like to tell what you should or shouldn’t do with your bujo notebook, these bullet journals’ basic pages help you with planning and organizing.

So with that being said, bullet journal basic pages are the following.

Bullet Journal Key

what is bujo key

Without a doubt, having the customized bullet journal code for bullet planning. 

Definitely, one of the main reasons you really may need setting up a bullet journal key is the fact that it allows you to:

  • make short to-do lists
  • plan project’s tasks
  • remember about upcoming events

without thinking too much.


Bullet Journal Index

what is bujo index

Along with a bullet journal key, the next basic page is an index page.

In general, if you want to organize your bullet journal notebook, the bujo index allows you to navigate through all of your monthly layouts and collections with ease.

Indeed, in this index 101 guide, you’ll learn:

  • what is a bullet journal index
  • what to index
  • how to get the journal indexed
  • how to journal with index
  • bullet journal index layout ideas
  • 7 alternatives to bujo index page


Future Log

bujo yearly overview

Unquestionably, one of the most popular concerns when it comes to bullet journaling is the lack of a yearly calendar (compared to traditional planners).

Indeed, planning ahead in a regular notebook seems to be a daunted task.

However, setting up a future log will help you to manage your long-term projects, future appointments, and events.

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to create a future log page plus some clever ideas such as the Calendex, the Alastair method, sticky note planning, etc.


Monthly Spreads

planner monthly calendar ideas

As well as that, you can use bullet journal monthly spreads for tracking birthdays, projects’ deadlines, appointments, events, etc.

For example, I use the bujo monthly layout as a content calendar and a cleaning schedule.

Also, I always make sure that I leave enough space for my monthly goals, to-do list, and notes.


Bujo Weekly Spreads

bujo weekly layout ideas

Also, keeping weekly bullet journal pages may help you create a realistic schedule without getting overwhelmed and freaking out about a never-ending to-do list.

In fact, this blog post is an ultimate guide on how to:

  • plan and organize an entire week
  • stay focus on your main goals
  • set weekly priorities
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • estimate time for specific tasks
  • avoid procrastination
  • make time for self-care 


Bullet Journal Daily Log 

planner daily layout ideas

Last but not least, creating daily logs in your notebook may influence your productivity.

For instance, I noticed that working with daily pages helped me:

  • complete a monthly and weekly to-do list quickly
  • achieve my goals
  • be laser-focused on what is really important
  • start each day on the right foot
  • finished each day feeling fulfilled and satisfied
  • stay motivated 
  • keep track of a daily routine


Bullet Journal Page Ideas [Collections]

Then, after setting up basic pages, it’s time to think about bullet journal collections.

Undoubtedly, having so many options is daunting. With this in mind, I created several articles where I show you the most popular, creative bullet journal pages.

planner pages inspiration bullet journal 101

Firstly, I gathered over 150 inspirations with real-life examples. So if you’re wondering what to put in your notebook, here you can find amazing ideas without diving too deep.


Then I focused on describing the individual ones that potentially could have the biggest impact on your personal and professional life.

First and foremost, let’s start our journey from goal setting.

Goal Setting Bujo Pages

yearly goals planner

So here you can find step by step process of how to set your goals in 5 simple steps. 

Side note: in this blog post I use the “New Year’s resolution” term alternating with “goals”.

However, I’m not a huge fan of creating resolutions. Instead of it, I definitely prefer working with goals. 


In order to work toward your goals, you may want to create the following pages.

  • brain dump (to declutter your mind and gain clarity when you don’t know what to do)
  • vision board (to map out your dream goals and keep them in a visual for)
  • level 10 life (to find out where you’re now and where you want to be)

Habit Tracker

habit tracker bujo ideas

In addition, there is one thing you need to do to actually achieve your goals. Developing new habits that will help you keep on track and stay motivated.

Basically, you simply get rid of bad habits and start new, good ones.

Indeed, I know – easier said than done.

For this reason, a bullet journal habit tracker could really make a difference.

With this in mind, I wrote the article where you can learn:

  • what a bullet journal habit tracker is
  • what you can track in your bujo
  • how to use a habit tracker
  • why you should be tracking your habits
  • how to develop a new habit and how long does it take
  • the best tips for a successful habit tracker


Along with developing new habits, one way to make the entire process a lot easier is by creating a daily routine.

And yes, you can use a bullet journal to come up with the best one that works for you.

Now, when you set your goals, here are some bullet journal collections that will help you to organize life, plan an effective schedule, and track progress.

Self-Care Pages

self care planner page ideas

For instance, you can start practicing self-care by setting up bullet journal self-care spreads (for example a mood tracker).

Indeed, self-care pages may help you make your practice a priority and schedule it as a part of your day.


Bullet Journal Budget Pages

money journal notebook

Or maybe you want to organize your personal finance and don’t know where to start.

In this blog post you’ll learn:

  • what is a money journal
  • how to organize your finances with a bullet journal
  • how to set up bullet journal budget layouts
  • Dave Ramsey’s Baby steps bujo spread examples


Fitness Tracker Ideas

fitness journal pages

Along with this, you may want to start your fitness journey.

Undoubtedly, bullet journal fitness spreads can help you with planning your meals (see these amazing bujo meal planning spreads), coming up with a realistic workout schedule, and staying motivated.


Travel Bullet Journal Pages

travel diary ideas

No matter if you’re planning a long backpacking trip for a few months or just a short weekend trip, creating bullet journal travel pages will help you to organize the entire trip.

Not only you can determine your travel budget, but also create a packing list, and keep a travel diary.


Cleaning Schedule

bujo cleaning spreads

This post contains the ultimate tips and tricks on how to create a cleaning schedule in order to keep your house clean.

Definitely, you should read if you tend to procrastinate because you don’t know where to start.

Besides, you simply hate cleaning. 

Basically, you’ll learn how to make a schedule that works for you.


Bullet Journal Examples

Undoubtedly, the best way to learn something new is by example (besides creating own bujo spreads and making mistakes of course).

With this in mind, I wrote several articles where I show you bullet journal examples.

Yearly Bullet Journal Setup

2022 bullet journal planner setup

For instance, every year I described step by step thought process behind setting up a bullet journal for the next year. 


Also, feel free to dig into my setup for: 

Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

Additionally, I share with you my monthly bullet journal setup:

Furthermore, I add some seasonal bujo inspiration as well:

Also, my main goal when it comes to this bullet journal blog is to show you the different bujo approaches.

In order to demonstrate to you the different planning angles, I wrote the following bullet journal 101 blog posts.

Minimalist Bullet Journal

minimal planner ideas bullet journal 101

Firstly, here you’ll learn how to create a minimalist bullet journal.

In other words, you’ll discover:

  • what makes your bullet journal minimalist
  • what minimalism in bullet journaling means
  • how to start a simple journal
  • how to set up your bujo for a more intentional life
  • what bullet journal products to use
  • the best minimalist bullet journal inspiration


Bullet Journal for School

bullet journal students school 101

First of all, they’re used for anything from keeping track of schedules to writing down ideas or projects you’re working on in school.

Secondly, these notebooks have been found as a great way to support students with scheduling homework time so that it doesn’t get lost between classes.

Along with this, bullet journals are a great way to get organized and stay on top of your responsibilities.

With this in mind, this blog post includes:

  • the benefits of keeping a university bullet journal
  • the best bullet journal for beginners
  • how to start a bullet journal for students 
  • pages to include in an academic bullet journal
  • how to use a bullet journal for school


Bullet Journal for Work

bullet journal 101 professional planner

Apart from using a bullet journal to organize my life, I also incorporate the bullet journal system into my work.

So if you:

  • are fed up with the next best app to manage your workflow
  • actually, prefer tracking projects and meeting notes in a traditional, analog way
  • are constantly upset with random sticky notes and messy pages

Then you’ll love this new guide on how to keep a bullet journal for work


Creative Journal Ideas

Also, for those of you who are creative souls, the more artistic approach will probably suit you better.

With this in mind, I put together all of my bullet journal 101 blog posts regarding creative planning.

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Ideas

bullet journal 101 cover

So, let’s begin by designing a monthly cover.

Definitely, it’s a great place to boost your creativity.

Firstly, you may choose a bullet journal theme.

For example, once I designed Harry Potter-themed bujo spreads.

Secondly, you can practice brush lettering, doodling, even scrapbooking or watercolor techniques.

Additionally, adding some bullet journal quotes will make a bujo cover not only pretty but also inspirational.

Basically, the only limit is your own imagination.


Bullet Journal Decoration Ideas

Now, when you decided about your bullet journal theme, it’s time to add some decoration to your monthly spreads.

Bullet Journal Fonts

hand lettering bujo

So, in this blog post I covered the following topics:

  • how to write neatly in your journal
  • what bullet journal supplies do you need 
  • creative lettering for bullet journal
  • awesome bullet journal fonts tips and tricks
  • how to make your hand-lettering better
  • bullet journal lettering shortcuts if the everyday hand-lettering practice is not your thing 

Along with this, I wrote another article with my favorite header ideas.



doodling planner notebook

Besides sprucing up your bujo pages with fancy hand lettering, adding cute doodles is a great way to decorate a planner.

Basically, in this blog post, you’ll find over 300 step-by-step doodle tutorials.

For example, you’ll learn how to draw easy flower doodles, food doodles, planner icons, and so many more.


How To Move To A New Bullet Journal

bullet journal 101 moving new old

Although starting a new bullet journal notebook again seems to be less difficult than starting the one for the very first time, bullet journal migration could be a daunting task as well.

So if you feel overwhelmed and just never get around a bullet journal migration, here you’ll learn:

  • how to move to a new bullet journal
  • when it’s the best time to migrate
  • what to consider while the bullet journal migration
  • my thought process behind starting a new notebook
  • my mid-year bullet journal setup
  • what to do with old bullet journals


Bullet Journal 101 Guides