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October Bullet Journal Cover Ideas (2024 Update)

This is the ultimate list of October bullet journal cover ideas and themes.

So if you want to get some creative journals inspiration for October, here you can find:

  • perfect bullet journal theme ideas
  • gorgeous October bullet journal monthly cover page
  • stunning hello bullet journal page ideas

Let’s dive right in!

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October Bullet Journal Supplies

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When it comes to bullet journal supplies for October, I always recommend my absolutely favorite notebook and pens.

Although these products remain month to month exactly the same, the color palette varies according to season.

With this in mind, pay attention to the fall color palette.

It’s understandable that people want to go for colors such as bright reds and oranges which you can see around any corner during October.

However consider trying out some more muted shades along with bringing back dark greens, deep purples, or muted browns into your bullet journal October spreads.

To make your life easier, here’s a list of Tombow brush pens perfect for October.

027 Dark Ochre

177 Dark Jade

623 Purple Sage

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899 Redwood

925 Scarlet

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992 Sand

993 Chrome Orange

October Bullet Journal Cover Ideas

What Is October Bullet Journal?

pumpkin fox theme october bujo cover

First and foremost, a bullet journal is a DIY type of planner.

Basically, it’s a notebook, where you write down the activities you like to do for the month of October.

As a rule, a bullet journal is a planner that can be used in various ways.

For example, you can use it to plan your entire month, week, or even day-to-day life.

Besides, a bullet journal can be used as a tracker for your new, healthy habits for fall, or as a budgeting tool.

Undoubtedly, there’re so many bullet journal page ideas you may want to include in your notebook.

For example, my favorite bujo collections for October are the following:

  • mood tracker (a great tool for mental health because it forces you to focus on your daily moods and gives you the power of seeing positive or negative patterns)
  • habit tracker (an easy way to track your daily habits in order to develop and cultivate good ones or break up with the bad ones)
  • self-care pages (because sometimes you feel like your life is too busy to breathe)

Just in case you’re wondering if your bujo needs to be aesthetic, the answer is an absolute no.

Along with this, feel free to decorate your bullet journal October layouts with doodles, fonts, headers, etc.

Obviously, you don’t need to decorate your notebook in order to be organized and productive.

However, I’ve recently discovered that unleashing the creativity inside me helps me tremendously to keep my mind calm.

Besides, it’s so much fun.

With this in mind, I always try to create for you this ultimate list of themes with bullet journal monthly cover ideas.

October Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Undoubtedly, October is the first month you could easily say: yes, it’s fall time.

To be completely honest, I’m so happy for this season.

Indeed, decorating my house for fall, refreshing a capsule wardrobe, and, obviously, planning all activities in my October bullet journal sounds amazing.

With this being said, here I put down the most popular October bullet journal theme ideas.

Also, I add amazing bujo inspiration to get ideas when it comes to design, color scheme, and October doodles. 

As a rule, the most popular October bullet journal includes the following themes.

Bullet Journal Fall Themes

pumpkin October bullet journal theme

In fact, October is a month of many things, but first and foremost it’s the beginning of the fall season.

Other words, October brings a chill in the air and feelings of fall before it even begins.

And what is the better way to celebrate October than by drawing all the great things you can meet during this wonderful season?

Undoubtedly, October has something for every bullet journalist.

So let’s get your creative juices flowing and choose one of these awesome fall bullet journal theme ideas:

  • pumpkin
  • pumpkin patches
  • fall leaves
  • mushrooms
  • fox
  • acorns

Along with this, keep in mind the fall color palette.

Obviously, reds, yellows, muted greens, and browns seem to be the only right choice but how about going for some purples this October?

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas

In most cases, bullet journalists are obsessed with a Harry Potter theme.

Although I was a grown-up when this HP madness started, I still love this theme.

Indeed, I enjoy it so much that I wrote a completely separate blog post about bullet journal Harry Potter spreads.

Spooky Bullet Journal Halloween Ideas

Definitely, October is the perfect time to celebrate all of your favorite fall things.

But wait…in October, you can also celebrate Halloween.

This includes dressing up for costumes, party games, decorating the house with spooky items, and trick-or-treating children.

And decorating your bullet journal with cute but spooky Halloween doodles.

In general, there’re so many different ideas when it comes to Halloween bullet journals, but these spooky elements are the most popular.

  • witch
  • ghosts
  • black cats
  • skulls
  • moon
  • crystals
  • Tarot cards
  • Disney villains
  • spider web

October Bullet Journal Cover Ideas – Final Thoughts

As a rule, from time to time we all tend to get stuck at the beginning of each month when we’re trying to figure out our next month’s bujo theme.

Hopefully, now you have enough October journal inspiration to create your own designs.

Unquestionably, it’s the most creative part of bullet journaling.

Definitely, coming up with bullet journal cover page ideas is so therapeutic.

Similar to painting with watercolors, putting your makeup on, or designing a clothing collection, art journaling is an amazing creative outlet.

So unleash your inner artist and just have fun.

Good luck!

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