October Bullet Journal Cover Ideas [2020 UPDATE]

This is the ultimate list of October bullet journal cover ideas and themes.

So if you want to get some creative journals inspiration for October, here you can find:

  • perfect bullet journal theme ideas
  • gorgeous October bullet journal monthly cover page
  • stunning hello bullet journal page ideas

Let’s dive right in!

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October Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Undoubtedly, October is the first month you could easily say: yes, it’s fall time. To be completely honest, I’m so happy for this season with decorating my house for fall, refreshing a fall capsule wardrobe, and, obviously, planning all activities in my October bullet journal.

With this being said, here I put down the most popular October bullet journal theme ideas. Also, I add amazing bujo inspiration to get ideas when it comes to design, color scheme, and October doodles. 

As a rule, the most popular October bullet journal themes include:

  • fall theme
  • spooky theme

Fall October Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

October Bullet Journal Cover Ideas

With this in mind, let’s get your creative juices flowing and choose one of these awesome fall October themes:

  • pumpkin
  • pumpkin patches
  • fall leaves
  • mushrooms
  • Harry Potter
  • fall
  • fox
  • Disney theme

Along with this, keep in mind your color palette. Reds, yellows, muted greens, browns seem to be an obvious choice but how about going for some purples this October.

The amazing example of the fall theme for the October bullet journal is this one above with a scarecrow, falling leaves, and pumpkins. Along with this, wooden elements give the rustic vibes, so matching to autumn.

Aesthetic Fall Monthly Cover

fall monthly cover

Also, feel free to keep your October bujo theme simple.

For example, I’d be 100% sure it’s an October bullet journal cover, even if the author didn’t write the month in the center of the page.

By adding fall leaves, pumpkin, and lantern, this bullet journal first page screams October at first sight.

Fox Themed Monthly Cover

Fox themed monthly cover

In general, fox themed bullet journal setups for October are one of the most popular ones in the bujo world.

In fact, I’m not surprised at all. Overall, the fox theme is such a great idea for the October cover spread.

Although it may seem a little bit cliché, nevertheless creating fox themed October spreads is always a good idea.

For example, this fox design is so whimsical and romantic because of painting with watercolors.

Pumpkin Bullet Journal Ideas

Hello October Planner Cover Pages

As well as that, the pumpkin bullet journal theme for October is an obvious choice. But there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

Moreover, you can unleash your creativity by putting pumpkin composition together with other fall elements like leaves or acorns and making the fall wreath drawing.

October Bullet Journal with Leaves

Leaves themed monthly cover

Definitely, you won’t get enough of leaves themes bujo pages for October. This time, the author used vivid but still fall colors and created colorful fall leaves, branches, and acorns. 

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas for October


In most cases, bullet journalists are obsessed with a Harry Potter theme. Although I was a grown-up when this HP madness started, I still love this theme so much that I wrote a completely separate blog post about bullet journal Harry Potter spreads.

Disney October Bullet Journal

Disney Bullet Journal Cover for October

In most cases, I consider the Disney themes to be spring/summer type, but adding the Disney villains theme for October is a low key genius. Indeed, I couldn’t find a better theme for this month.

Spooky Bullet Journal for October

Halloween hello october page

Obviously, October is all about being spooky. So now it’s the best time to choose Halloween bullet journal ideas for October.

  • witch
  • ghosts
  • black cats
  • skulls
  • Halloween
  • moon
  • crystals
  • Tarot cards
  • Disney villains
  • spider web

Purple Bullet Journal Ideas for October

Purple Bullet Journal Ideas for October

As I mentioned before, the October bullet journal cover page doesn’t have to be all about reds, yellows, or browns. 

For instance, using purple colors with crystals and moon drawings create a witchy theme that fits perfectly to this spooky month.

Moon October Bullet Journal

Hello October Bujo Page

In general, moon themed bujo covers includes basic moon doodles. However, in this case, presenting a moon cycle with a tarot card aesthetic is so unique. This October bullet journal setup looks amazing.

Spider Web October Bullet Journal

Spooky Bullet Journal for October

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a little bit simpler bujo theme for October, the spider web theme seems to be a good choice for you. Of course, you can add other spooky elements to your cover but simple cobwebs with little spiders will look on point.

Hocus Pocus October Bullet Journal

Fall October Bullet Journal

Speaking of spooky elements, how complex is this hocus pocus themed October cover page? Again, it’s the perfect example of how adding purple tones to the page takes the spookiness to completely another level. Also, I have to mention the lettering design. It’s absolutely amazing and stays perfectly in the theme.

Ghost Bullet Journal for October

Spooky Bullet Journal for October

Another way to put Halloween vibe into your monthly bujo spreads is by ghost theme. Besides, doodling scary basic ghosts is pretty easy so even if you feel you’re not talented enough, you’ll be fine.

Witch October Bujo

Simple Bujo October First Page

Last but not least, any kind of witch decorations like hat, broom, magic cauldrons brings you in the October mood. Here’s a perfect example that a couple of simple doodles will spruce up your bujo cover page.

October Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Page

Now, when you know how many bujo themes you have to choose from, it’s time to look at the most amazing October bullet journal cover ideas.

Simple and Easy Monthly Cover

Easy Bullet Journal Cover for October

Let’s start with something simple. Here you can that you really don’t have to be very artistic to decorate your October bujo cover page. Basically, just draw few fall leaves, write October with a basic font, and your bullet journal cover is ready.

Minimalist October Bullet Journal Cover

Alternatively, skip colors and stick with the black and white design. In fact, it looks amazing. 

Minimalist October Monthly Cover

Simple October Bullet Journal Cover Planner

Another example of a simple bullet journal cover page for October is this minimalist one with the craft paper, a branch doodle, and beautiful lettering. 

Halloween Monthly Cover 

Hello October Bullet Journal Halloween

As I mentioned before, I’ll write the entire separate blog post about Halloween bullet journal ideas. For now, here’s a little sneak peek of the amazing October cover page. I love how the letter “O” is connected with a bunch of bats, flying from it.

Bujo Cover for Fall

Fall October Bullet Journal

First and foremost, include in your October theme all favorite fall things. For example, here you can see a large mug of coffee (sure) with pumpkin, fall leaves, apple pie, scarf, umbrella kind of smoke. Indeed, I’m obsessed with this general fall theme for October bujo.

October Bullet Journal Cover with Leaves

Leaves October Bullet Journal Ideas Planner

This October bullet journal cover features the fancy lettering surrounded with a fall wreath from leaves and acorns. The yellow, orange and brown color palette fits the theme perfectly.

Leaves Themed Monthly Cover for October

Leaves October Monthly Cover

Also, you can put leaves with decor elements that mimic the wind blow. Here I love that the author used only yellow color but in different shades. Definitely, this cover gives a minimalistic vibe with an artistic accent.

Hello October Bullet Journal Ideas

Last but not least, some bullet journalists like to create hello pages, where they basically write down hello October, using stunning bullet journal lettering techniques and fonts, and decorate it with doodles.

With this in mind, here I gathered my favorite hello October bullet journal ideas.

Hello October Bullet Journal Cover

Hello October Bullet Journal Cover

Definitely, it’s so easy to make the hello October cover page your favorite. This time, writing hello October and putting all these fall leaves, pumpkins, and cute lantern around it was a perfect choice to celebrate fall.

Halloween Hello October Bullet Journal 

Welcome October Bullet Journal

Undoubtedly, this bullet journal hello page gets me in a Halloween mood with the vampire coffin, skull, etc. Definitely, it’s the most witchy bujo aesthetic I’ve ever seen.

Welcome October Bullet Journal

 Monthly Cover Page

On the other hand, here’s a classic welcome October bujo cover with autumn pumpkin and leaves. Nothing fancy, but only by looking at this cover page I feel excited for this type of fun and unique October bullet journal theme.

Goodbye October Monthly Cover

Fall Goodbye Page

Unquestionably, it’s the cuties goodbye October bullet journal page I’ve ever found on Instagram. These woodland animals were designed in this cute Kawaii style. Along with vivid fall color, this October bujo page makes me so optimistic and happy for fall.

October Bullet Journal Cover Ideas – Final Thoughts

As a rule, from time to time we all tend to get stuck with at the beginning of each month when we’re trying to figure out our next month’s bujo theme.

Hopefully, now you have enough October journal inspiration to create your own designs.

Unquestionably, it’s the most creative part of bullet journaling.

Definitely, coming up with bullet journal cover page ideas is so therapeutic. Similarly to painting with watercolors, putting your make up on, designing a clothing collection, art journaling is an amazing creative outlet.

So unleash your inner artist and just have fun. Good luck!

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